Chapter 113: Identity Exposed

“Ice Palace? If I am not mistaken, then it ought to be Ice Shrine, a mysterious sect that shook the entire Blue Waves Continent several thousand years ago. At that time, its influence was sufficiently comparable to the influence of Light Church. But afterwards, because of unknown reasons, it diminished and went into hiding. I didn’t expect it was still hiding in Origin Ice.” An old man with white hair and beard who was one of the seven great elders of Elf clan sighed.

“I have also heard about Ice Shrine, but I have never heard about Phoenix Clan several thousand years ago, and also never heard about that huge debt of blood.” The old woman among the seven great elders continued afterward.

Long Yi looked at these old fellows who had lived for several thousand years. He believed that the things they had stated were unlikely to be a mistake, so perhaps Phoenix Clan was not called Phoenix Clan several thousand years ago, rather had another name, and later changed their name.

Long Yi expressed this thought and then described the appearance of Phoenix Douqi.

After that, the elders became lost in thought, and after a long time, that old man of just now said: “Hearing your opinion, I actually recall that there was Phoenix Hill’s Raging Flame Villa several thousand years ago. It was said that Ice Shrine and this Raging Flame Villa were sworn enemies. Perhaps this Phoenix Clan is the clan created by the later generations of Raging Flame Villa.”

Phoenix Hill? Raging Flame Villa? What are these things? Long Yi however had never heard about them.

“Long Yi, since that girl Wushuang had entered Ice Shrine as a disciple, she would definitely be fine.” Said Elf Queen.

Do you need to say that, while thinking this inwardly, Long Yi said while nodding his head: “I know, otherwise why would I be so relaxed? Well, this is everything, as for whether the current Phoenix Clan is the later generation of this something called Phoenix Hill’s Raging Flame Villa or not, you all can slowly guess it. Since I have not slept properly for few days, I am very sleepy, so I’m going to sleep.”

Finished speaking, Long Yi pulled Lu Xiya and went towards the backyard where his room of at that time was located.

Elf Queen felt stuffy seeing Long Yi taking away red-faced Lu Xiya. And certain inappropriate for children scene appeared in her mind. But this was understandable, and even the seven great elders were having similar thoughts in their mind, but everyone could only shake their head and sigh. Princess was already somebody else’s wife, so sleeping together was also a normal thing, but merely now it still was broad daylight, also too……

Long Yi pulled Lu Xiya to his room. After that hugging her in her birthday suit, Long Yi…fell asleep.

Lu Xiya blushed and her heart palpitated. With Long Yi on her bosom, she felt stuffy for a long time, but her sweetheart didn’t take next step, so she raised her head only to unexpectedly discover that Long Yi had fallen asleep. She couldn’t help but wanted to bite him firmly.

Blankly staring at the sleeping face of Long Yi, the heart of Lu Xiya was filled with tenderness. The agonizing longing of few months was finally compensated. Recalling those 100 days and night without Long Yi, Lu Xiya couldn’t help but felt sadness. At that time, she finally understood what was true longing, it really was very bitter very bitter, so bitter that she found it unbearable to recall. In fact, hereafter she didn’t want to even think about leaving his side for even a second.

But, is that really okay? Lu Xiya lightly sighed, while her jade hand gently caressed Long Yi. He was an extraordinary man, so when he soared, who can catch him without letting him go. His world was too broad, and this small Elven Forest couldn’t accommodate him.

Shaking her head, Lu Xiya discarded these distracting thoughts, then retracting into Long Yi’s bosom, she deeply inhaled his body’s that incomparably familiar male smell that would make her feel at ease, and also sunk in sleep. Missing him for these past days had made her very weary.

That very day during the evening, the protecting force of Nika were returning back. And their work was taken over by another group of elven guards.

“Captain Nika, what’s going on with you? Are you feeling unwell?” While on the road, a female elf guard asked composed and silent Nika.

Nika woke up from her daze, and said: “I’m fine, what can be wrong with me.”

“Then why is your complexion so different?” Other guard asked.

“I know I know, Captain Nika is starting to like the husband of the princess. Just now I heard her calling his name.” One elf guard who was clearly younger than everyone else immediately said.

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“Oh…” All guards simultaneously dragged out their voice with a smile.

Nika flew into a rage from shame, and loudly shouted: “What nonsense are you all talking? So you think this kind of words is something you can talk as you please? I absolutely don’t like that believing himself infallible and lecherous natured scoundrel.”

Seeing Nika went off, all guards didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Captain Nika, cursing the husband of the princess, isn’t that a revolt?” That young guard muttered.

Nika blanked out for a moment then firmly glared at this elf. After that stamping on the ground, she dashed forward at full speed and disappeared into the curve.

All the guards looked at each other in blank dismay, and all of them simultaneously glared at that elf who had angered Nika. And that elf was so frightened that she shrunk back and didn’t dare to speak again.

Nika somewhat angrily arrived at the bank of a brook. Every time her heart was unhappy or missed her deceased family members, she would come to this place and sit there till the night.

