Chapter 104: Again seeing Crystal coffin

Long Yi supported the Queen Statue and set it upright, then looked at her those big and erect jade humps. After that, he couldn’t help but thought happily, if these breasts were real then the feeling would have definitely been awesome. Don’t know whether real-life Queen’s that place was really great like this.

“This slave servant should die, this slave servant should die.” Palace attired woman immediately knelt down in great horror in front of this statue. Then laid prone on the ground and didn’t dare to move at all.

Long Yi looked at this palace attired woman in shock, then again looked towards this ice-cold statue, while continuously muttering inwardly: “Isn’t this too exaggerating? This is not the real Queen.” Seeing the appearance of this palace attired woman asking for forgiveness in terror towards this statue, Long Yi felt too abnormal.

It seems this Queen was indeed not a person of good character. Making a person so terrified towards even her statue, it seems she was not much better compared to a witch. Long Yi inwardly thought, and for no reason, he began to detest this so-called queen.

This palace attired woman knelt on the ground for a long time, only after that she got up. After that, she showed courtesy towards this statue very reverently, then fiercely glared towards Long Yi and walked away.

“Hey, big sis, weren’t you too exaggerating just now? You were talking about what queen and not have……” Long Yi followed behind enraged palace attired woman and said.

“What do you know?” Palace attired woman abruptly stopped her steps and turning around, she interrupted, nearly causing Long Yi who was closely following behind her to collide with her.

“Your Ice Palace is so mysterious, so I naturally don’t know your matters, but I can guess that that queen had frequently mistreated you, otherwise why on earth were you so afraid of her?” Long Yi said while shrugging his shoulders.

“If you keep on talking nonsense, I will cut your tongue.” This palace attired woman coldly said.

“Cut my tongue, that’s too unkind of you. Even if I agree, my wives will not agree to it.” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile. He didn’t care about the threat of this palace attired woman. From her appearance of just now, it seems she was fierce of mien but faint of heart.

Having heard what was said, Palace attired woman was dumbfounded, and asked: “Why?”

“I don’t know how to explain to you this old * lady.” Long Yi chuckled. Although he was unable to tell the age of this woman, but relying on his experience, she absolutely was a virgin maiden.

Palace attired woman nodded her head, then softly sighing she said: “Now your other companion is already awake. Both of you go and see Wushuang. After seeing her, you two should quickly leave, as the closing time is almost there.”

“So fast? Can’t we stay here for few more days? We are guest, moreover isn’t my wife going to enter Ice Palace as a disciple? This would make us relative. It would be better to……” Long Yi said towards palace attired woman.

“No, you have to leave, and you don’t have to worry about your wife. After two years, I will let her go out.” This palace attired woman interrupted Long Yi, and resolutely said.

“Two ah two years, fine, this will be so-called small separation before newlyweds. I fear my darling Wushuang will miss me very much, and the serious lovesickness of that time will not be good.” Long Yi chuckled.

Palace attired woman’s eyes also couldn’t help but reveal a smile, this fellow really knows how to comfort himself.

When palace attired woman and Long Yi returned back, Yu Feng really had already woken up. Right now, at an unknown time, Little Snow and Violent Lightning Beast had also already returned to her side.

After seeing Long Yi, Yu Feng happily rushed over, then threw herself into his bosom. After that, she sobbed while firmly holding him.

“It’s alright, we are fine, so don’t cry.” Long Yi consoled while patting her back. These women ah, no matter how strong they were, when their heart has someone to rely upon, they would change and become frail, and their tears would easily flow out.

Yu Feng raised her head, stretched her jade hand and caressed Long Yi’s handsome face, then suddenly said tenderly: “Long Yi, thank you.”

“Eh…” Long Yi blankly looked at Yu Feng and didn’t understand why she was thanking him.

“Thank you for being alive, thank you for not leaving me. Truly thank you.” Yu Feng looked at Long Yi with her misty eyes which were filled with unconcealable love and gratefulness.

This silly girl, how could she say such emotion stirring words. His heart which was full of grief and sorrow was touched. He placed his hands on the fragrant shoulders of Yu Feng and said: “I should be the one thanking you. Thank you for accompanying me to Origin Ice risking your life, thank you for bearing my bad temper and never leaving me, also, thank you for loving me.”

Both of them look amongst themselves and laughed. In this brief moment, they truly accepted each other, becoming real lovers.

Watching Long Yi and Yu Feng, the eyes of palace attired woman had probing and doubts, as she muttered: “Two people speaking sickening words to each other, is this love? But, it seems…rather beautiful.”

Just then, Long Yi suddenly noticed that he had not seen that gluttonous Little Three since he had woken up, so he asked: “Did you see Little Three? That half black and half white tiger.”

Yu Feng shook her head, and said: “Is it missing? After waking up, I have only seen Little Snow and Violent Lightning Beast.”

