Chapter 109: Barbarian Bull Clan’s Martial Arts Competition

Long Yi was in a daze while lying in the bathtub of the bathroom. Up until now, he was still lost in thought. He still felt like that embarrassing situation of just now was just a dream. How could this happen? Two people having intimate time was not a problem, but being caught red-handed by mother-in-law was too…lewd, too evil, and especially when Yu Feng was in the process of giving him…

“Is this for real?” Long Yi lamented and submerged his head inside the water.

But the reality was after all the reality, no matter how embarrassing the situation was, it had already occurred. Now Yu Feng was angrily taken away by Phoenix Clan Mistress. He wondered what would happen now while hope this doesn’t raise any unexpected difficulties.

Inside another suite, Yu Feng was sitting on the sofa with her head lowered. Her beautiful face was thoroughly red now. And right now she didn’t dare to look straight at her mother.

“Let me die right now, I truly lost all my face and that is all because of Long Yi. That bastard didn’t close the door while doing bad things, causing mother to catch us red-handed at that time.” Yu Feng was cursing Long Yi inside her heart. Recalling the scene of just now, she wanted to find a hole in the ground to jump inside.

The beautiful face of Phoenix Clan Mistress was also bright red. Now she was looking outside the window while sparing no effort to calm down her hot and dry state of mind, but as if carved inside her brain, she was unable to drive off that scene of just now.

“That thoughtless boy, how can he make Feng’er do that kind of thing? Truly too detestable.” Phoenix Clan Mistress cursed inwardly.

Phoenix Clan Mistress turned around and looking at Yu Feng, she said: “Feng’er.”

“Ah, mo…mother.” The sudden voice of Phoenix Clan Mistress startled Yu Feng. And her face became even redder as if burning.

“Puchi” Seeing this nervous appearance of her daughter, Phoenix Clan Mistress unexpectedly couldn’t bear but laughed which caused her plump breasts and buttocks to shake lightly. This lovely appearance of her own mother fascinated even Yu Feng.

“Mother, you are truly beautiful while laughing.” Yu Feng said blankly while looking at Phoenix Clan Mistress.

Phoenix Clan Mistress stopped laughing, then gracefully walked over to Yu Feng and sat beside her. After that, she softly said: “Mother has grown old, but my Feng’er is still calling me beautiful.”

“Where have you grown old, mother? Every time you go out, those bad men always drool looking at you.” Yu Feng tightly held the arm of Phoenix Clan Mistress and said. That awkward atmosphere of just now had changed into a warm laughter.

“Less nonsense.” Phoenix Clan Mistress said with a smile. After that hesitating for a moment, she suddenly said: “Feng’er, now that you have decided to follow that bad boy, mother has no right to interfere in that matter between you two, but don’t let him bully you and don’t always go along with him in everything.”

The face of Yu Feng became red again, then she softly said: “No, your daughter was doing that out of my own free will. Moreover, it was your daughter that was bullying him.”

Eh…Phoenix Clan Mistress looked at her daughter in a daze, and only after a long time, she cursed: “This damned girl, so quickly defending him, how can you bully him in this kind of matter?”

This moment Yu Feng relaxed her heart. Since she was her mother, what was there to feel embarrassed about, so while pouting, she said: “Who set only men can bully women, and women cannot bully men?”

Having heard what was said, Phoenix Clan Mitress became dumb as a wooden chicken. She had never thought that her daughter’s thought would be so off the track. Although Phoenix Clan Mistress was a strong woman, and would rarely lose against men in the field of business, but with regarding this aspect of men and women, her thought was very conservative.

Early morning in the next day, Yu Feng entered the room of Long Yi with a sullen face.

“Long Yi.” Yu Feng sat on the thigh of Long Yi, then nestled her head on his neck.

“What happened, Feng’er? Did your mother said something again?” Long Yi asked while hugging Yu Feng. Did the matter of yesterday really raise unexpected difficulties?

Yu Feng shook her head, and glistening teardrops began to well up in her beautiful eyes.

“Then what happened? Did your mother not permit you to be together with me? I will go look for her now.”

“No, no, you don’t need to go.” Yu Feng hastily held the waist of Long Yi.

“Today I am returning to Light City with my mother, but I hate to part with you.” Yu Feng unhappily said while containing her tears.

“Do you want to go? Is your mother forcing you?” Long Yi angrily said.

“Long Yi, you don’t need to agitate. It was my own decision, mother didn’t force me.” Yu Feng said while tightly hugging Long Yi.

Hearing Yu Feng’s such words, Long Yi clammed down.

