Chapter 105: Teaching arrogant maids a lesson

Long Yi sat on the edge of crystal coffin, and his big hand habitually reached to the beautiful hair of Wushuang and caressed it while recalling every aspect of matters happened between them. He recalled from the time seeing her inside the crystal coffin at the bottom of that secret room’s pool, as well as afterwards’ marvelous telepathy. Thinking of telepathy, Long Yi couldn’t help but recall when he and Youyou or Lu Xiya were having intimate time, how Wushuang would also feel as if it was happening to her.

At those time, she ought to have ruthlessly cursed him. Thinking this inwardly, Long Yi couldn’t help but smile slightly.

“Wushuang, my little darling, we are about to separate for two years. After two years, you must come back to me, be sure to not forget me. I will be missing you greatly.” Long Yi mumbled while gently stroking the face of Wushuang.

In just this fashion, blankly looking at Wushuang for a long time, Long Yi bend down and lightly kissed her pink lips. After that softly sighting he got up. Then hesitating for a little while, he fished out a pendant from inside his clothing. This was something the mother of this body had hung on the body of Ximen Yu from childhood. It was forged from a kind of unknown metal. On the back, it was smooth as a jade, and in the front, a fiery sun slowly rising from the east was carved. It might be assumed that it was a keepsake of Dongfang clan, serving as the meaning of sunrise from the east. [1]

Long Yi took out this pendant, and wore it on the jade neck of Wushuang, then softly said: “This is a keepsake of my love to you, make sure to never lose it.”

Once again deeply looking at Wushuang, Long Yi turned around and strode away.

Palace attired woman escorted Long Yi and Yu Feng outside the Ice Palace, then said: “This Snowstorm Divine Marten will lead you out of Origin Ice, so you don’t need to worry about losing your way. Hope we will meet again.”

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Long Yi said while waving his right hand: “Big Sister, I believe we will definitely meet again. Also, I will miss you.”

This dumb idiot, palace attired woman slightly smiled. She suddenly felt somewhat lost. Perhaps because she was lonely in Ice Palace for too long, the noisiness of Long Yi however gave rise to a little bit of humane in this ice-cold Ice Palace. She turned around and entered the Ice Palace, then the two entrance door slowly closed. After that the Ice Palace suddenly began to sink, and in a short while, it completely sunk inside the layer of ice, but the surface of the ice was smooth as before as if everything was merely an illusion, basically seemed Ice Palace didn’t exist in this world.

Long Yi and Yu Feng blankly looked at everything that had happened in front of their eyes, and for a long time, they were in a daze. This unparalleled structure build with a cold ice disappeared before their eyes just like that.

“Long Yi, were we dreaming just a moment ago?” Yu Feng foolishly asked Long Yi.

“I am also having this feeling. But I think we are not dreaming because there is no Wushuang in my bosom.” Long Yi sighed looking lonely.

Yu Feng caught the big hand of Long Yi, and affectionately looking at him, she softly said: “Two years will pass very quickly, at that time, Wushunag will definitely be very happy to see you.”

Long Yi rubbed Yu Feng’s golden colored beautiful hair and said with a smile: “Let’s return. This Origin Ice is truly not a good place for people to stay.”

“Ng.” Yu Feng nodded her head, then used her thought to notify Little Snow to lead them outside of Origin Ice.

Just then, a tiger roar resounded. Little Three, that half black half white tiger was running towards Long Yi at full speed. It was holding two snow-white fruits in its mouth.

Little Three placed these strange fruits beside the legs of Long Yi and shook its tail, fawning on Long Yi.

As it turned out, Little Three had run away to look for something to eat. This gluttonous ghost, Long Yi chuckled inwardly. He picked up these fruits from the ground and immediately felt these were absolutely not ordinary things. Something that was grown in such harsh environment of Origin Ice, how could it be ordinary things, he truly couldn’t imagine from where Little Three had dug them out.

“Feng’er, do you know what this is?” Long Yi asked.

Yu Feng shook her head, and said: “I don’t know, I have never heard that this kind of fruits could be found in Origin Ice.”

Looking at that round belly of Little Three, Long Yi knew that it had already eaten a lot of these fruits. Now in addition to its fur becoming more smooth, its one black and one white eye had also become even more bizarre.

