Chapter 107: Phoenix Clan (2)

Having heard what Long Yi had said, coldness flashed in the eyes of this beautiful woman, but a smile appeared on her face as if nothing had happened, and said: “Oh? Since you are going to become the relative of the Emperor, how can our Feng’er be worthy of you?”

“Mother…” Yu Feng anxiously said, while looking at Long Yi from the corner of her eyes.


“You shut up, while I and your mother are talking, it’s not your turn to interrupt.” Long Yi suddenly interrupt the words of a beautiful woman by yelling loudly.

Hearing the sudden shout of Long Yi, Yu Feng was so scared that she trembled and immediately looked towards Long Yi in panic. But noticing the quick wink towards her, she relaxed.

Seeing Yu Feng standing at one side in a well-behaved manner, Phoenix Clan’s Clan Mistress no longer spoke, while flames of fury burned in her heart. This smelly kid, unfairly stealing her script, now it seems her daughter was totally submissive to him. Suddenly her heart felt sour, her daughter whom she had grown up for 20 years was about to get robbed out of her.

“Long Yi, you should also know our Phoenix clan’s customs. If you want to marry our clan’s Feng’er, then you have to make a clean break with other women, furthermore, you must marry into and live with our Phoenix Clan, else we don’t need to talk.” Phoenix Clan Mistress strongly said. She had long ago already investigated Long Yi, so she knew that there were several women by his sides, furthermore, Phoenix Clan’s daughter absolutely cannot fall into the hands of people with the different surname, so she couldn’t let Yu Feng marry him.

“Madame, then I will also speak honestly, Yu Feng is already my woman, now is, and is also in future. Whoever wants to separate us must pay the price.” Long Yi straightly looked at the face of this beautiful woman and casually dissolve the pressure being emitted from the body of this beautiful woman, and said.

“Feng’er, are you coming with mother or going with this man? If you are leaving with this man, then you don’t need to recognize me as your mother from now on.” The Phoenix clan Mistress angrily stood up, then loudly said to Yu Feng.

“Mother…Long Yi…” Yu Feng was in an awkward predicament while looking at Long Yi and her mother.

The heart of Long Yi couldn’t help but soften. Just now he was a little bit too impulsive. Now Yu Feng was clipped between him and Phoenix Clan Mistress, without knowing what to do. Moreover, this Phoenix Clan Mistress was her mother, so he couldn’t deal with her as if he was dealing with enemy.

Long Yi sighed softly, then said to Phoenix Clan Mistress: “Forgive me, Madame, just now I was a bit too impulsive. What should I do for you to let Yu Feng marry me?”

“Just now I have already said, first you should sever all the relation with other women, and second you must marry into our Phoenix Clan.” Seeing the manner of Long Yi, Phoenix Clan Mistress’s manner of speaking also eased somewhat. This youngster was not simple and she didn’t want to make a formidable enemy for Phoenix Clan, moreover, she didn’t know what big clan was behind him.

“Madame, these two condition is honestly rather making me hard. I cannot abandon my women, if I truly do so, I fear even Madame would look down upon me. Can you change the conditions?” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Phoenix Clan Mistress nodded her head. If Long Yi truly did so, then she would have definitely not let Yu Feng marry him. She truly looked down upon ungrateful and inconstant in love type people the most.

Seeing her daughter’s pleading and anxious eyes, Phoenix Clan Mistress pondered deeply. At this moment, Little Snow who was playing outside suddenly change into a white light and enter into the bosom of Yu Feng. And Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three also came in afterward.

Phoenix Clan Mistress sized up these three strange magical beasts one by one in amazement. After that suddenly half raising her jade hand, she cried out in alarm, causing her plump breast to shake, which in turn dazzled and stunned Long Yi. This mature woman was indeed of the best quality and was comparable to Elf Queen.

“These are Snowstorm Divine Marten and Violent Lightning Beast.” Phoenix Clan Mistress said in disbelief. These two were legendary super magical beasts, so how could they appear here?

“Madame truly have good eyesight. This Violent Lightning Beast is my pet, and Snowstorm Divine Marten is Feng’er’s.” Long Yi said with a smile. Right now the expression of his future mother-in-law resembled the expression of a little girl. This expression however was pleasing to the eye compared to her expression of before.

“Mother, after Long Yi caught Little Snow in Origin Ice, he gave her to me as a gift. Isn’t she very cute?” Yu Feng said right away, hoping to set up a powerful image of Long Yi using this as a pretext, after all, the strong always receives the respect of people.

Phoenix Clan Mistress lightly nodded her head, as if she had confirmed something. The strength of Long Yi was indeed beyond her imagination, not only was his own strength very deep beyond measure, he furthermore had SS ranked Violent Lightning Beast at his side. So how much more powerful must his clan be?

“Did you all really spend ten days in Origin Ice?” Phoenix Clan Mistress suddenly asked.

