Chapter 111: Grievances of Bertha

A few people jumped into the arena, individually were Long Yi, Patriarch of Barbarian Bull clan as well as his daughter Eva and the father of Bertha.

“Barbarian Bull, are you alright?” Looking at the current appearance of Barbarian Bull, Evan felt sorry and tears appeared in her big bull eyes. It seems her feeling towards Barbarian Bull was truly very deep.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Barbarian Bull nodded his head and laugh foolishly towards Eva.

Long Yi tossed out two Light Healing Magic to the wound on the shoulder of Barbarian Bull but discovered that his wounds actually didn’t heal, and the blood still flowed out continuously.

Long Yi frowned, then using his finger he sealed the acupuncture points of his arm. Only after that, the bleeding stopped. After the bleeding had stopped, Long Yi looked towards that silver dagger in the hand of Bertha and asked: “What’s going on here?”

Bertha felt her heart turn cold seeing that ice-cold looks of Long Yi. But she still answered: “This is our Fox clan’s Saint Artifact Roaming Dragon Dagger. The wounds caused by this dagger had complete immunity towards the light as well as water healing magic.”

Eva immediately flew into a rage, then resolutely glaring at Bertha, she said: “This heartless vixen, not only did you cause disturbance here, but you actually had such malice. You are not welcomed in our Barbarian Bull clan from now on.”

Seeing Eva acting violently for the sake of Barbarian Bull, Long Yi laughed inwardly and sincerely felt happy for Barbarian Bull.

A middle-aged man of Fox Clan courteously said to Patriarch of Barbarian Bull: “My daughter was not thoughtful enough, I apologize in place of my daughter. I am also ashamed to stay here any longer, so I and my daughter will take our leave.”

The Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan caught the hand of that middle-aged man of Fox Clan and said with a smile: “There is no who did wrong to whom while competing in the arena. Later is my Barbarian Bull Clan’s wedding day, so in any case, please stay behind and drink some cup of wine, otherwise, you are not giving face to our Barbarian Bull Clan.”

The middle-aged man of Fox Clan saw that the tone of Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan was sincere, so he didn’t refuse.

In just this fashion, the Martial Arts Competition of Barbarian Bull Clan officially ended. Barbarian Bull also had his wish of carrying beauty back fulfilled. Next was a grand celebration. The bonfires were lit up everywhere in the territory of Barbarian Bull clan, and all people were in the middle of festively singing and dancing. And every household took out foods to serve various clan’s beast-men.

Barbarian Bull wore Barbarian Bull clan’s gorgeous warrior dress. This was something he had worn just now to pay respect to Beast God for officially making Eva his wife. Now holding his wife Eva, he was walking over to Long Yi.

‘Dong’ sound resounded, as both Barbarian Bull and Eva knelt in front of Long Yi, and began the most revered ceremony of kowtow of Barbarian Bull clan. Suddenly, the gaze of everyone was attracted by this. One should know that the beast-men of Barbarian Bull clan were extremely cautious to perform this ceremony, as this ceremony represents absolute loyalty of warriors, which shows they had placed their life into the other’s hand.

Long Yi also didn’t dodge and accepted the kowtow of Barbarian Bull husband and wife pair with smiles on his face. In Long Yi’s thought, since Barbarian Bull was orphan from childhood, he as an elder brother, accepting his courtesy ought to be logical.

“Big brother, Barbarian Bull having this day, and being able to marry Eva are all bestowed upon me by you big brother. I, Barbarian Bull swear to Beast God, hereafter I, Barbarian Bull’s life is big brothers, even if big brother asked I, Barbarian Bull to die, I, Barbarian Bull will not even crease my brows.” The resounding voice of Barbarian Bull resounded while looking at Long Yi full of gratefulness and admiration.

Long Yi supported Barbarian Bull to rise. Then punching at his sturdy chest, he said with a smile: “This stupid kid, today is your wedding, so why on earth are you saying this? You also know that I am your big brother, so why are you speaking this type of boring matter? Today is your wedding, so everyone is waiting for you to purpose a toast, so call others for a toast.”

Tonight Long Yi was also continuously getting peach blossom (love affairs). Since everyone knew that he was the big brother of Barbarian Bull, beast-men continuously came over to strike up a conversation, making Long Yi hug a jug of wine and flee the battlefield in defeat. No need to speak about others, the smell of the body of these beast-men made his weak stomach to churn nonstop.

Faraway from the partying crowd, Long Yi came to a small hill and sat down. Then looking at that flashing flame far away, he drank alone holding that jug. Although the wine of beast clan was not rich and mellow as the Hundred Flowers Brew of Elf Clan, but it was sufficiently violent. This was wine for men to drink.

Long Yi spat out a mouthful of wine, then suddenly looking at the empty void, he said: “Who’s there? Come out.”

A hazy figure slowly condensed in front of Long Yi, unexpectedly was that young girl of Fox clan called Bertha.

“In the dead of the night, tailing behind me to this uninhabited place, could it be that you want to seduce me?” Long Yi sneered, because his first impression of Fox clan was not good, moreover this woman greatly resembles that mother-daughter pair of last time.

“You…” Bertha furiously looked at Long Yi but didn’t refute. She had followed after him purely out of her curiosity, but if she said this then it seems that would give rise to even more misunderstandings.

Long Yi sized up this young girl of Fox clan from top to bottom. The more he looked the more he felt familiar, so he couldn’t help but think, don’t tell me that she had some kind of relation with that mother-daughter pair.

