Chapter 102: Ice Palace

Seeing the content smile of Yu Feng, Long Yi also smiled. Contented women were very cute.

“Yu Feng, give it a name.” Long Yi smiled.

Yu Feng thought for a short while, then said: “It is white like this, and also a girl, so I will call her Little Snow.”

“Girl?” Long Yi couldn’t help but smile, then teasingly said: “Didn’t you see its ferociousness, how does it resemble a girl ah, it is just a tomboy that’s all.”

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“It’s not, look, our house’s Little Snow is very beautiful ah.” Yu Feng refuted. Now she had a feeling of blood connection with this little thing, so she was naturally able to differentiate its sex.

Long Yi looked at Little Snow in the bosom of Yu Feng, and his eyes suddenly shone. This little thing lived in Origin Ice all the year round, perhaps it might know the whereabouts of Ruyi Ice Silkworm, or, perhaps they might even be good neighbors, so letting it go to communicate with it might let him obtain the blood of Ruyi Ice Silkworm without fighting. Thinking this, Long Yi impatiently said: “Yu Feng, Little Snow might know the whereabouts of Ruyi Ice Silkworm, so use your thoughts to ask it to lead us there.”

Hearing this possibility, Yu Feng immediately transmitted her thoughts to Little Snow.

Little Snow blinked its small intelligent eyes, then it suddenly jumped out from the bosom of Yu Feng. After that it began to run along a path, then turning around its head, it let out squeaking sound.

“It wants us to follow it. Looking at its appearance, it seems to know the whereabouts of Ruyi Ice Silkworm.” Long Yi somewhat agitatedly said.

Hence both people sat on the sled of Violent Lightning Beast and began to follow Little Snow. In just this way, they ran for full seven-eight days. Right now Long Yi and Yu Feng were confused and disoriented, now even if they wanted to return back, they would definitely not find the exit of Origin Ice.

“Is this fellow playing with us, I suspect it is intentionally toying with us by making circles around the Origin Ice.” Long Yi furiously said. He was honestly feeling too anxious inside his heart seeing days passing by one after another, and Wushuang getting weaker and weaker. In midway, she had woken up once, but she was able to stay awake for only two minutes before falling asleep again. This shows her life was in the process of running off little by little, but he however was powerless to do anything.

“No, I feel Little Snow is earnestly helping us to look for Ruyi Ice Silkworm. Perhaps we will quickly find it.” Seeing Long Yi was angry, Yu Feng hurriedly stepped forward and said. She clearly understood that because he was worried about Wushuang, these past few days his temper was very bad.

“I hope so. We can wait, but Wushuang however doesn’t have time to wait.” Looking at Wushuang firmly wrapped in velvet quilt in his bosom, Long Yi lightly sighed.

“Then we should continue to search.” Yu Feng concealed her tiredness and said vigorously.

Long Yi looked at somewhat haggard complexion of Yu Feng, and thought of her manner of these past few days, then he couldn’t help but felt guilty in his heart. In order to find Ruyi Ice Silkworm as quickly as possible, they had not rested for three days. And these past few days, Yu Feng had accommodated herself to him. Sometimes when he was not able to control his temper, she didn’t take offense, on the contrary, she consoled him gently. He kept all of these in his mind.

“Forget it, today we’ll camp here and take a rest.” Long Yi pulled Yu Feng and said.

These days, when they camped every time to rest, Yu Feng would use ‘too cold’ as an excuse to get on the big soft bed of Long Yi without letting it go. As a result, every time she would fall asleep in the bosom of Long Yi.

This time, she got into the bed and directly lied on the bosom of Long Yi. Perhaps because she was really too tired, she entered into dreamland merely after a very short time, leaving behind Long Yi with two women in his bosom in a daze.

But at this time, Little Snow who was lying on one corner of tent suddenly got up, then ‘squeak squeak’ called to Yu Feng, and its lake green colored eyes moved without stopping.

Currently sleeping Yu Feng woke up with a start, then she impatiently jumped off the bed, and said to Long Yi: “Little Snow seemed to have sensed the aura of Ruyi Ice Silkworm, we should set out at once.”

With the lead of Little Snow, Long Yi and Yu Feng again ran wildly in Origin Ice.

