Chapter 106: Phoenix Clan (1)

The appearance of this old chap was truly too intriguing. At that time, when Long Yi and Yu Feng had seen him for the first time, they had nearly fallen down from their chair. Listening to his coarse voice, one would definitely believe that he was a giant man with lofty stature, but in fact, he was merely a child who was not past 10 years old with long hairs growing from head to foot. His face was thickly covered with pimples, and one could only see white in his eyes without any black. His nose was looking skyward, his big mouth was crooked, and his teethes were coming out from his lips.

This person growing up like this could be considered as a masterpiece of heaven, no wonder these two maids immediately fainted upon seeing him.

Of course, Long Yi would not truly force these two maids to become the wife of other people. He merely wanted to frighten them nothing more, otherwise, the mother of Yu Feng would definitely get noisy, which would not be a good thing for him.

When these two maids woke up, they saw dim light of a lamp, and they were in a very simple and crude room. Furthermore to their horror, they discovered that now they were actually wearing bright red clothing for a happy event, moreover, they could hear indistinct bustling sound coming through from outside, seemingly in the process of entertaining guests. Could it be that that bastard really wanted them to marry that ugly to the extreme monster? Both maids immediately exclaimed in shock. If this was for real, then they would rather die.

The bustling noise outside was truly the sound of the feast, but it was not the wedding feast, rather Long Yi felt grateful towards these kind-hearted and hospitable people of this small town, so he had specially sent money and asked everyone to gorge oneself.

Hearing the screaming voice of two maids, Long Yi laughed in his heart. Daring to be arrogant before this young master, see how I will scare you two to death?

After thinking this, Long Yi pushed open the door and walked inside. He saw those two maids were currently trembling and curling up on the edge of the bed, presumably were frightened to the utmost.

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“Today is your wedding day. After tonight you will be the wives of other people. You two have already seen the appearance of your husband, and his temperament is not very good, so if you are not obedient, then your fate will be very miserable.” Long Yi said while laughing with a look of evil.

These two maids trembled simultaneously and tried to conceal their body even more intensely.

“Even if we die, we will never let you humiliate us.” One of the maids said in trembling voice while her eyes showed her determination.

“Die? Do as you please, but after your death I will strip naked both of you then parade your naked body through the streets, starting from this small town all the way to Light City. I think many people will be willing to gaze upon your elegant demeanor.” Long Yi indifferently said, but his eyes however were evilly sizing up the charming body of these two maids.

“You…you are not human…” Looking at Long Yi who looked like a devil, the spirit of these two maids collapsed.

“You are flattering me, compared to you two who don’t attach any importance to even your family Miss, there is just a small difference. How is it? Are you choosing to get married or committing suicide?” Long Yi leisurely said.

These two maids immediately become silent, and after a good while, one of the maid lifted her head, and softly said: “We understand our mistake, so please let us go.”

“Oh, do you know where you mistake is?” Long Yi asked with a smile. He had never expected that they would admit their mistake this quickly. He had believed that they would be able to hold out for little longer.

“We shouldn’t have disrespected Miss and Son-in-Law. We really understand our mistake, so Your Excellency, please be magnanimous and let us go.” That maid bowed and said.

“Really understood your mistakes? Then how come the expression of your eyes seems wanting to eat someone? This is rather frightening my heart ah.” Long Yi said while laughing. He just noticed the hatred flashing in the eyes of this maid.

“In the end, what the hell do you want?” This maid couldn’t bear any longer, so she roared loudly.

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Long Yi immediately stood up and looked out of the window, then turned around walking towards outside, while seemingly talking to himself: “It’s about time for a bridegroom to enter the bridal chamber.”

“Don’t go, wait a minute.” Another maid called out loudly, immediately jumping off the bed and ran in front of Long Yi blocking his way. Her spirit seems to be on the brink of collapse.

“Please let us go, I will do whatever you want.” This maid softly knelt down and said.

“Let you go? I can consider it. But your sister over there doesn’t seem to be willing.” Long Yi looked towards the maid who had pleaded first.

“Black Bamboo (Zizhu), quickly apologize to Son-in-Law. Could it be that you are willing to marry that…that person?” The maid kneeling on the ground looked towards that maid called Black Bamboo and earnestly pleaded.

Black Bamboo gritted her teeth, and walking over, she knelt down in front of Long Yi, and said: “Son-in-Law, as long as we don’t need to marry that person, Black Bamboo is willing to do anything.”

“Anything?” Long Yi laughed in amusement, then gently lifting the chin of both maids with his hands, he asked with a smile.

The face of both maids become red and nodded their head with eyes full of tears. They thought that even if Long Yi had them, that was better compared to marring that person.

Long Yi laughed mischievously, then lightly patting the faces of these two maids, he said: “Do you see I, your son-in-law to be a too tasteless person? You two are not qualified enough to warm up my bed.”

These words were truly hurting words. The beautiful faces of these two maids instantly became pale, and they nearly fainted. Strong humiliation feeling welled up in their heart. These words were even more hurting than the knife stabbing their heart.

“Well, now that you have acknowledged your mistake, this time I will let you off, but I hope there is no next time, otherwise you will truly taste the meaning of death is better than life.” Long Yi coldly said with great hostility, making these two maids tremble and their eyes showed hatred and fear.

Early in the morning of next day, Long Yi and Yu Feng together with those two maids set out under the farewell of all the people of this small town. Their destination was precisely that Kaifeng City where Long Yi and Yu Feng had met.

Right now snowflakes began to flutter down from the sky again. Previously because of the illness of Wushuang, he was not in the mood for happily looking at this beautiful snowscape. He had even complained why God had caused such heavy snowfall. But this moment, the heart of Long Yi was relaxed, and his mood was different from before. All along the way, he happily played with Yu Feng and three pets while traveling.

Since they were playing while traveling, their speed was naturally a lot slower than before. Only after 15 full days, they arrived at Kaifeng City.

In the lobby of Phoenix Inn, Long Yi lazily sat on a big chair. Right now his eyes were sizing up the dignified and noble beautiful woman opposite to him. This beautiful woman appeared only 27 or 28 in age and wore an embroidered fur coat. The figure of this beautiful woman was not inferior in any aspect compared to Yu Feng. That perfect ‘S’ shaped curvy body made Long Yi praise inwardly. And her face instead was rather similar to Yu Feng. But right now she was coldly looking at Long Yi, and indistinct anger could be seen in those cold eyes. No one had ever dared to stare at her so unscrupulously.

“Aren’t you Long Yi?” This beautiful woman coldly said.

Seeing his future mother-in-law was opening her mouth to him for the first time, Long Yi immediately stopped his careless and sloppy smile. After that he stood up from the chair and showing elegant noble courtesy, he said, “Yes Madame, still may I ask for Madame’s good name?”

This beautiful woman didn’t show any surprise. As a Phoenix clan’s Clan Mistress, she had already seen a kind of natural noble aura on the body of this lazily smiling youngster. This kind of noble aura was not something that a small clan could cultivate. She ignored the question of Long Yi rather directly asked her question: “Long, this surname is extremely rare. In this Violent Dragon Empire, only imperial kinsmen has this surname. Don’t know what relation do you have with current Emperor?”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “No relation. I don’t have even the slightest bit relation with him, but perhaps not long after in the future, after his daughter marries me, we will have a relation.”

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