Chapter 108: Fatal Embarrassment

Phoenix Clan Mistress sat on the edge of the bed and was rather lost in thought. Just now when Long Yi had chased after Yu Feng, she also couldn’t help but chase after them and was able to hear all the words Long Yi had said to Yu Feng. She had believed that that boy would absolutely use this opportunity to sow discord between them, mother and daughter, instigating Yu Feng to leave Phoenix Clan. But outside of her expectation, he didn’t say any such words. He had clearly thought over from her point of view and furthermore asked Yu Feng to not hate her. This made her feel happy and simultaneously couldn’t help but feel as if she had found an understanding friend.

As a woman, not only she had to support her big clan, but also had to unconditionally accept the hatred passed down from ancestors, so being alive itself had made her very tired, but no one had ever understood her feeling. Others only saw the grandness of Phoenix Clan, but they didn’t know that behind this grandness, a woman had spent many painstaking efforts for this purpose.

Peng peng peng, a knock on the door suddenly resounded causing Phoenix Clan Mistress to wake up with a start.

“Mother, it’s me.” Somewhat hoarse voice of Yu Feng came from outside, might be caused by wailing of just a moment ago.

“Oh, Feng’er, come in.” Phoenix Clan Mistress took a deep breath and calmed down her state of mind.

Yu Feng pushed open the door and entered. Her eyes were still red and swollen. After entering the room, she sat beside her mother and holding her arm tightly, Yu Feng rested her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“Mother, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Yu Feng apologized. After Long Yi had enlightened her, she had also discovered how hard it was for her mother in these past several years.

Phoenix Clan Mistress’s body stiffened, the raising her jade hand, she gently caressed the beautiful hair of Yu Feng. She couldn’t recall how long it had been since she was this close to her daughter. But this moment she was actually moved emotionally.

“Feng’er, mother is also sorry. Mother didn’t take care of you properly, but was only demanding you, do you hate mother?” Phoenix Clan Mistress softly asked.

Yu Feng shook her head and said: “No, but just had some resentment. But Long Yi said that mother is enduring even greater pain, so I shouldn’t resent you.”

“Did he really said that?” A smile flashed in the eyes of Phoenix Clan Mistress. Although that bad boy was always grinning cheekily, but it seems he was also very earnest.

To other people, Yu Feng marrying with him could not be counted as injustice, merely these customs, ai, is a problem.

“Of course it’s true, mother. Long Yi is truly a very nice person. Your daughter will never be able to find any better man than him.” Yu Feng raised her head, the pitifully looked towards her mother.

“Ai, when a girl is of age, she must be married off ah, this girl, I will think of a way for this matter for you.” Phoenix Clan Mistress sighed.

“Thank you, mother.” Yu Feng happily kissed her mother face. Right now her face was filled with thick happiness without exception.

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“Damn girl, already so big but still being so childish.” Phoenix Clan Mistress was dumbfounded and scolded, but her face however was filled with smiles. After passing through this matter, it seems the relationship between her and her daughter had become even closer.

Yu Feng laughed and tightly held her mother. They, mother and daughter, held each other for a long time. Since the tenth birthday of Yu Feng they had never held each other like this, and the relation between them had also got more and more alienated.

“Mother, do our Phoenix clan really have such big blood debt with Ice Shrine? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Yu Feng asked.

“Yes, this is the matters of several thousand years ago. As for why I didn’t tell you, it was because mother didn’t want to make you bear this burden that is passed down in our clan, and also didn’t want to make you live with clan’s hatred.” Phoenix Clan Mistress said while tenderly comfort Yu Feng’s beautiful hair.

“Mother.” Yu Feng was deeply moved. It turned out her mother was so nice to her, but she however was never aware of it.


Night fell, and a cool and refreshing moonlight shone on pure white snow, reflecting cold rays of light. This moment Long Yi jumped to the roof of Phoenix Inn, and lied there on the top of the snow. After Yu Feng had entered into her mother room, both of them actually didn’t even come out for a supper. And he didn’t have any idea about what they were chatting about.

Long Yi monotonously looked at the moon, while getting lost in thought. Suddenly he felt bored, but just then, he suddenly recalled those divine weapons he had found in Lost city, as well as those Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade whose use he didn’t know.