Long Yi threw these two snow-white fruits inside his space ring, intending to ask Elf Queen what exactly were these things. Although Little Three seemed to have eaten these fruits and also seemed to have not any problem, still no one could guarantee that these things wouldn’t cause any consequences to people after eating it.

“Okay, now that everyone is here, let’s return back.” Long Yi waved his big hand. After resolving the matter of Wushuang, his entire body felt several jin lighter.

After 10 days, Long Yi and Yu Feng arrived at the nearest town from Origin Ice. This place was far away from common customs, and its local traits were very simple. Usually, it was very rare to have any guest throughout the year in this town. And at that time when Long Yi and others had previously arrived here, all the inhabitant had unexpectedly come out. After that, all of them paid a visit to Long Yi and gave them the best thing they had as a gift, expressing their welcome. And especially when they had heard that Wushuang was seriously ill, all of them had given them various pieces of advice. Although those bits of advice didn’t have any practical effect, but this group of hardworking and kind-hearted people however had left an extremely deep impression in Long Yi’s heart. Compared to outside’s fighting and scheming against each other everywhere, this place was a paradise.

Seeing the arrival of Long Yi and Yu Feng, the people of this small town enthusiastically greeted them. Then surrounded Long Yi and Yu Feng, and began to make detail inquiries. When they heard that the woman with serious illness could be saved, their face lit up with pleasure one after another, while feeling heartfelt happiness for her, as if their own relative was healed from serious illness.

“Little brother ah, did you offend someone? These past few days, two fierce women were searching for you all over the place.” At this moment, an old man asked Long Yi.

“Yes, yes, those two women were really beautiful, merely were also as fierce as two tigresses.” A thin and small youngster added.

“Heizi ah, not looking at your home’s beautiful girl and looking at somebody else.” Another youngster teasingly said.

This youngster called Heizi immediately turned red and anxiously said: “I did not, besides they were so ferocious, how could they compare with my wife A’Hua.”

Yu Feng and Long Yi looked at each other, and asked: “What do they look like? Where are they now?”

“They were very tall, tied a lot of braids and wore beautiful dresses.” Several people answered outdoing one another.

“What about their face?” After hearing their descriptions, Yu Feng carefully asked again.

“Very beautiful, but not comparable to you.”Heizi foolishly said. In his eyes, other than beautiful and not beautiful to describe the appearance, he didn’t have other words and phrases.

Long Yi smiled and asked: “Then did they say anything, such as where did they came from, why were they looking for us?”

That old man thought for a bit and loudly shouted: “Oh, that’s right, I remembered what they had said. They were saying Miss, something Phoenix something clan.”

Hearing these words, both Long Yi and Yu Feng immediately understood those two women searching for them were maids of Yu Feng.

“They must be searching for you. You have left without saying a single word of farewell, so your mother must be anxious to death.” Long Yi said to Yu Feng.

Yu Feng looked at Long Yi for a little while and said: “After meeting them, I will let them bring my letter to mother. I don’t want to leave you.”

At this time, people in the crowd shouted: “Little brother, those two ferocious women have come again, do you want to hide? If you want then we’ll help you stall them for a little while.” People added one after another. This moved Long Yi.

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind intention, but they are not searching for us to cause trouble, so everyone doesn’t need to worry.” Yu Feng said.

After that those two women who were maids of Phoenix clan noticed their Miss, so they rushed towards her.

“Miss, how can you be so reckless? Hearing you have gone to Origin Ice, Clan Mistress was worried sick, and she immediately rushed for here. Now she ought to be about to arrive Kaifeng City.” One of the maids respectfully said to Yu Feng in dissatisfaction.

“I got it, I will clearly explain to mother myself.” Yu Feng indifferently said.

From Light City, Long Yi had perceived that these two maids by the side of Yu Feng seemed to not truly respect Yu Feng, but now he saw not only they spoke to her without any respect, they were even arrogant and bossy. Before he didn’t care about it, but now Yu Feng was his woman, so this made him very uncomfortable. After that frowning his brows, he coldly stared at these two maids.

The complexion of these two maids simultaneously changed, and they were forced to retreat two steps by Long Yi’s murderous intent. But these two were characters who could behave wildly even within the Phoenix clan, so how could they let this matter drop. With a wave of their hands, a huge sword appeared on the hand of one, and a magic wand appeared on the hand of another.

“What on earth are you two doing? He is my husband, your son-in-law, but you actually dare to raise your hand to strike him.” Yu Feng angrily yelled.

