Chapter 110: Fox Clan’s Invisible Technique

Barbarian Bull led Long Yi in front of Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan. This Clan Head was very awe-inspiring, and his build was also valiant comparable to Barbarian Bull. Right now his big eyes were sharply sizing up Long Yi.

“Patriarch, this is my big brother Long Yi. Other than Patriarch, he is the person I admire the most in my life.” Barbarian Bull introduced Long Yi to Patriarch. Even after hearing the words of Barbarian Bull, he calmly kept on sizing up Long Yi, seemingly not caring much about Long Yi this big brother.

“I, Long Yi greet Patriarch. Barbarian Bull has frequently talked about the valor of Patriarch in front of me, but seeing Patriarch today really confirmed me that knowing somebody by reputation can’t compare to meeting them in person ah.” Long Yi greatly flattered with a smile. This was not fawning but a kind of necessary means of socializing.

Sure enough, the straightforward Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan beamed with joy after hearing Long Yi, and his treatment towards Long Yi also became warm immediately. It was not that the Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan was an idiot, and he trusted the words of Long Yi, rather Long Yi was the big brother of Barbarian Bull and he had also seen Long Yi gliding down the sky. Only with that, Patriarch of Barbarian Bull clan would naturally be somewhat polite.

“Barbarian Bull, is this person your big brother?” Just then, Little princess beside Patriarch asked. Although her voice was not clear and melodious, she was not as ugly as Long Yi had imagined.

Barbarian Bull immediately nodded his head vigorously and said to this Little princess of Barbarian Bull clan; “Yes, Eva, he is my big brother.”

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Eva politely greeted, surprising Long Yi the extreme. Barbarian Bull this boy has a good taste.

“Hello, sister-in-law, Barbarian Bull would always speak about you while drooling.” Long Yi mischievously laughed. The word sister-in-law made both Barbarian Bull and Eva somewhat bashful.

Hearing Long Yi calling his daughter as sister-in-law, Patriarch couldn’t help but roughly said: “Only the brave warrior who became the champion of this Martial Arts Competition will become the husband of Eva, so calling her like that is still too early.”

“Not early not early at all, how can I, Long Yi’s brother lose? Patriarch, now you should just wait for Barbarian Bull to become your son-in-law, what do you say Barbarian Bull?” Long Yi confidently said with a smile.

Barbarian Bull vigorously nodded his head, then looked at his sweetheart Eva with gentle expression in his eyes. This immediate caused Long Yi to have goosebumps. The destructive power of this looks full of love was really powerful. Just this single look fascinated Eva causing her bull eyes to emit red heart-shaped symbol.

Just then, the name of Barbarian Bull was called from the arena, but Barbarian Bull still continued to look at Eva with full of tender feeling, seemingly not hearing the call.

Upon seeing this, Long Yi kicked the buttocks of Barbarian Bull, and yelled loudly: “Burly, don’t stand there stupidly, do you want to forfeit? Quickly go to the arena.”

After the rude awakening, under the gentle expression of Eva, Barbarian Bull eagerly went to the arena.

Just then, Patriarch of Barbarian Bull sent a person to bring a stone chair and placed it beside him, then asked Long Yi to take a seat. Long Yi also sat down without refusing, and just then, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a white colored fluffy tail.

“Fox clan?” The heartbeat of Long Yi suddenly stopped for a second. Turning his head and looking, at his left side not far away, two people of Fox clan were sitting. One was a very handsome young man of Fox clan and other was charming to the bone young girl of Fox clan. Their features were unexpectedly a bit similar to that mother-daughter pair of Fox clan.

The gaze of Long Yi instantly became fierce. All the beast-men who were able to sit here were various clan’s Patriarch class figure. Were these Fox clan also the running dogs of the Dark Church? Unconsciously, the eyes of Long Yi diffuse a murderous look.

Suddenly, that young girl of Fox clan turned her head, then those two beautiful eyes of this young girl met with the eyes of Long Yi. Currently, her eyes were filled with doubts and curiosity.

Very sharp sense ah, Long Yi thought inwardly. This young girl of Fox clan was not simple, and she was absolutely not like other women of Fox clan who could only use Charming Technique to confuse people.

Long Yi withdrew his hostility, then he smiled brilliantly at this young girl of Fox clan, while his vision sized up her devilish figure.

“Humph.” That young girl of Fox clan snorted coldly, then turned back her head and couldn’t help but thought, don’t tell me that that murderous intent I felt just now was my misconception?

“What’s the matter?” The middle-aged man of Fox Clan asked.

“Father, just now I seem to feel murderous intent from that human, but when I turned around I however discover him lecherously looking at me.” This young girl of Fox clan answered.

“You are too sensitive. It’s very normal for men to look at you like that because you are too beautiful.” That middle-aged man chuckled. While looking at her daughter, he was rather proud.

“I hate people looking at me like that. It’s too disgusting.” The young girl of Fox clan angrily said.

Unfortunately Long Yi didn’t hear the conversation between this father-daughter pair of Fox clan, otherwise, he might have a little good impression of Fox clan.

This moment, in the arena, Barbarian Bull bravely fought and defeated quite a few warriors. With Golden Bell Canopy coupled with Evil Vanquishing Rod, not a single opponent was able to withstand 10 moves of his. Seeing this, Patriarch of Barbarian Bull clan nodded his head, and as for Eva, she was even happier.

When the day almost ended, Barbarian Bull finally defeated all the warriors, then madly roaring he raised his Ruling Greenstone pointing towards the sky. Right now he had a momentum of subduing the world with one club in his hand.