Suddenly, Little Snow stopped, then circled around nonstop at the same place and frequently called out to Yu Feng. Looking at its expression, it seems it was somewhat proud of itself.

Long Yi and Yu Feng were puzzled, there was not even the shadow of Ruyi Ice Silkworm nearby. Furthermore other than their own life fluctuation, there was nothing in this place.

Long Yi frowned, and his complexion sank. He grabbed Little Snow, then flickering its head with his finger, he angrily said: “Little fellow, are you deliberately retaliating? Believe or not, I will immediately kill you and make a soup out of you to drink.”

“Long Yi.” Yu Feng pulled the sleeve of Long Yi’s garment and miserably looked at him, fearing greatly that he would really kill Little Snow.

Little Snow was frightened sensing the killing intent emitted by Long Yi and shivered in the palm of Long Yi.

Hearing the earnest voice of Yu Feng, Long Yi lightly sighed and threw out Little Snow. After that tightly hugging Wushuang in his bosom, his expression looked rather painful. More than half the deadline of three months had already passed, if he still couldn’t find Ruyi Ice Silkworm, then Wushuang would die, which was an unacceptable result for him.

Long Yi himself could also be counted as dead once, so he greatly treasured his this life bestowed by heaven. And on the other hand, he also couldn’t accept his friends leaving him forever.

Seeing Long Yi’s bleak and dreary appearance, Yu Feng felt sad, then she couldn’t help but reproach Little Snow, reproach it that it shouldn’t fool them for no reason. But Little Snow only spoke ‘squeak squeak’ towards its master with wronged expression. But how could human understand beast language, Yu Feng was basically unable to make sense of what it was saying, merely knew that it was feeling extremely wronged.

Just then, Little Snow suddenly jumped out from the bosom of Yu Feng, then send out a dozen or more wind blade attack towards the front’s empty snow ground.

“Don’t tell me that Ruyi Ice Silkworm is below this?” Yu Feng said.

Long Yi calmed down his rather chaotic state of mind. He also felt somewhat uncertain feeling towards this strange movement of Little Snow. Can it be that Ruyi Ice Silkworm was really here? But how come he doesn’t sense any aura? But he again recalled that in Origin Ice, even SSS rank ultra-magical beasts were unable to resist Ruyi Ice Silkworm’s valiant strength. Moreover, it must have its own special place, as a result, him being unable to perceive its life fluctuation ought to also be relatively normal matter. Furthermore, Little Snow was a magical beast of Origin Ice just like Ruyi Ice Silkworm, so they might have some different way to sense each other.

“I will trust you for the time being.” Long Yi wholeheartedly said. After that with internal force rapidly circulating in his right hand, he attacked at the place where Little Snow was attacking just now.

‘Hong’ sound resounded. Ice and snow as if fireworks rose up. With one attack of Long Yi, a crater appeared in that place, but where was Ruyi Ice Silkworm ah, even its hair couldn’t be seen.

At this time, Long Yi suddenly noticed a sparkling and translucent light flashing inside the ice crater. If it was daytime, then it was possible it might be ice reflecting the rays of light, but the thing shining in the middle of the night was definitely not an ice cube.

Long Yi hurriedly rushed over, and gingerly swept the ice crumbs. Then he saw a fingernail-sized, sparkling and translucent ice silkworm laid on the ice without any motion, and it seemed a white colored liquid was circulating all over its body.

“This is the legendary strongest life form of Origin Ice Ruyi Ice Silkworm?” Long Yi said in disbelief.

Yu Feng also came over, then looking at this very beautiful small worm, she said: “So small, don’t tell me that it is a baby silkworm?”

Long Yi thought about a great possibility and immediately became excited. Didn’t expect my fortune is so good, this little ice silkworm clearly doesn’t have any attack power. It seems Wushuang could be cured now.

Long Yi stretched out his big hand towards this small ice silkworm, but who would have thought that just when he made a contact with its skin, he felt a bone-piercing cold, and his big hand unexpectedly began to freeze. Freezing began from his finger rapidly reaching his wrist, his arms, then Long Yi and Wushuang in his bosom. Finally, was completely frozen into an ice sculpture.