“Without the consent of Clan Mistress, we will never recognize him.” The maid holding huge sword refuted. Then pointing her huge sword towards Long Yi, light blue colored douqi wrapped up the fiery Phoenix raging flames. And maid holding magic wand began to chant an incantation. It seems they absolutely didn’t want to drop the matter unless they teach Long Yi a lesson.

Long Yi had a smile on his face, but the murderous intent in his eyes was getting increasingly dense. Since these two small maids actually dared to be arrogant like this, now I will properly disciple them taking the place of Phoenix clan, letting them know what kind of appearance a maid should have, and also let them know what kind of miserable fate they would have when they dared to ride their master’s head.

One Swords Master and another Master Magician, Long Yi didn’t even care about them. He evilly smiled, then suddenly he disappeared into thin air, and instantly appeared in front of maid possessing the strength of Master Magician. This maid was startled, and she immediately used sealed barrier magic. And as for another maid, she too also raised her huge sword intending to attack.

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One should know that ordinary barrier was useless against Long Yi. In the first place, he had easily broken through the Holy Light Barrier cast by Si Bi, let alone this rank eight earth barrier of this maid.

Long Yi evilly smiled, as his big hand easily break through the barrier and caught the pure white neck of this maid, immediately muting the chanting voice of this maid.

And at this time, other maid’s huge sword had already slashed out alternating red and blue colored sword slash towards Long Yi. If an average person was hit by this then he/she would definitely change into a pile of mincemeat. But if this level could knock down Long Yi, then he should simply look for a tofu to hit himself to death.

Long Yi didn’t even turn around, and as if nothing, passing through that sword slash, he pinched the wrist of this maid. After that exerting a little bit of strength, he caused this maid to groan, and the huge sword in her hand fell down to the ground. After that Long Yi used spirit power to restrict both of these maids, then coldly said with a smile: “Now let me teach you how to become the model maid of Blue Waves Continent.”

“Wait until I report this to Clan Mistress, Clan Mistress will definitely not let you off.” Two maids threatened.

Long Yi smiled even more evilly, then his big hands shoot from both sides. Pa pa sound resounded, he had ruthlessly given these two women two burning fried dumplings. In that snow-white skin of these two women, suddenly five red fingerprints appeared, and blood spilled out from the corner of their mouth. Generally, he would not hit women, but under special circumstance, he would never be softhearted, such as when he was doing the mission of previous incarnation’s Dragon organization.

“You…Miss…” Two maids had never expected that Long Yi would really dare to hit them. After that with water mist appearing in their eyes, they turned around and looked towards Yu Feng.

“Long Yi…forget it, they are the maids of my mother. And they had always listened to the words of my mother only.” Yu Feng said to Long Yi.

Long Yi said while waving his hand: “That won’t do, my heart has always been relatively small, if I don’t teach them a lesson, I won’t be satisfied.”

Yu Feng nodded her head looking at Long Yi and without speaking any more, she cleverly stood beside him.

Long Yi then said to two maids with a smile: “Now you know Miss? But just now how come you didn’t listen to your Miss?”

“What do you want to do?” One of the two maids asked in alarm.

“What do I want to do? I want to teach you how maid should perform their duty ah. Even if you complain about me to future mother-in-law, you will not escape from this lesson. This lesson I will still teach.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Heizi, say are these two girls beautiful or not?” Long Yi suddenly turned towards a youngster and asked.

“Beautiful, beautiful, they are definitely very beautiful.” Heizi said while laughing.

“How about I send them to you as your wife?” Long Yi chuckled.

“You dare, you…”

“Shut up, make a sound again and I will strip you two naked in public.” Long Yi coldly said.

Both of them were so scared that they didn’t dare to make a sound again. This man was audacious to the extreme, perhaps he would really do so if they make him angry. Their current tearful appearance was charming and delicate, but if he didn’t teach them a good lesson, then they would definitely not learn their lesson.

“Little brother, I cannot have them, else wouldn’t my wife A’Hua kill me?” Heizi said with a fear on his face, causing everyone to laugh.

“Little brother, Heizi don’t want them, but my house is currently lacking two women to warm a bed and to do household duties.” At this moment, a coarse sound came from the middle of the crowd.

Both of these maids looked towards the source of the voice, then immediately passed out.

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