So sending his thought into his space ring, he took out numerous divine artifacts, several protective and attacking accessories, a fire magic wand and a water magic wand. Long Yi had no use for magic wands, but protective and attacking accessories and divine weapons however were not same, but even after dripping the blood, he was not able to make them recognize him as a master. So Long Yi had continuously tossed them inside his space ring, and as for others he had already distributed them to Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou.

Even after reading books for a long time, he couldn’t find how to make those divine artifacts recognize master. So Long Yi disappointingly threw them inside the space ring again. Next, he took out Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade, then fiddled with them, and so that their aura would not leak, he used his spirit power to set up a barrier.

With each hand holding Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade respectively, Long Yi again noticed that the dark qi and light qi inside them beginning to react, slowly fusing together.

“What’s the use of these two jades?” Long Yi muttered. He separately used spirit power, magic power, douqi, and internal force to probe them, but didn’t get any result. Long Yi believed that there definitely was heaven shaking secrets hidden inside these two jades, otherwise, Light Church and Dark Church should not have attached high importance to them like that.

At that time, Long Yi heard dingding dangdang sound coming from the courtyard underneath him. Looking down, it turned out two maids of Phoenix Clan Mistress were in the course of training sword. One of the maids was the same one who was taught a lesson by Long Yi at that small town of Origin Ice.

Long Yi laughed mischievously, as now when he bored to death, he found amusement. He removed his spirit barrier, then threw those Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade into his space ring. But he didn’t notice that when he had removed the barrier, little bit aura of two jades had diffused out from that place.

And at that moment, Yu Feng who was lying on the bed with Phoenix Clan Mistress suddenly screamed, and a red light shot out from her chest, and instantly again revert back to original state.

“Mother, what, what’s going on?” Yu Feng asked in surprise. She pulled open her robe and from inside her underwear, she took out a piece of fiery jade. The shape of that jade was unexpectedly exactly the same as those Dark Magic Jade and Holy Light Jade on Long Yi’s hand, only the color and the aura it was emitting were different.

Phoenix Clan Mistress took the jade from the neck of Yu Feng and placed it in the center of her palm, then repeatedly studied. Just now this Phoenix Jade had actually sent out a radiance for no reason.

“Don’t tell me……” Phoenix Clan Mistress fell into a deep thought.

And at this moment, Long Yi glided down from the roof while laughing. Then he said with a smile: “Two beautiful ladies, training secretly ah, don’t know to what level you have reached while training so lowly?”

“In any case better than you.” One of them proudly said without even looking. And other one called Black Bamboo, seeing Long Yi, her face turned pale and subconsciously retreated two steps.

“Of course of course, how can lowly me compare with you? I am most skilled in fists, this Black Bamboo girl ought to already know about it.” Long Yi mischievously said while smiling.

Black Bamboo blankly stood there. Indeed at that time, she was not even able to resist single move of his.

“Black Bamboo, is he really that powerful?” Another maid asked.

Black Bamboo nodded her head.

But that other maid was not convinced looking at Long Yi, so she snorted and said: “How could he truly be strong while using only his fists? Let’s compete with him.”

“Hong Xiu, forget it.” Black Bamboo pulled the clothing of Hong Xiu and softly said.

“Black Bamboo, are you afraid?” Hong Xiu said.

“Black Bamboo, are you afraid?” Long Yi half squinting his eyes and looked towards her, then said threateningly.

Black Bamboo trembled. Although her backer Phoenix Clan Mistress was around, but she however had instinctive fear towards Long Yi, still she bit her lower lip and said: “Okay let’s have a match.”

Both women cultivated Phoenix Douqi, and were Swords Master realm in strength. Moreover this Hong Xiu was already showing the sign of breaking through Swords Master and entering into Great Swords Master realm.

The Phoenix Raging Flame of Hong Xiu covered with light blue douqi attacked towards Long Yi and the blazing high temperature melted the snow around Long Yi.

Long Yi just laughed mischievously, and his body as if ghost writhed away from the attacks of these two women, making use of every bit of time or space in those douqi attacks. After a long time, fragrant sweats appeared on the body of these two women, but they were not even able to hit the corner of Long Yi’s clothing.

Both of them stopped attacking and panted for breath. And while panting for breath, Hong Xiu said: “You know how to dodge, but if you have skills then raise your hand.”