This moment, Patriarch of Barbarian Bull stood up and was about to walk towards the arena with his daughter Eva.

“Patriarch, can I go and exchange pointer with this brave warrior?”

Just then, a crisp voice resounded. It was actually that young girl of Fox clan who had proposed this incredible request.

Patriarch of Barbarian Bull was dumbfounded, and said with a smile: “Princess Bertha must be joking, this however is not a game, if you’re injured then it would be bad.”

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“Without competition, how did Patriarch know I will be defeated? I will prove you all that we Fox clan is not only skilled in bewitching technique.” Bertha coldly said. Finished speaking, her figure rapidly dashed to the arena, then without speaking, she directly attacked dumbfounded Barbarian Bull.

“Barbarian Bull, be careful.” Seeing her beloved was being attacked, Eva couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

Long Yi also frowned, but soon after that relaxed. He clearly saw that this Bertha was holding a silver dagger in her hand. This dagger should not be an ordinary dagger, but the attack power behind her surprise attack was not that high, so it should not be able to break through the defense of Barbarian Bull’s Golden Bell Canopy.

Sure enough, only a ‘ding’ metal colliding sound rang out. Bertha quickly retreated and was dumbfounded to see that, other than clothing, Barbarian Bull’s body was completely unscathed. Although just now she had used only one-fifth of her power, but the dagger in her hand was a treasure that could cut through iron as if it was mud, but it actually wasn’t able to even cut open his skin.

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Only at this moment, Barbarian Bull snapped out of it. He became extremely angry with the action of Bertha, and it also simulated the ferociousness of his blood. He madly roared, then brandish his Ruling Greenstone, attacking towards Bertha.

Ruling Greenstone was divine artifact level weapon, although because the strength of Barbarian Bull was not sufficient, he was only able to bring out two-tenth or three-tenths of its might, but merely that much might be also very alarming. One should know that just now Barbarian Bull had shown mercy towards all his opponent, and hadn’t even used the might of Ruling Greenstone.

The complexion of Bertha turned pale, and immediately dodged the green slashes, but the real power of Ruling Greenstone however was not this incomparably powerful green slashes, rather it was that aggressiveness they were emitting, which could directly affect the will of the opponent, making them unable to resist.

At this moment, Barbarian Bull had already entered a state where he continuously threw heaven covering attacks towards Bertha. And right now faint green light shrouded the entire arena, and the powerful domineering qi forced numerous onlookers to retreat.

Suddenly, Bertha gritted her teeth, and while dodging her figure suddenly became hazy, then before the eyes of entire onlookers, she disappeared into the thin air.

“Stealth Technique.” Long Yi was dumbfounded. This was high-level stealth technique, but before true expert, this however didn’t have much use. Although her figure had disappeared, her aura however still exists, so with experts’ perception, they could easily lock on to her position. So this move should not have much use against Barbarian Bull too.

But the strange thing was, Barbarian stopped attacking, and rather absently looked all around as if he was unable to discover the trace of Bertha.

Impossible, with the strength level of Barbarian Bull, how could he not break this Stealth Technique, unless……

“Could it be that this is Invisible Technique of Fox clan that was lost thousand years ago?” Patriarch of Barbarian Bull suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

“What Invisible Technique?” Long Yi hastily asked.

“Legends says that thousand years ago, Fox Clan had a kind of mystical Invisible Technique. This technique could not only make ones’ body disappear within a thin air, it could even hide their aura as well as life fluctuation. But it was lost long ago, didn’t expect it to see light again here today.” Patriarch of Barbarian Bull clan explained.

Can hide the life fluctuation? Long Yi couldn’t believe this. All the things that have life had this life fluctuation, and even if they use a special magic technique to hide it, more or less would definitely leak out. In this world, there was not a single magic technique that could completely hide life fluctuation, but whether one had the ability to sense it or not is the different matter?

Long Yi concentrated his spirit power and enveloped the entire arena, then begin to slowly shrink it. As long as Bertha was still within the arena, he would definitely be able to grasp her position.

Sure enough, with the spirit power of Long Yi, he got the reaction at the upper left corner of Barbarian Bull.

“Burly, at your upper left corner.” Long Yi used his Condensed Sound Technique to transmit his voice only to Barbarian Bull. Although this method was a bit dirty, but today however was the big day of Barbarian Bull, so he didn’t want to let Barbarian Bull lose his face at the final moment.

Hearing the message of Long Yi, Barbarian Bull’s bull eyes sharply looked towards the upper left corner. Then he brandished his Ruling Greenstone.

Just then, with a charming loud shout, white colored slash appeared in the thin air and attacked towards the neck of Barbarian Bull. This was Bertha using her full strength to attack, so Golden Bell Canopy would not be able to completely withstand this attack.

Barbarian Bull moved his body to one side, while his Ruling Greenstone resolutely smashed towards her. But Barbarian Bull suddenly stopped his Ruling Greenstone in the midair. But his left shoulder was hit by that white slash, causing his blood to splatter.

After that, a hazy figure slowly appeared in the sky, which became increasingly clearer. This moment all people discover that the Ruling Greenstone of Barbarian Bull was very near the forehead of Bertha. If Barbarian Bull had not stopped timely, then the head of Bertha would have been smashed to meat pulp.

Bertha blankly looked at her dagger stabbed in the shoulder of Barbarian Bull, and very dejectedly sat on the ground with a paralyzed body. If Barbarian Bull had smashed her, then her dagger would not have reached him. Merely she didn’t understand how Barbarian Bull discover her, could it be that the Invisible Technique of Fox clan devolve from her ancestors was so vulnerable?

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