“For the sake of Phoenix clan, mother has given up on her feelings, and she has been shouldering the heavy burden including hatred of entire clan by herself, but I however never knew anything about it, and thought everything mother did was proper and as a matter of fact. But now I wish to go back to clan and give her a helping hand, and learn everything that should be learned.” Yu Feng muttered.

Long Yi became silent, and after a long time, he suddenly showed a brilliant smile and caressed the beautiful hair of Yu Feng: “Your decision is right as the successor of Phoenix clan and as a daughter. Some matter is something you must undertake.”

“But you…”

“No but, If love between both sides can last for aye, Why need they stay together night and day? Afterwards, we will still have a long time.” Long Yi interrupted Yu Feng. In his previous incarnation, he was orphan, so even if he wanted to share some of the responsibility of his parents, he was not able to do so. Child desired to support but there was no parent, this was also a matter of great regret.

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“If love between both sides can last for aye, Why need they stay together night and day?” Yu Feng muttered repetitively. Now her heart’s sadness was swept clean, and a smile appeared on her face again.

Southern Gate of Kaifeng City, the caravan of Phoenix Clan gradually got further away, and Yu Feng who was standing on the carriage was waving her hands sparing no effort while tears slowly sliding down her face. Although she agreed to Long Yi’s that sentence ‘If love between both sides can last for aye, Why need they stay together night and day’, but when parting was imminent, and when the figure of her sweetheart became blurred, sentimental teardrops however as if flood bursting out of dam flowed in torrents. The girl who had tasted of love for the first time is obsessed, and the most intolerable two words for them were ‘bid farewell’.

While living, there inevitably will be the time like this. Long Yi looked at the caravan going increasingly further and softly sighed. He and Yu Feng had met here and were again parting here. While living a life, fate always changes greatly.

Tidying up his mood, Long Yi also set off from the north gate proceeding towards Hengduan Mountain. There was his brother Barbarian Bull and beautiful Lu Xiya whom he was looking forward to meeting with.

Soaring Magic in addition to Great Cosmos Shift, only after seven or eight days, Long Yi reached to the foot of Hengduan Mountain. Previously Long Yi had burned the military supplies of 100,000 soldiers in the northern frontier of Proud Moon Empire, so he didn’t know whether many people froze to death or starved to death this winter.

Very soon, he arrived at the place where the two forbidden magic confronted each other. That frozen ice and corpses had already disappeared from there, but water elements and dark elements however were dense as before.

Dark Church ah Dark Church, your hands have stretched long enough ah. Long Yi muttered, also don’t know how many beast-men clans were already subdued under the Dark Church.

Shaking his head, Long Yi discarded these thoughts. Barbarian Bull Clan is not far away from here. It’s already been a few months since I last saw that Burly, and I am missing him. I also don’t know how he performed in his clan’s Martial Arts Competition? Don’t know whether he already got a beauty for himself or not?

Long Yi uttered a long and loud cry, then as if an arrow that had left the bowstring, he rushed towards the territory of Barbarian Bull Clan.

After a long time, Long Yi discovered a village of Barbarian Bull Clan, but strangely enough, the village was completely deserted, he couldn’t find even a single person. After walking further ahead, Long Yi suddenly saw several warriors of Lion Clan hurriedly running ahead of him. Seeing them the eyes of Long Yi shone. And luckily there was one familiar face among them, so Long Yi flashed and appeared in front of them blocking their way.

Seeing a person had suddenly appeared in front of them out of thin air, all of them were startled, and they immediately raised their weapon and alertly looked at Long Yi.

“Hey, buddy, remember me?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

One of the warriors of Lion Clan sized up Long Yi for a long time, then suddenly answered in surprise: “Yes, you are that human who had defeated us in Mea Principality.”

Long Yi nodded his head with a smile. At that time in Mea Principality, in order to rescue a person of Bloody Knight Regiment, he happened to have a conflict with 10 or so warriors of Lion Clan.

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“Boss, is this the human you spoke about that had easily defeated 18 warriors of our Lion Clan last time?” Lion Clansmen beside him asked in shock with revere in flashing in their eyes while looking at Long Yi.

“Yes, that’s him.” Lion Clan’s warrior answered while nodding his head.

“I came here to see my brother Barbarian Bull, but for an unknown reason, there is not a single soul in sight inside their village, do you know why?” Long Yi asked.

“Oh, that, today there is a big Martial Arts Competition of Barbarian Bull Clan, so all of them had gone inside the valley in the front to watch and participate in that competition. We are also precisely going over there to watch. The warriors of this Barbarian Bull Clan are not inferior in any aspect compared to our Lion Clan.” This Lion clan answered. From his not belittling other people but enhancing words shows that this beast-man was indeed a straightforward beast-man.