“Who likes that hoodlum, I don’t like him.” Nika hatefully said. She really didn’t like that guy called Long Yi, at most she was merely a little bit curious that’s all.  She was still brooding on the matter of last time when he had seen her naked while she was taking a bath and chatting with Lu Xiya, but who would have thought that he had actually forgotten about it as if that matter had never happened. This made her flustered inside her heart, so she was continuously in low spirits.

So, I don’t like him but merely unhappy with him, what am I doing creating such atmosphere ah. Nika thought inwardly. Moreover, I lost her temper towards the sisters of the protection force for no apparent reason at all. Even before they used to frequently crack harmless joke cheekily.

Lying on the large stone beside the small brook, Nika looked towards the twinkling stars in the sky, and her gloominess gradually dispersed. She recalled the words her mother used to say during her childhood, every star in the sky represents a person, and after the death of the person, their soul returns to the star that represented them, then bless and protect their family by twinkling.

So Nika had always believed that her parents’ soul had also returned back to their respective star, and were silently watching over her from the sky. As a result, every time she was sad, she would come to this place and look at the stars in the sky, then tell her trouble. And every time after telling her trouble, she would miraculously get better.

Long Yi woke up from the sleep. After soundly sleeping after not sleeping properly for a long time, he felt very comfortable. After that looking at Lu Xiya nestled in his bosom, he gently smiled, and slowly moving away, he jumped out of the bed.

Right now, it was deep in the night, and all the elves were resting. In the entire Elven Forest, other than the rustling sound of tree leaves due to wind blowing, there was no other sound.

Long Yi walked out from his room and began to stroll aimlessly. Unknowingly he unexpectedly arrived at the courtyard of Elf Queen, moreover as if doing of ghosts and gods, he had passed through several patrolling elves guards without alerting any of them.

After probing, Long Yi discovered that Elf Queen was in the process of drinking while looking at the moon inside the fine pavilion of her courtyard, so he couldn’t help but laugh. This Elf Queen however had a good interest, drinking wine in the dead of night, could it be that she was too lonely? Long Yi had a dirty thought.

“Why on earth are you sticking your head out and looking around like a ghost? Now that you have come here, come accompany me to drink.” Elf Queen suddenly opened her mouth and said softly. Although her voice was soft, but her each word however as if directly blown from the side of his ear shook his blood qi.

This Elf Queen really had a knack. Long Yi used his internal force to guard his ear veins while thinking inwardly. After that, he immediately walked out openly, and said lightly with a smile: “No, I should not come over there, with only a single man and a single woman, there inevitably will be suspicion ah.”

Elf Queen superciliously looked at Long Yi, and charmingly said: “You have already secretly passed through my guards, and to go on to say a single man and a single woman, isn’t your face truly too thick?”

“You are flattering me, under the heaven, I’m merely third.” Long Yi mischievously laughed, and without any politeness, he sat down opposite to Elf Queen and grabbing a wine bottle, he began drinking.

Elf Queen helplessly shook her head and said: “You always make me think over. After letting Lu Xiya follow you, don’t know how many times I ate defeat.”

“Your Majesty the Queen, you know? I have thoroughly polished Lu Xiya, so my hands are tied, but if you also let me polish you too, then heh heh…” Long Yi ambiguously laughed. He didn’t know why, but he was unable to view Elf Queen as a senior, and his that lecherous gene always involuntarily wanted to tease her.

The complexion of Elf Queen changed. Indulging in flights of fancy once in a while inside his heart was one thing, but teasing her face to face was another things, so she coldly said: “Did your Ximen clan teach you to speak like this to all your elders? Young master Ximen.”

Long Yi was startled, and his eyes instantly became sharp as if two sharp swords while straightly looking at the beautiful eyes of Elf Queen. He had never thought that Elf Queen would actually know his real identity. It seems she had thoroughly investigated him when had gone to Origin Ice with Wushuang. As a matter of fact, the identity of Long Yi was not that hard to investigate, as the matter of Ximen Yu had stirred up hubbub in Violent Dragon Empire. Although one year had already passed, and the matters had already subsided down, but people would not forget this silkpants young master who had stirred up a foul atmosphere in Soaring Dragon City. Moreover, after escaping from Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi had never changed his voice and appearance, so if a resolute person wanted to investigate him, it would not be very hard to investigate.

Long Yi and Elf Queen looked face to face for a long while, after that his expression suddenly softened, and again revealing his signature smile, he lightly said with a smile: “Your Majesty the Queen has good means, yes, I am Ximen Yu, but in few aspects you can also say I am not Ximen Yu. My current name is Long Yi, which will never change hereafter.”

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Long Yi directly told her a truth. His body was that of Ximen Yu, but soul however was not, but how could Elf Queen understand this?

“Ximen Yu, Ximen clan’s second young master, lazy, have neither learning nor skill, but act tyrannically, prey on the people, and has tarnished countless respectable woman. One year ago, he boldly used despicable means to rape the princess of Violent Dragon Empire, then disappeared without a trace.” Elf Queen indifferently said.

Long Yi just made a wry smile. He knew that even if he plunged into the Yellow River, he couldn’t wash clear this life, why was I attached to the body of this fellow of all the people?

Elf Queen bitter looked at Long Yi, and blandly said: “Is that person really you? Did my daughter really follow such matchlessly evil person?”

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