Chapter 112: Reunion in Elven Forest

Hearing the recount of Bertha, Long Yi reprimand himself inwardly for nearly killing her mistakenly just now. Fortunately, he stopped himself timely. It seems hereafter he should think over thoroughly before handling the affairs.

Bertha rather sentimentally recounted, and her heart was completely immersed in her memories. Perhaps because it had been too long since she had found someone to talk to, she unexpectedly began to talk about numerous happy and unhappy matters from her childhood till now. She even made a joke about how she was panicked during her first period, making Long Yi laugh several times.

Only when the grey dawn appeared on the eastern sky, Bertha as if waking up from a dream woke up. After that thinking of those words, she had said just now, her beautiful face heated up. After that quietly looking at Long Yi, she unexpectedly discovered that Long Yi was sleeping with eyes closed, making her sigh in relief and simultaneously got somewhat angry too.

“Somebody is speaking the matters weighing one’s mind, but he actually fell asleep.” Bertha angrily thought inwardly. She looked towards the distant territory of Barbarian Bull clan, then saw that the bonfire had already gone out, and only lingering smoke was slowly fluttering in the air.

Just then a cold wind blew over, and Bertha couldn’t help but shiver with cold. Right now it was winter, so the weather was still very cold. She clung to her soft fur cloak, then turning around, she walked downhill.

After walking two steps, she couldn’t bear but turned around her head again, and saw Long Yi was still sleeping very soundly, and his black hair had white frost on it.

“Truly comparable to a pig in the ability to sleep, bad boy.” Bertha muttered. After that she suddenly took off her cloak, and waking over to Long Yi, she gently covered his body with this cloak, then rubbing her palms together, she ran down the hill.

Long Yi opened his eyes, and looked at the back view of distant Bertha, then looked at this soft cloak on his body. After that, he couldn’t help but shook his head while softly saying: “Compared to her mother and sister, this girl is very adorable.”

When Long Yi arrived at the territory of Barbarian Bull clan, Barbarian Bull had already gotten up and was vigorously practicing Evil Vanquishing Rod Long Yi had taught him. It seems he had passed yesterday’s night rather comfortably.

“Boss.” Seeing Long Yi, Barbarian Bull immediately stopped his Ruling Greenstone and ran over to Long Yi.

“Burly, how was last night’s wedding festival? Was it alright?” Long Yi squinted his eyes and teasingly said to Barbarian Bull.

Barbarian Bull rather bashfully scratched his bull-horn with an unprecedented red bull face.

“Barbarian Bull, I am leaving, Lu Xiya is still waiting for me at Elven Forest. You and sister-in-law should properly live within the clan. Now you are no longer by yourself, so you must not be rash like before. Do you understand?” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Barbarian Bull and said.

“Boss, then I will go with you, you must not abandon me.” Barbarian Bull tensely said.

“Didn’t you just get married yesterday, how can you leave her alone so quickly, moreover if I take you with me, then wouldn’t sister-in-law kill me ah? First, you should properly accompany sister-in-law. And when you think you can come out, come to Elven Forest or Mea Principality and look for me, I will not be leaving there anytime soon for the time being.” Long Yi said with a smile. He still owed Long Ling’er a portion of sentiment, and he also didn’t know what she would try to do to make things difficult for him.

Barbarian Bull nodded his head, and reluctantly watched Long Yi, this never discriminating against him, teaching him techniques and truly treating him like a younger brother, big brother.

“Okay, don’t look at me like that, goosebumps are appearing all over my body. Give my farewell to sister-in-law and your patriarch.” Long Yi lightly punched the chest of barbarian Bull, then changing into a smoke, he left at full speed.

Hengduan Mountain was not far away from Elven Forest. After merely two days, Long Yi arrived at the periphery of Elven Forest.

After few months, he returned back to this beautiful place once again. Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. At that time, Wushuang, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were by his side, letting him enjoy the warmth and softness, but now things have remained the same, but people had changed, Wushuang was living in Ice Palace, and Leng Youyou had returned back to Dark Church.

Shua shua, several light green spirit arrows shot out from inside the forest and stuck in the ground before Long Yi.

Long Yi lightly smiled, seemingly recalling the same kind of scene that had happened when he had first arrived here at that time. Could it be that this was Elf clan’s distinctive way of greeting the guest, not asking who you are, and directly shooting two arrows first?

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After a short while, a group of Elven guards came out from inside the forest. Seeing them, Long Yi revealed a brilliant smile.

“Nika, long time no see.” Looking at the beautiful female elf, Long Yi greeted with a smile.

“Long Yi…” Nika was dumbfounded, then she immediately instructed two elven guards beside her to notify Elf Queen and Lu Xiya.

Long Yi walked over and looking at Nika, he said with a smile: “I don’t see you for few months, and you have gotten even more beautiful.”

The face of Nika reddened, and shyly said: “Where is ah.”

Just when Long Yi was thinking of teasing her, Nika suddenly fumed with anger: “Don’t talk to me, I don’t want to speak with you.”