“Raise my hand? No problem, come at me again and I will raise my hand.” Long Yi evilly laughed and said.

Both women took a deep breath, then attacked again. And after dodging these attacks, Long Yi suddenly laughed strangely: “Pay attention, here I come.” Long Yi suddenly accelerated, and the two women could only see blur in front of them.

“Ah, perverted thief.” Both women screamed then throwing away their sword, they firmly covered their breast with their hands, and their pretty face became bright red.

The afterimages combined into one, then smelling his two hands, Long Yi playfully said: “Didn’t you ask me to raise my hands, so why are you calling me perverted thief now?”

Seeing the action of Long Yi, both women got angry and ashamed. After that, they furiously glared at Long Yi.

After playing around, the boredom of Long Yi reduced greatly, so he said with a mischievous smile: “I am not playing anymore, you two can continue your lowly training.”

The figure of Hong Xiu flashed and appeared in front of Long Yi.

“What do you want?” Long Yi asked.

“I……in any case you can’t leave.” Hong Xiu blanked out, then immediately said angrily.

“Can’t leave? Why? Can it be that……”Sizing up Hong Xiu, Long Yi evilly said.

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Seeing Long Yi looking at her with his bright eyes, the face of Hong Xiu reddened. Her age was exactly at the season for yearning the love. Usually, she was a proud figure, so she was dissatisfied with ordinary men. But this time Long Yi who was strong as well as had the first-class appearance appeared before her, moreover, he had taken cheap advantage of her, so she naturally had some different kinds of idea towards Long Yi.

“Hong Xiu, step aside, he is our Son-in-law. With our identity, we don’t have the qualification to even warm up his bed.” Black Bamboo quietly said.

Hong Xiu was shocked. Now she knew that this man in front of her was the husband of her Miss. And seducing son-in-law without the consent of Miss was not a small crime in this Blue Waves Continent. Miss could even order her to commit suicide by law. Thinking this, Hong Xiu reluctantly stepped aside and earnestly looked at the disappearing figure of Long Yi.

Long Yi completely ignored the affection of Hong Xiu. He didn’t have any good impression of this arrogant girl. Moreover, they couldn’t even enter into his current field of vision. Any of his women were exceptional beauty wherever they went, naturally Si Bi was an exception, but in his heart, Si Bi was most beautiful women in this world.

Returning to his room, Long Yi found that currently, Yu Feng was sitting on the sofa looking at him.

“Finally willing to come out, did you make up with your mother?” Long sat beside Yu Feng and said while his big hand fiercely hugged her waist.

“M-hm.” Yu Feng answered with a smile. Then looking at Long Yi, she lovingly said: “Thank you, if it were not for you, I and mother might not have become this close just like during my childhood.”

“Then where is the reward?” Long Yi lightly said, then passionately looked at Yu Feng. These past days, thanks to all sorts of reasons he had never gotten a chance to truly eat Yu Feng. Now he made the decision to achieve his this desire tonight.

Yu Feng read out **, love and affectionate from the expression of Long Yi. Then she courageously looked into the eyes of Long Yi with her misty eyes, and sparks flew about in all directions.

“You can have any reward you want.” Yu Feng said in a mosquito-like voice, and her lovely body on the embrace of Long Y lightly quivered.

“Then I want you, is that okay?” Long Yi move closer to her head, and breathing out hot air onto her ear, he said, causing her to completely turn red.

“M-hm.” Yu Feng half closed her eyes and answered in an inaudible voice. And her towering breast began to rise and fall irregularly.

Long Yi stretched out his tongue, and lightly licked her earlobe, causing her to tremble lightly, then she opened her red lips and spat out aromatic breathe, making her even more tempting. After that Long Yi’s big mouth kissed Yu Feng’s pink lips, and skillfully teased her fragrant tongue with his tongue to his heart content.

The big hands of Long Yi had already entered into the clothing of Yu Feng and were caressing her smooth as if jade back. Slowly sliding down, his hands entered her pants, then kneaded Yu Feng’s those elastic and ample buttocks.

“Hmmm…” Yu Feng let out ** sound, and with her amorous feelings completely aroused, she tightly embraced the neck of Long Yi. After that, she conveniently straddled and sat on the thigh of Long Yi, while her brilliant red lips sucked the tongue of Long Yi. Now the things were already getting out of hands.