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Under the scanning of Long Yi’s gaze, the heart of Bertha involuntarily trembled. And a kind of feeling as if her lovely body was softly caressed by big hand well up in her lovely body. Her beautiful face instantly became bright red, didn’t understand why she had this kind of feeling. She was not able to bear this kind of gaze of Long Yi, so turning around, she ran down the hill.

“Halt.” Long Yi shouted in deep and low voice.

Bertha obediently stopped and turning around, she asked: “Why?”

“Come here.” Long Yi commanded.

Hearing the commanding voice of Long Yi, Bertha subconsciously wanted to walk towards Long Yi, but immediately she snapped out of it, then thought inwardly, why do I have to listen to this guy ah? After that coldly snorting, she provocatively looked at Long Yi.

“Still not coming.” Long Yi threateningly glared at Bertha.

The heart of Bertha jumped, and she stutteringly said: “I…why do I have to come over there, I…I don’t want to.” Saying this, she turned around and quickly ran downhill.

Suddenly, blackness appeared before the eyes of Bertha, and as if she had slammed into the wall, she crashed onto something and fell down behind.

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“Ah, that really hurt.” Sitting on the ground, Bertha covered her nose. Her fine nose felt sour and painful, as tears flowed out from her eyes.

“How can you do this, you……” Bertha was about to rain down the curses, but seeing the ice-cold eyes of Long Yi, she involuntarily swallowed remaining words.

He will not kill me right, Bertha clenched both of her hands, as she was absolutely terrified seeing the ice-cold eyes of Long Yi.

“Do you know about the matter of the complete destruction of Fox Clan in the northwest direction?” Long Yi indifferently asked while carefully looking at the expression of Bertha.

The expression of Bertha changed, and deep sadness appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“I know, someone cast a forbidden magic spell there, and all of our clansmen there died, including my mother and sister……” Bertha nodded her head and said while choking with sobs.

Long Yi’s eyes instantly flashed with coldness, and his big hand suddenly reached out and tightly choked the snow-white jade neck of Bertha. Since she also came from their family, then she must be the birds of the same feather.

“Let…let me go, I…I cannot breathe.” The hands of Bertha caught the big hand of Long Yi and spare no effort to struggle free, but how could she be the opponent of Long Yi?

The big hand of Long Yi slowly tightened, and Bertha revealed a terrified expression in her eyes. And her eyes also had an unwilling expression, as if asking why, why was Long Yi trying to kill her?

Long Yi was stunned, such crystal clear pair of eyes, is she really the same kind of person as those flirtatious mother-daughter pair? His hand involuntarily loosened, then sighing softly, he threw Bertha to the ground.

“Now I will ask you a question, I hope you will answer honestly, otherwise the consequence will be very miserable.” Coldly looking at Bertha, Long Yi said.

Bertha coughed while hatefully looking at Long Yi.

“Why were you not in the same branch as your mother and sister?” Long Yi asked.

Bertha tightly closed her lips, then looked aside while snorting coldly. It seems she had made up her mind to resist Long Yi till the end.

“Not speaking? Believe or not, I will immediately kill you.” Long Yi squatted down and coldly looked directly into the eyes of Bertha.

Bertha just snorted coldly as before, and stubbornly didn’t speak any words.

Long Yi frowned, then his big hand again reached out towards the neck of Bertha again. But who would have thought that Bertha would simply close her eyes decisively, then raise her head so that Long Yi would easily choke her neck.

Long Yi made a wry smile, and began to believe that this young girl of Fox clan called Bertha and her mother and sister were really not of the same kind. At that time, when he had caught both of them, they tried to seduce him. This shows great contrast between them.

“No afraid of death? Then believe or not, I will take off all your clothing, and let all beast-men appreciate your beauty.” Long Yi threatened, but his current tone no longer contained that stifling killing intent of just now.

The whole body of Bertha trembled, and her tightly closed eyelashes were also trembling nonstop, then two crystal clear tears slide down from the corner of her eyes, but as before she didn’t say a word. Even like this, she didn’t admit defeat.

“Now this is troublesome.” Long Yi muttered, while his right hand touching his chin.

Bertha quietly opened her eyes and saw Long Yi’s that as if very vexed expression, then her heart involuntarily relaxed. Because she perceived that he didn’t have any killing intent now.

“Why do you want to know?” With tearstains in her beautiful eyes, Bertha asked.

“I naturally have my reasons. It would be best for you to tell me.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“You are not good at asking question ah, do you have to threaten me to speak, if you had asked nicely, then I would have already told you long ago.” Bertha softly said, while her eyes stealthy casting a glance at Long Yi, as just now he had nearly killed her.

Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh and softly said: “Then Miss Bertha, please answer my question of just a moment ago, is this okay?”

A light complacent smile appeared on Bertha’s face, but it immediately disappeared again, and her beautiful eyes misted while recalling her past memories.

As it turned out, Bertha, her sister, father and mother used to live in the same family, and their life was also filled with happiness. But from one day father and mother suddenly began to quarrel frequently, which slowly developed to the point where they were completely incompatible. So 10 years ago on a certain day, her mother took her sister and a portion of clansmen and separated from them. After that, they no longer met each other. But afterwards, Bertha heard that her mother and other were living nicely even after separating from them.

But a few months ago, she suddenly heard that someone cast forbidden magic spell in the territory of her mother’s branch, and all of the clansmen died there including her mother and sister.

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