This instant, Long Yi felt as if even his blood was frozen solid. While still in shock, he spared no effort and circulated AoTianJue wanting to break free as soon as possible. He might be able to withstand this, but how could Wushuang in his bosom who was already too weak withstand this bone-piercing cold qi. But Long Yi discovered that his effort however was futile, as the last-ditch defense internal force inside his dantian was also frozen, so he was unexpectedly unable to circulate his internal force. Without the protection of internal force, the consciousness of Long Yi quickly become fuzzy.

Seeing Long Yi was frozen solid and didn’t make any movement for a long time, under her anxiousness, Yu Feng thought to smash the ice on the body of Long Yi into pieces with her Phoenix Douqi. But just when she made a contact with the ice on the body of Long Yi, unexpectedly the same situation that happened with Long Yi repeated, and she along with her sword was also frozen into an ice sculpture. As for Violent Lightning Beast and Little Snow, both of them cried and circled around their master, but didn’t dare to approach them.

At this time, that motionless small ice silkworm suddenly wriggled up and began to crawl up from the big hand of Long Yi which had made a contact with its body. After that, from his elbow, it turned and climbed to the head of frozen Wushuang, then it became excited all of a sudden. After that, with rays of lights flashing from its body, its small body effortlessly cut open the ice and entered into the space between the eyebrows of Wushuang.

In this way, three frozen people motionlessly maintained their original action. Very quickly, the fluttering about snowflakes nearly covered all of them. If one didn’t pay close attention, then no one would be able to determine that this pile of snow was three people.

After the unknown period of time, the large snowfall had already stopped, and a grey dawn had unexpectedly appeared on the horizon. This means it was going to be bright in near future, and the polar night phenomenon had already ended.

The sun came out, and a blazing sunlight shone in this vast pure white world. And the layer of ice reflecting the sunlight formed a dazzling white light, but some places nevertheless were dazzlingly beautiful as if rainbow, making this dull Origin Ice more magnificent.

Suddenly the ice surface began to shake as if something was slowly rising from the depth of the layer of ice. The faraway ice surface began to crack open, and a crystal clear, beautiful bright-colored palace slowly rose. Under the sunlight, it emitted bright rays of light.

This palace was built using only pure ice, and the entire construct didn’t have any trace of impurity, simply was just like The Crystal Palace of fairy tale world. No one would have thought that there unexpectedly was such a beautiful and unusual palace in Origin Ice.

The shaking of ice surface stopped and became calm as it was before.

Without any sign, the ice palace’s that door with elegant patterns carved in it quietly opened, and in the midst of hazy ice fog, a woman garbed in pure white magnificent palace attire gracefully stepped out. Her figure was very graceful with nice curves in the right place, but her face nevertheless was hazy and unclear, and with her snow-white long hair hanging down to her waist which was particularly spectacular, not only it not impair her temperament, instead gave rise to an unusual sense of beauty.

This woman in palace attire exclaimed in surprise, and as if a ripple, her body flashed and instantly appeared in front of two icicles. She attentively looked at those icicles for a long time, then softly murmured: “God’s will, can it be that this is God’s will!” That voice was extremely crisp and pleasing to the ear.

An unknown time later, the eyelashes of Long Yi suddenly flickered, and somewhat arduously opened his eyes. After looking all around, he was surprised to find himself inside a crystal clear room, but he didn’t feel any cold, instead felt warm.

“How can I be here?” Long Yi raised his hand and support his head, and after a good while, he recalled that he was frozen solid by that small ice silkworm, then had lost his consciousness.

“Wushuang, Wushuang?” Long Yi suddenly felt his bosom was empty, and noticed that Wushuang whom he had continuously held in his bosom had unexpectedly disappeared. And again recalling the circumstance of that time, he was suddenly horrified. After that, he immediately got up, jumped off and ran outside.

At that time, a refreshing fragrant wind blew over, and simultaneously white-haired, hazy faced palace attired woman blocked Long Yi’s path. Long Yi subconsciously palm chopped her. But this woman however was motionless, and the palm chop’s wind of Long Yi on her body as if like a stone dropped into the sea didn’t even give rise to any waves.

“Are you searching for the girl with the evil curse? You can rest assured, she is fine.” This woman said in a pleasing to the ear voice, which unexpectedly dissolved the ruthless qi of Long Yi.