“Yes, it’s true.” Yu Feng hastily answered.

“The temperature of Origin Ice is extremely low. Since you have Phoenix Jade with you, you don’t have any fear, but why was he able to preserve within Origin Ice for such a long period of time?” Phoenix Clan Mistress asked, and her gaze became very sharp.

“Madame, other people can’t don’t mean I, Long Yi also can’t. Even if I have to stay in Origin Ice for the lifetime, there will not be any problem for me.” Long Yi loftily answered while feeling discontented with regarding her suspicion.

This beautiful woman ignored Long Yi’s discontented, and asked: “I heard this time you went to Origin Ice for searching Ruyi Ice Silkworm to save a girl, don’t know whether you find it or not, but where is that girl?”

“We found what we were searching, but it escaped, fortunately, due to the great fortune of my darling Wushuang, big sister of Ice Palace saved her, and at this very moment, she is healing in Ice Palace.” Long Yi answered.

“Ice Palace!” Phoenix Clan Mistress exclaimed loudly while her whole body trembled.

“Yes, mother, do you know Ice Palace?” Yu Feng asked.

“Quickly tell me, what kind of appearance did that Ice Palace have?” Phoenix Clan Mistress didn’t answer her daughter rather anxiously asked.

So Yu Feng told everything she had seen in Ice Palace to her mother.

“That’s right, that’s right, it is Ice Shrine.” Phoenix Clan Mistress muttered with driven to distraction appearance.

“Ice Shrine?” Long Yi and Yu Feng looked at each other in blank dismay. As it turns out that Ice Palace was known as Ice Shrine. Looking at the appearance of Phoenix Clan Mistress, it seems that Ice Shrine and Phoenix clan had a special relation.

After a good while, Phoenix Clan Mistress snapped out from her daze, and her complexion revert back to normal as she asked: “Did you see Ice Queen there?”

“Ice Queen? Other than a big sister wearing palace attire, there were no other people in Ice Palace. I don’t know whether she is Ice Queen or not?” Yu Feng said. Because she had woken afterward, she didn’t know the matters that had occurred with Long Yi, so she really didn’t know.

“There was no Queen, only Queen’s Statue.” Long Yi supplemented.

Phoenix Clan Mistress became absent-minded for a good while, then said to Long Yi: “Don’t you want to marry Feng’er? As long as you help me do one thing, I will approve the marriage between Feng’er and you.”

“What thing?” Long Yi asked. She had raised this condition at this extremely critical juncture so this matter must be extremely difficult.

“Find Ice Queen, then kill her.” Phoenix Clan Mistress said one sentence, with her eyes flashing with hatred.

“What? What sort of joke is this?” Long Yi exclaimed in shock. No need to talk about whether he could find that Ice Queen, but kill her? Was Ice Queen that easy to kill? Just that palace attired woman was enough to kill him, moreover now Wushuang had entered into Ice Palace as a disciple, so wasn’t this making thing difficult for him again?

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“Do you think I am joking?” Phoenix Clan Mistress coldly said.

“Since she is the mistress of Ice Palace, she must be very powerful, and here you are telling me to go and kill her, isn’t this saying me to go to die?” Long Yi bitterly said. He raised the teapot from his side and drank two mouthfuls of tea. This Ice Palace had not appeared in this world for thousand years and looking at the age of this Phoenix Clan Mistress, she didn’t seem to exceed 40 years in age, still don’t tell me that she has hatred of having her husband stolen by this Ice Queen?

“That is also the case, you are unlikely to be the opponent of Ice Queen, let alone kill her. Then if you find her, be sure to hold her red ball, making her lose her virgin body.” Phoenix Clan Mistress’s words were endlessly shocking to death. After saying this, a flush appeared on her beautiful face.

Spit…, Long Yi directly spat out the tea inside his mouth. Did he really didn’t mishear what her future mother-in-law was saying?  Was she telling him to go and rape Ice Queen? This…did she lost her mind?

“Mother, what are you saying?” Yu Feng angrily said with a red face. She had never thought that her stern mother would unexpectedly speak out this type of words, actually asking Long Yi to go and steal innocence.

Phoenix Clan Mistress took a deep breath and calmed down, then said: “All through the ages, Ice Shrine’s Queen must have a virgin body, because all the magic arts they cultivate have pure Yin as a foundation, so once they lose their virginity, they will also lose all their skills.”

Seeing that expression of Phoenix Clan Mistress filled with hatred, Long Yi said making a wry smile: “Madame, could it be that you and Ice Queen have such big hatred?”

“Yes. We Phoenix clan and Ice Palace cannot co-exist together. For everything Ice Place had done to our Phoenix clan in former years, we will definitely return back thousands fold.” Phoenix Clan Mistress hatefully said and her beautiful face was somewhat twisted. It seems this hatred was not some ordinary hatred.