Facing Yu Feng’s enthusiasm, how could Long Yi concede defeat, he moved about his big hands on the buttocks of Yu Feng and dishonestly reached out towards the crack of her buttocks. Then with one push, his finger reached to a moist garden.

“Ah.” Yu Feng quickly looked upwards and moaned while trembling. And fragrant dew gushed out, making her flower garden completely muddy.

Two people got excited, and the hands of these two people continuously move about on the body of each other, while mutually tearing apart the clothing of others. Soon, only small underwear was left on the body of Yu Feng which was unable to properly cover her spring scenery, immediately boiling the blood of Long Yi in excitement. And this moment, Long Yi was also only in his inner pants, and his burning hot little brother also seemed to nearly burst out from his inner pants.

“Feng’er.” With his eyes fixed on her bosom’s that enchanting fragrant cleavage, Long Yi tenderly said.

“Husband.” Yu Feng also answered emotionally.

Two people were no longer able to bear their surging sentiment of fire, and they cradled together on the soft sofa. After that Long Yi took off the corset of Yu Feng, exposing a pair of bright and clean **. Pink ** were lightly trembling, as if a plum blossom bursting into bloom with the wind.

Long Yi’s eyes became hazy and panting heavily, he sucked one cherry, and his hand kneaded other **, while feeling that amazing elasticity.

The charming body of Yu Feng slightly quivered. Her jade hands unwittingly put forth her strength while tightly grabbing Long Yi’s that sturdy back. Right now she felt an unbearable emptiness within her body.

The big hand of Long Yi slid down from the beautiful belly button of Yu Feng, and entering inside her panties, his hand reached the forbidden ground where no one had ever set foot.

“Husband……” Yu Feng let out a long **, raising her waist. Unexpectedly such gentle touch of Long Yi had made her reach her life’s first **.

And just like this she tightly held Long Yi for a good while. Then with a soft sigh, Yu Feng again fell gently from high in the clouds. This feeling was truly too wonderful.

“How do you feel?” Long Yi chuckled while caressing the back of Yu Feng.

The face of Yu Feng become red, then looking at Long Yi with overflowing charm, she softly said: “Not telling you.”

“Not telling me? Then I will make you tell me.” Long chuckled and pushed her down.

“Wait a minute.” Yu Feng cried.

Long Yi stopped his impulse and looked at Yu Feng. He was already at his limit as he had been suppressing for a very long time.

Yu Feng stood up, and as if a Queen occupying the high ground, she looked at Long Yi. Then with her jade hands, she lightly pushed him down on the sofa. After that, she stared at Long Yi’s little brother and recalled how she had held this rouge in Origin Ice.

“My husband, I will serve you.” Yu Feng said and squatted between the legs of Long Yi. After that, she slowly pulled down Long Yi’s final cover.

Seeing that frightening thing, the heart of Yu Feng jumped violently. Then when she raised his head, she saw Long Yi was firmly staring at her with a passionate and curious gaze.

Gritting her teeth, Yu Feng caught Long Yi’s that frightening thing with her jade hand and slowly moved her head towards it…

Long Yi took a deep breath and feeling that warm and moist feeling in the lower part of his body, he felt just like flying.

Just at this moment, the door of his room suddenly opened. Long Yi lifted his head, and four eyes met face to face. In this moment, both of them were stupefied, only Yu Feng was still making great effort to make Long Yi feel good.

Phoenix Clan Mistress was dumbfounded seeing that strange posture of her daughter and Long Yi on the sofa. Just now inside her room, she had heard faint strange sounds from inside the room of Long Yi, but that sound was not very clear, so without thinking, she directly pushed open the door of Long Yi’s room after seeing that the door was shut tightly, but she had never expected that she however would see the scene of ** like this, so her mind suddenly blanked out.

Long Yi was dumbfounded too to see Phoenix Clan Mistress. Only after a long time, his reaction came over, making him think she was the mother of Yu Feng, his future mother-in-law. Thinking this, Long Yi had an urge, and the lower part of his body unexpectedly sprayed.

Yu Feng lifted her head with a trace of milky white liquid still hanging on the edge of her mouth. And when she saw Long Yi had a lifeless look in his eyes and was watching behind her, she instinctively turned her head back……

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