Long Yi relaxed and thought that this woman ought to have rescued them. After that he couldn’t help but feel ashamed for his rude action, so he apologized: “Just now my rash behavior might have offended you, still many thanks for your kindness of saving our life, Miss.”

“Miss?” This palace attire woman mulled over this word, and her beautiful eyes involuntarily showed a smile.

“May I ask where this place is?” Long Yi sized up this building built with ice cubes and asked. This place was just like a fantasy world rather than a real world.

“This is Ice Palace.” Palace attired woman answered and didn’t explain any further.

“Ice Palace? Really too marvelous, don’t tell me that this is the palace of Ice Queen?” Long Yi sighed. As for Ice Queen, in the children books of the previous incarnation, Ice Queen however was solitude figure and also seemed to be a rather evil figure.

The eyes of palace attired woman shone with unusual light but didn’t speak.

“Oh, that’s right, where are my two companions right now?” Seeing this palace attired woman didn’t intend to answer, Long Yi didn’t take offense. Now he was more concern about where Yu Feng and Wushuang were, and how they were right now.

“That girl with an evil curse is in a special place that can suppress the curse in her body. As for that girl in red clothing, she is inside the room next door. As her physique was weaker compared to yours, she is still unconscious.” Palace attired woman gently answered. From the start, her manner of speaking had not changed even once.

Long Yi nodded his head, suddenly fixedly stared at this palace attired woman, then eagerly said: “When you rescued us, did you see a small ice silkworm? Wushuang needs its blood to remove her curse.”

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Palace attired woman shook her head and said: “No.”

Long Yi suddenly felt frustration. He had finally discovered Ruyi Ice Silkworm with great difficulty, but it had run away. Now, what should he do? Wushuang wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“But I have a way to remove her curse?” Palace attired woman suddenly said.

“What? You have a way?” Long Yi excitedly stepped forward and grabbed this palace attired woman’s jade hand and asked.

This palace attired woman didn’t have any big reaction, she merely took her hand out.

“I’m sorry for lacking in manners. I beg you to save Wushuang.” Long Yi again moved back and apologized. This was the second time he had asked someone for help for the sake of Wushuang, first time was Long Ling’er whom he had asked for her Ice Gem Bracelet.

“I can save her, but there is one condition.” This palace attired woman said.

“I will accept any condition as long as that evil curse is removed from her body.” Long Yi hurriedly said.

“As a matter of fact the condition is not difficult, I just want her to enter my Ice Palace as a disciple, and this is only beneficial to her.” This palace attired woman said with her eyes flashing with cunningness. She wouldn’t tell Long Yi that Ruyi Ice Silkworm had already entered into the body of Wushuang and was currently in the process of absorbing that evil curse power.

“Is this the only condition?” Long Yi was dumbfounded. This mysterious woman was unfathomable, and he was even unable to see through whether she cultivates magic or douqi. But Wushuang herself was Master Archmage, so was there anything worthwhile this woman could teach Wushaung? But this condition was truly not difficult to accomplish.

“Yes, this is the only condition.” Palace attired woman indifferently said.

“I agree, but will Wushuang agrees too?” Long Yi said.

“As long as you agree, she will definitely not refuse.” This palace attired woman confidently said.

“Wait a minute, if Wushuang enters Ice Palace, will she stays here forever?” Long Yi suddenly recalled this problem, this was not a good thing, as he naturally wanted his woman to stay by his side.

“Rest assured, at most two years, two years later I will let her go.” Palace attired woman said.

“Two years? Isn’t that way too long, how about half a year?” Long Yi argued. He really didn’t want to separate with Wushuang for two years.

Palace attired woman resolutely shook her head and said: “No, must be two years.”

Seeing that there was no leeway, Long Yi had no choice but to accept the fate. Two years ah two years, even though he couldn’t meet her, at least her life would be saved. And afterward, there was still a long time left.

“Can I come to visit Ice Palace once in a while?” Long Yi asked.

Palace attired woman nodded her head.

“Won’t someone stop me, it would be better to give me a command token or so thing as an identification.” Long Yi said.

“No need, there is no one in Ice Palace except me, so you can visit without any concern.” Finished speaking, this palace attired woman disappeared.

Long Yi was dumbfounded. It seems in this big Ice Palace, she was a general without an army, no wonder she urgently wanted to accept people.

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