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“Half black half white tiger? I found only this Snowstorm Divine Marten and this Violent Lightning Beast beside you all at that time, didn’t see any other magical beast.” Palace attired woman answered.

Long Yi frowned and said: “Forget it, it ought to be nearby. First, let’s go and see Wushuang.”

Two people with palace attired woman arrived at the center of the palace. And after this palace attired woman muttered several sentences of incantation, white light flashed, then suddenly a six edged star magic formation appeared in that place.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, magic formation? This lost thing, he had once seen inside the dark space of Lost city last time, but he had never expected this mysterious Ice Palace would also possess it.

Long Yi and Yu Feng followed this palace attired woman and entered into this magic formation. Immediately after instant darkness before their eyes, three people had already arrived inside the sealed airtight ice room. And there was a transparent crystal coffin in the middle of this ice room, and Wushuang lied within it.

“This…” Long Yi became daze, recalling how Wushuang was also lying in this kind of crystal coffin when he had first found her inside the secret chamber of Lost City’s city lord mansion, merely he didn’t know why this place also had it. It seemed this crystal coffin was a treasure capable of suppressing the evil curse within the body of Wushuang.

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As if she had seen Long Yi’s confused eyes, palace attired woman explained: “This crystal coffin is made from the ice ore which is formed thousand chi deep inside Origin Ice after hundred million years. The person lying inside can have their physical functions stopped and it also has innate restraint effect on evil power. If I didn’t judge mistakenly, then she possesses ten thousand years ice soul inside her body which suppressed her evil curse, otherwise, she would not have been able to keep up until now. But this ice soul is only ten thousand years old, so can suppress the evil curse for at most only two or three more months.”

Long Yi looked at this palace attired woman with admiration, this mysterious woman indeed had some ability.

“Big sister, does only Ice Palace have this kind of crystal?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course, other than our Ice Palace, no-one has the ability to find this ice ore in Origin Ice, let alone refine into ice soul.” This palace attired woman proudly said.

“Really? As far as I know, this Lost city also had one exactly the same crystal coffin.” Long Yi chuckled.

“Lost City? Never heard of it, but that is impossible. In this Blue Waves Continent, other than Origin Ice, this ice ore is found nowhere else.” This palace attired woman confidently said, but as if recalling something, she began to think deeply. Several minutes later, she said: “I remember Ice Palace having a record of giving this kind of crystal coffin to a city lord of Holy City as a present 2000 years ago, so were you talking about Holy City?”

“Holy city? Perhaps it is, but legend states that that place was cursed by Dark God very long time ago, and changed into ghost town long ago, now we call it Lost city.” Long Yi said.

“Dark God?” Palace attired woman muttered. She looked at Wushaung inside the crystal coffin and seemed lost in thought, then suddenly said: “Wushuang was woken up  from inside the crystal coffin by you, no wonder, this evil curse also only……”

Long Yi was astounded watching palace attired woman. This woman was very clever, so quickly associating to Wushuang. Long Yi said: “Yes, Wushuang previously lied inside this kind of crystal coffin, only at that time I really didn’t know. Big sister, do you think this evil curse within the body of Wushaung is really cast by Dark God? Is there really Light God and Dark God in this world?”

Palace attired woman shook her head, and said while laughing: “That is merely a legend nothing else. No one really knows whether they existed or not.”

“Then just now didn’t you mean to say the evil curse within the body of Wushaung was cast by Dark God?” Long Yi confusedly looked at palace attired woman.

“I just meant to say the curse of Dark God’s believer. Several thousand years ago, for the most part, Dark God’s believer can all use a number of curse magic.” Palace attired woman explained.

Long Yi nodded his head, this reason was justifiable, so he didn’t ask any more question. He and Yu Feng walked to the front of crystal coffin, then looking at that sleeping soundly appearance of Wushaung, he couldn’t help but sigh with myriads of emotions inwardly. At that time, he had woken her up from inside the crystal coffin of Lost city to save her, but who would have thought that after half-an-year, she would again lay back inside exactly same crystal coffin. Listening to the words of palace attired woman just now, in those years, the relationship between city lord of Lost city and Ice Palace seemed not swallow, otherwise, Ice Palace wouldn’t have sent such precious treasure to him as a gift. It seems the unseen world possessed the will of Heaven. He doesn’t know after two years, in what kind of circumstance will he meet with Wushuang again.

“Big sister, can you open crystal coffin’s lid? I want to properly bid her farewell.” Long Yi said to palace attired woman.

“You can, if you don’t take long, then there is no problem.” Palace attired woman said, then waving her hand, she opened the lid of crystal coffin.

After that, palace attired woman walked to one side ice wall then tapped it, then a door appeared soundlessly on that ice wall. There actually was another room. Then while entering that door, she said: “After you have finished bidding farewell, come over here. Remember to not take too long.”

“Long Yi, I will also go first too. Talk with Wushuang by yourself.” Yu Feng gently said to Long Yi, then followed after palace attired woman to another room.

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