Long Yi swallowed back the words he was about to say and merely looked at Nika making a wry smile. Although he bragged about having small achievement in the study of women, but with regarding the moody temperament and difficult to understand thoughts of women, he was still unable to guess, otherwise why would they say understanding the heart of woman was even harder than finding a needle in the bottom of the ocean.

“How did I offend you?” Long Yi asked while trying to recall when he had offended her just now.

After hearing the question of Long Yi, Nika coldly snorted and said: “I said, don’t talk to me.”

Long Yi stroke his nose, and looked towards other female elves guards who were looking at him curiously, then smiled towards them. His brilliant smile suddenly caused the heartbeat of these several female elves to accelerate. After that, they immediately turned around with red face not daring to look at him again.

On the way, he saw light green silhouette rushing towards them at full speed. This figure came to stop not far away from Long Yi, and tears of happiness slide down on her face.

“Long Yi.” Lu Xiya called out with a voice full of yearning, then she couldn’t bear any longer and threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi.

Holding her lovely body tightly, Long Yi smelled her familiar lavender fragrance. At this time, Long Yi noticed that he was greatly longing to see her, this kind-hearted, shy, and a little bit rebelling Little Elf.

After hugging for a good while, Lu Xiya raised her head from the embrace of Long Yi, idiotically watching the face of her man.

Seeing that deep as if ocean affectionate gaze of Lu Xiya, Long Yi felt warmth within his body. After that he held the chin of Lu Xiya and bending over, he gently kissed her pink lips.

Seeing Long Yi and their princess hugging and kissing under the broad daylight in public, Nika and other female elves guards fell into petrify state.

After a good while, the big mouth of Long Yi left that brilliant red fragrant lips of Lu Xiya. Only after that, they noticed ten or so pairs of eyes blankly staring at them and each and every one of them had their mouth wide open.

“Little Elf, why are they looking at us like that?” Long Yi chuckled.

Lu Xiya whose feeling was in chaos and confusion woke up after hearing Long Yi, then crying out in alarm, she bashfully dug into the embrace of Long Yi. This cry of Lu Xiya also woke up Nika and other female elves guards with a start. After that their lovely face simultaneously became red.

After returning to normal state after that hot kiss of Long Yi, Lu Xiya noticed that Wushuang was not beside Long Yi, so she anxiously asked: “Long Yi, big sister Wushuang? How is she? Did you find Ruyi Ice Silkworm?”

Long Yi smiled and answered while rubbing her head: “Rest assured, Wushuang is fine, although we didn’t catch Ruyi Ice Silkworm, however we had another fortuitous encounter, I will tell you slowly about it in a moment.”

Very quickly, Long Yi arrived at the elves’ resident within Elven Forest. There Elf Queen and seven great elders were already waiting for him.

“Your Majesty the Queen, I trust you have been well since we last met.” Long Yi who was still holding onto Lu Xiya greeted Elf Queen with a smile, while his shining eyes were scanning her enchanting body with mature charm.

Elf Queen gracefully nodded her head. But her body was lightly trembling under the burning gaze of Long Yi, and especially at towering breast, she always felt a kind of being caressed illusion.

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“Looking at your appearance, it seems your trip to Origin Ice was quite smooth. Where is that girl called Wushuang?” Elf Queen indifferently asked, but she was cursing Long Yi within her heart.

“Let’s go in, and conveniently have Hundred Flowers Brew first, I’m very thirsty.” Long Yi said with a smile, and before Elf Queen could lead the way, turning from a guest into the host, he took the lead to walk over the luxurious wooden house of Elf Queen.

Elf Queen shook her head angrily, this smelly kid truly doesn’t think himself as an outsider, but looking at it, he truly cannot be counted as an outsider, because as her son-in-law, how can he be an outsider? Thinking the words son-in-law, the heart of Elf Queen jumped impatiently.

Inside the hall, Long Yi carefreely sipped Hundred Flowers Brew, while sitting on the seat with one leg over the other and swinging his leg. Seeing this, seven great elders of Elf clan frowned.

“Long Yi, you have already taken enough rest, and you have also drunk Hundred Flowers Brew, so quickly speak.” Elf Queen urged, after all, Origin Ice was one of the forbidden areas, and Long Yi was able to come back alive from that place. And from the looks of it, it seems Long Yi had truly acquired the blood of Ruyi Ice Silkworm, merely she was unclear about the whereabouts of that girl called Wushuang.

“Long Yi, hurry up and speak, I also want to know about the things you experienced?” Lu Xiya coquettishly shook the arm of Long Yi.

Now that Little Elf had opened her mouth, Long Yi also no longer kept people guessing. He began to tell everything that had occurred after he had left the Elven Forest. From meeting the young girl of Fox clan to the later confrontation of a forbidden magic spell, from the leaving of Leng Youyou to the terrifyingly low temperature of Origin Ice, and from Snowstorm Divine Martin to Ruyi Ice Silkworm. Next, he mentioned about the mysterious Ice Palace as well as the Phoenix Clan’s hatred of thousand years. With Long Yi’s capable tongue, his speaking was truly lively, and incomparably breathtaking, making people as if they themselves were experiencing these matters.

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