Thereupon, Long Yi naturally followed these Lion clan to watch the excitement. He had thought that the Martial Arts Competition of Barbarian Bull clan had already ended long ago, but outside his expectation, it was starting today, truly a perfect timing ah. Long Yi believed that this year Barbarian Bull would definitely win the championship without any problem. With his weapon Ruling Greenstone, furthermore with Golden Bell Canopy and Evil Vanquishing Rod he had taught, there should be only a few and far between opponents within the entire beast-men clans.

Following after the warriors of Lion Clan, Long Yi arrived at the entrance of the hidden valley. Even from there, they could hear shouting and whistling sound.

“Let’s go in quickly.” After the warriors of Lion Clan heard this sound, they suddenly rushed into the valley as if they had eaten a stimulant.

Long Yi just smiled lightly, then stepping on the ground, he also rushed into the valley. After entering the valley, Long Yi couldn’t help but become greatly surprised. Right now this place was truly beast mountain and beast sea ah. Inside this not that big valley, there were beast-men everywhere. Not far ahead, there were crowds of people, where not even a drop of water could trickle through. And practically every tree of this forest was packed with beast-men, basically couldn’t see the circumstance inside.

It seems the Martial Arts Competition of Barbarian Bull Clan however was a distinguished meeting of the entire beast-men clan. Looking at the crowd of beast-men, Long Yi sighed.

Hearing as if sea waves frenzied hubbub, Long Yi also couldn’t help but had his hot blood surge, while eagerly thinking about looking at the brilliant martial competition occurring in the arena. He used his Wind Soaring Magic, and rose up to the sky, causing numerous beast-men to cast sidelong glances one after another. One should know that humans had always look down upon beast-men, and beast-men held extreme hostility towards human, so very few humans came to the territory of beast-men.

From the sky, Long Yi was finally able to see the circumstance of inside. There was a huge limestone arena in the middle of this valley, and beside the arena, there was a row of stone chairs, where different kinds of beast-men were sitting. Looking at their dress, they ought to be the upper strata of different beast-men clans. And behind the stone chair, there was a huge stone sculpture, with the big words Bull Demon King. It might be assumed that that was not Beast God that was worshipped by Barbarian Bull Clan, rather a certain ancestor of Barbarian Bull Clan.

Right now, there was two brave and fierce warriors of Barbarian Bull clan fighting in the arena. That all-out effort and sheer animal strength were reflected on their body with their hands were holding a thick mace. Both of them were contending without any fear for their life. No wonder Barbarian Bull had said that dying in Martial Arts Competition was not a surprising sight.

Long Yi looked around and saw Barbarian Bull. He was sitting among the warriors of Barbarian Bull with Ruling Greenstone in his bosom, but his eyes were fixedly staring at one direction. Long Yi looked towards that direction, then saw that the Barbarian Bull was looking towards petite Barbarian Bull clan’s Miss sitting on the right side of Patriarch of Barbarian Bull clan on the seat of honor. And this Barbarian Bull clan’s Miss was also bashfully looking at Barbarian Bull.

Long Yi slightly laughed, Barbarian Bull this kid truly has two cents of demeanor. He had yet to enter the arena but had already hooked up with the daughter of the Patriarch.

At this time, the onlooker beast-men suddenly issued an explosive roar. Long Yi looked towards the arena and saw that the victor was decided. Among the two warriors of Barbarian Bull clan, the mace of one warrior knocked down another to the ground. And the fallen down warrior no longer stood up.

Because the victory was decided, the attention of many beast-men was attracted by Long Yi flying in the sky. After that, all of them began to point towards Long Yi while talking among themselves.

Barbarian Bull and his that lover who were casting amorous glances at each other woke up with a start due to this cheering sound. After that, looking towards the sky where other beast-men were looking, his huge body suddenly shook, and as if his buttocks was in a fire, he jumped. After that, going wild with joy, he shouted loudly: “Boss, Boss, Barbarian Bull is here.”

Long Yi chuckled and leisurely drifted towards Barbarian Bull. But he was immediately hugged by huge Barbarian Bull who was already wild with joy. But that dense sweat smell nearly caused Long Yi to lose consciousness.

“Burly, quickly let me go, did you take a bath in these past several days?” Long Yi pushed away Barbarian Bull. Smelling the smell of Barbarian Bull, his complexion had turned pale.

Barbarian Bull scratched his bull-horn, and said with a foolish smile: “Not long ago ah, I had just taken a bath one month ago.”

One month ago…just taken a bath? Long Yi suddenly roared, then jumping, he firmly knocked on the head of Barbarian Bull.

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