“I do not know what happened between your Phoenix Clan and Ice Shrine, but I cannot comply with your wishes in this matter. People can behave shamelessly, but they cannot behave shamelessly to this extent.” Long Yi shook his head and said. Even if he indeed could overpower Ice Queen, he was absolutely unable to do such thing. He had already done such deed once when he had just arrived in this world, and that alone not only invited extremely big trouble but also had continuously caused his heart to be at unease. This time after returning back, he ought to settle that matter.

Yu Feng admiringly looked at Long Yi. If Long Yi agreed to do that, then she would have definitely looked down upon him. Although this man was frivolous but was an extremely strong principled person and loyal.

Phoenix Clan Mistress coldly stared and somewhat agitatedly said: “Shameless? In those years they Ice Shrine was even more shameless, otherwise, how could our Phoenix Clan fall so low to this plight.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, Phoenix Clan had fallen low? Right now within Blue Waves Continent, Phoenix Clan was one well known big clan. Even Emperor himself couldn’t control them, and this was fallen low? Yu Feng was also looking at her mother with confusion.

“In any case, I have already put forward my condition, agree or not it’s your choice. Since you don’t agree, I will definitely not let Feng’er marry you.” Phoenix Clan Mistress indifferently said.

“Mother, how could you force Long Yi to do this kind of shameless thing? Don’t tell me that the mother I have always looked venerably is this kind of person?” Yu Feng suddenly roared towards Phoenix Clan Mistress tearfully. Her mother’s words had truly disappointed her.

“Pa” Phoenix Clan Mistress resolutely slapped Yu Feng’s beautiful face. Immediately after that she blankly looked at her own palm, as if she was somewhat regretting. She moved her mouth wanting to speak something but ultimately she said nothing.

“Mother, from childhood till now, you have never hit me, but today you however hit me for this kind of matter. I hate you to death.” Yu Feng covered her face, then slowly retreating back with tears overflowing from her eyes, she ran out.

The complexion of Phoenix Clan Mistress changed, and she wanted to call to stop her, but after saying only ‘Feng’ word, she sighed and sat down on the chair dejectedly. Right now she had a very complicated expression, also don’t know what she was thinking.

Looking briefly at Phoenix Clan Mistress, Long Yi turned around and chased after Yu Feng. Now Yu Feng was definitely heart-broken to death.

Ai, in the end, what kind of hatred did Phoenix Clan and Ice Shrine had, making Phoenix Clan Mistress hate Ice Palace to the extent of wanting to destroy that never seen Ice Queen by fair means or foul. The matters were getting more and more mixing. Ice Palace was actually involved in the hatred which was ongoing for thousands of years, and at that time even Violent Dragon Empire did not exist.

At the river bank of the frozen river outside Kaifeng City, Yu Feng was sitting on the ground while sobbing, and her shoulders were shaking continuously. This scene could truly cause people to feel sorry.

At that time a big hand gently patted on the shoulder of Yu Feng. Smelling that well within reach familiar sent, the tears of Yu Feng spilled even more violently, then throwing herself into the bosom of Long Yi, she wailed.

Long Yi hugged the lovely body of Yu Feng, and lightly patted her back letting her let off to her heart content.

After a good while, the loud wailing of Yu Feng changed into sobs. Right now tears and snots had gotten on the clothes of Long Yi. But Long Yi ignored them.

“Long Yi, do you look down upon my mother?” Yu Feng asked Long Yi while choking with sobs.

“Nope, I however admire her very much.” Caressing the beautiful hair of Yu Feng, Long Yi softly said.

“You are lying, my mother gave you such shameless condition for me to marry you, so you definitely look down upon and loathe her. Actually, my mother is not that kind of person……” Yu Feng said while sobbing.

“Well, I know, I really admire her. You also know your mother is not that kind of person, but why did she put forward this kind of condition this time? She was doing that for the sake of clan. Because that was hatred passed down in the clan, she had to accept it without any preconditions as a person of the clan. And for the sake of the clan’s hatred, she would rather bear criticism on her conscience to get revenge by fair means or foul. So think about how big suffering she is enduring.” Long Yi slowly said.

“Then isn’t mother very pitiful?” The words of Long Yi guided Yu Feng towards another direction, naturally making her feel different. As a matter of fact, most of the things have dual nature, we often see only ugly or beautiful side, but ignore the opposite side.

“Yes, so don’t hate her okay?” Long Yi gently helped Yu Feng wipe her tears, and said with a smile.

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“M-hm.” Yu Feng turned her tears into laughter, then looking at Long Yi with glittering eyes, she idiotically said: “Long Yi, having you by my side truly is nice, I feel very happy with you by my side, will we always be together?”

“Silly girl.” Long Yi rubbed Yu Feng’s that golden colored hair and said with a smile. At that time, from the corner of his eyes, he suddenly noticed a figure of a person floating away in the sky far away.

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