Chapter 103: Goddess Statue

Yu Feng was quietly lying on the bed, and her complexion was somewhat pale. Right now she was tightly knitting her eyebrows as if she was very anxious.

Long Yi sat on edge of the ice bed, then holding her hand, he softly said: “Feng’er, now Wusuang can be saved. Thank you for your company and encouragement of these past few days.”

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Sleeping Yu Feng gradually loosen her eyebrows as if she heard Long Yi, and her expression also become calm and poised. Long Yi couldn’t bear but lightly caressed Yu Feng’s sleek cheeks. Softly stroking, he tenderly kissed her forehead.

Idiotically looking at the lovely face of Yu Feng, the scene before his eyes began to blur, and in a haze, faces of Si Bi, Leng Youyou, and Lu Xiya appeared before his eyes. They were either displeased or angry or embarrassed or happy, truly were enchanting like beautiful flowers.

Am I very fickle in love? Long Yi asked himself honestly. In one year of time, all kinds of girls came into his life and passed by. Some were a brief encounter, while some however took root in his heart and germinated. After arriving at this world, he had changed. Perhaps because of fusion of this body’s gene and certain characteristics, his character had changed, becoming a person with full of affection towards females, however, he absolutely was not fickle in love. Si Bi, Leng Youyou, Lu Xiya, and Wushuang, with which girl he hadn’t gone through many things together.

Yu Feng, this silly girl didn’t care for her life and came to Origin Ice with him. Not only did she suffered many hardships, she nearly accompanied him to become the buried corpse in Origin Ice. This kind of girl couldn’t be found by searching but could only be encountered with the heaven-sent chance.

Seeing Yu Feng wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon, Long Yi determined to take a short walk all around this ice palace. He wanted to see whether he could uncover some secrets or not. Because everything was too mysterious including mysterious Ice Palace and mysterious woman, Long Yi very much wanted to uncover this mysterious veil and take a look at what was hiding behind this mysteriousness.

As that woman had stated, this Ice Palace was completely empty without any other people. As far as the eyes could see, other than ice, there was nothing else. Even the trees, flowers and plants outside palace were made from ice carvings. Long Yi dared to determine that this mysterious Ice Palace once definitely had brilliant days.

After going across one corridor after another, a wide and open flat ice surface appeared before Long Yi’s eyes, which ought to be called a square. Other than that one human size ice sculpture in the middle, there was nothing else in that square.

“Very beautiful beauty, can it be that she is the legendary Ice Goddess?” Looking at this ice sculpture, Long Yi gasped in admiration. This was a statue of a woman dressed in a robe and wearing an imperial crown in her head. Her right hand was holding a gorgeous magic wand. Although the facial features carved was rather vague, but her noble and elegant temperament however was clearly visible.

Long walked over to the side of this statue and thought to use his hand to feel this statue. However to his surprise, just when he had raised his hand, he instinctively felt danger, so he immediately withdrew his hand, then an ice arrow just like lightning brush past by his hand.

Turning around his head, Long Yi saw that mysterious woman garbed in palace attire had unknowingly already appeared behind him. Right now her eyes were flashing with rage.

“What are you doing? Didn’t you see a person?” Long Yi said with dissatisfaction. If he was even a little bit slower in withdrawing his hand, then his hand would have pierced through by that ice arrow.

“How daring of you to try to defile the statue of Nu Yi, merely on this basis, you dying ten thousand times is also not enough.” Palace attired woman coldly said, as if she was extremely discontented with the action of Long Yi just now.

The complexion of Long Yi sunk, he was utterly annoyed with the current speaking manner of this palace attired woman. Wasn’t this merely a broken statue? Touching once, you want me to die ten thousand times?

“Then what about the person that had originally carved this statue, he ought to have touched everywhere countless times, just take a look at this curvy figure. Carving such lifelike, wasn’t it tailored-made?” Long Yi evilly laughed.

“You dare.” This palace attired woman couldn’t help but get gloomy, then her beautiful eyes emitted dense ice-cold killing intent.

Long Yi completely ignored the anger of this palace attired woman, then looking at her, he taunted: “Big eggs? How do you know my eggs are very big? Can it be that you peeped me?” [1]

Seeing Long Yi babbling nonsense, this palace attired woman madly emitted flames of fury, then waving her hand, she sent out hailstones towards Long Yi.

Long Yi laughed mischievously, then dodging, he went behind the statue while thinking: “Since this woman is this intimate with this statue, she should not dare to attack me now.” As a matter of fact, he was very grateful to this mysterious woman for saving their lives, but the manner of speaking of just now however annoyed him. Why must he, Long Yi hear someone speak to him like that?

Sure enough, seeing Long Yi hid behind the statue, this palace attired woman didn’t dare to attack, simply glared angrily at him, as if she wished to eat him in a single bite.

“Hey, did no one tell you, in fact, your virgin soil appearance is rather appetizing.” Long Yi suddenly chuckled.

Palace attired woman was dumbfounded, this sudden sentence spat out by Long Yi baffled her, and her flames of fury unconsciously disappeared without a trace. When her reaction came up, she wanted to get angry but the anger didn’t rose.

“You can come out, other than Queen Statue, you can touch all other things.” Palace attired woman said to Long Yi.

Long Yi noticed that, when this palace attired woman looked towards this ice sculpture, she seemed very respectful, even to the extent of somewhat humble, just like the expression of a servant at the time of seeing their master. It might be assumed that this palace attired woman should not be the real master of this Ice Palace. The real master ought to be this ice sculpture, merely don’t know where she was or had she died?”

Long Yi nodded his head: “Fine, in consideration of your face, I will not touch.”

Palace attired woman shook her head.

Just when Long Yi walked towards this palace attired woman, suddenly the roar of Violent Lightning Beast came from behind the reception room. Long Yi couldn’t help but pause his step and look behind him.

Just when he turned his head, Long Yi saw white shadow flashing before his eyes, and Violent Lightning Beast was wrathfully chasing after it. It seems Little Snow, this little thing had again provoked Violent Lightning Beast.

At this time, palace attired woman panicked, and cried out in a trembling voice: “Beast, get away.”

Long Yi noticed Little Snow had unexpectedly fled towards this statue and climbed on it, and currently ‘squeak squeak’ taunting towards Violent Lightning Beast chasing it. Seeing this, this palace attired woman panicked, she angrily want to attack but feared to damage the statue, and was at a loss to what to do.

“What a bad luck.” Seeing Violent Lightning Beast furiously running straight towards the statue under the provocation of Little Snow, Long Yi couldn’t help but cry in his heart. If this statue got broken then wouldn’t she fight against him risking her life? Moreover, he was depending on her to save the life of Wushuang.

Long Yi discovered that using his thought to stop it was already too late, fortunately using his Great Cosmos Shift to its limit, he was instantly able to appear in front of the statue. Now he can stop Violent Lightning Beast from colliding with this statue. Seeing its master in front, Violent Lightning Beast came to a screeching halt.

“Ah, don’t.” At this moment, the panic-stricken voice of palace attired woman resounded.

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Long Yi felt a burst of fierce wind behind him, so looking behind, he unexpectedly discovered that the statue of Nu Yi was falling towards him. Long Yi instinctively used his hands to support the falling statue. He was successful in supporting this statue, merely the supporting place was…was statue’s those big breasts.

[1] Palace attired woman had said 大胆 (dadan) meaning you dare, and Long Yi said 大蛋 (dadan) meaning big egg. Just the pronunciation is a little different. And this 蛋 (dan) can be used to denote oval-shaped things which Long Yi had used to denote his balls.

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