Chapter 114: Long Ling’er’s hatred

Long Yi lightly sighed, then calmly looking at Elf Queen, he said: “You thought like that? Do you really think I, Long Yi, am that kind of person?”

“I was furious when I just learned this information, but afterward I hardheadedly thought for a bit, although your moral is somewhat bad and somewhat lecherous, but should not be bad to that extent. From your attitude towards that girl called Wushuang, I believe this ought to be only a rumor, but what I don’t understand is, why are all the common people of Soaring Dragon city unanimously ruining your reputation?” Elf Queen suddenly laughed, and that ice cold expression on her face disappeared without a trace, making Long Yi to sigh once again towards the face changing skill of women.

After listening to the doubt of Elf Queen, Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and helplessly said: “This matter is very complicated, I cannot explain in a short time.”

“This matter actually involves the princess, so if I have to guess, then this ought to be related to the imperial power. Your Ximen Clan is very powerful making Emperor shun them. Moreover, other than Emperor, who else has the ability to mislead the common people of the entire city? He is thinking of weakening your Ximen Clan’s influence in this matter.” Elf Queen said with a smile while looking at Long Yi.

Long Yi was astonished looking at Elf Queen. Although what she had stated was not a fact, but her guess however was fair and reasonable. With regarding the political scheme and authority, she was actually able to see through easily like this.

“I guess that’s right. Don’t think that I don’t understand anything because I stay inside Elven Forest all day long.” Seeing the surprise expression of Long Yi, Elf Queen believed her guess was right, and complacently show off just like a child.

Long Yi declined to comment, now that she had believed this way let her continuously believed that way. Some matters should only be rotted inside the heart, and shouldn’t say out loud.

“Ah, its already very late, I am going to sleep, shouldn’t you leave too?” Elf Queen used her jade hand to cover her lips and yawned, and casually mentioned Long Yi to leave.

Seeing the enchanting appearance of Elf Queen, Long Yi lost his spirit for a brief moment. The charm of mature women was something green little girls were not capable of reaching ah.

Seeing Long Yi fixedly staring at her, Elf Queen was rather angry and was also somewhat bashful and happy. She couldn’t bear but reached out her jade hand to knock the head of Long Yi, and said while feigning angry: “If someone sees you staring at me like this, then what type of scandal will it turn into, still not returning back.”

Long Yi stroke his head, and looking at Elf Queen, he said while laughing mischievously: “But there is no one here.”

The young heart of Elf Queen jumped, then she angrily said: “This leveret bastard, you can stay here, but if my guards discover you, I will not intervene.”

Elf Queen said, then standing up, she walked inside her house.

Long Yi stared at Elf Queen’s that perfectly round plump pert buttocks. Every step would cause it to lightly shake, making Long Yi have dry mouth, and his evil thoughts grew rapidly.

After Elf Queen’s figure completely disappeared, Long Yi laughed at himself. Men ah, were animals that always rely on the lower part of their body to think. And Elf Queen’s that kind of outstanding thing had fatal attracting force, merely recalling she was the mother of Lu Xiya, he couldn’t help but rather got enthusiastic.

Long Yi quickly rushed out from the residence of Elf Queen, while his heart burning with scorching evil fire. Right now inside his brain, Elf Queen’s that flirtatious attitude as well as that outstanding as if completely ripe honey peach figure appeared. Although he knew that this was something taboo, but taboo things could easily give birth to simulating thrill.

Long Yi quickly returned to his courtyard. Now he strongly wanted to give vent to **. And Lu Xiya naturally would be the first to be affected.

Panting, he threw himself on the lovely body of Lu Xiya, and his big hands presumptuously rubbed her plump **.

Lu Xiya vaguely opened her eyes and saw it was her sweetheart, so she closed her eyes again. In this kind of not sober state, she felt a hazy pleasant sensation which fascinated her even more. She somewhat passively catered to Long Yi and her throat gave out soft moans.

Suddenly, a burning hot thing burst into her warm passage, making her quiver lightly from head to toe and she tightly held Long Yi. And she lightly arranged her waist to cater her sweetheart’s sprint.

Long Yi enthusiastically stirred up Lu Xiya. Panting sound and sweats of man and woman interweave, giving out a ** aura. In addition that creaking sound of the bed overflowed inside the entire room. Even the moon became shy and hid itself behind the clouds.


Mia Principality, Holy Magic Academy.

Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were silently walking inside the school grounds. These two women’s that alarming beauty attracted the gaze of innumerable students and teachers. In an extremely short duration of just two months after coming to the Mia Holy Magic Academy, these two women’s names were known by everybody without exception.

So-called merits are neglected but scandals draw attention, that matter of Ximen Yu raping Long Ling’er had already spread all over the entire Blue Waves Continent. So after the arrival of Long Ling’er in Holy Magic Academy, it attracted a strong sensation. Although she was no longer chaste but Long Ling’er’s that ravishingly beautiful good looks as well as Master Magician rank strength still made many young nobles who considered themselves natural and unrestrained flock around her, but now Long Ling’er hated men the most, so she naturally didn’t gave even a single look at them. As a result, some people with low moral character began to slander her, speaking offensive words.

Compared to Long Ling’er, Ximen Wuhen had even more followers, but because of her temperament of above the material attraction of the world, many people only followed her without any other thoughts. In their heart, Ximen Wuhen was sacred existence. So if someone else with dirty thought approached her, then he would be immediately beaten to half-death by the Flower Protecting Group.

These two women and Lin Na who was the granddaughter of Fire Master Archmage together were considered the three flowers of Holy Magic Academy. Naturally, there were many other beauties in Holy Magic Academy, but compared to these three, they were somewhat lacking.

Two women turned left and right shaking off those buzzing bees, and arrived at Holy Magic Academy’s hidden grove. After that finding a clean grass, they sat down.

The absent-minded Long Ling’er suddenly asked without rhyme or reason, “Wuhen, will that bastard really come here abiding our agreement?”

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Ximen Wuhen naturally knew who the person Long Ling’er called bastard was, so she lightly said: “I also don’t know. Honestly, his character is not trustworthy. But that night…I think he might really abide the agreement.”

“Is that so? But it would be three months after two days, when will he come?” Long Ling’er muttered.

Ximen Wuhen looked at Long Ling’er and suddenly said with a smile: “Long’er, do you know what your appearance of counting days every day resembles?”

“Resembles what?” Long Ling’er asked.

“Resembles…resembles a little girl waiting for her lover to return.” Ximen Wuhen answered.

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The complexion of Long Ling’er changed and coldly said: “Wuhen, this joke is not funny at all. I am still alive for a single purpose, i.e. to take revenge upon him. If I could then I would have hacked him to pieces.”

Ximen Wuhen shook her head and sighing, she apologized. Compared to three months ago, Long Ling’er had improved greatly, at least she would talk with her now, and she didn’t want Long Ling’er to again revert back to that completely closed off appearance of before.

After the silence for a long time, the complexion of Long Ling’er simmered down, and she again fell into a daze. Although she was itching to hack Ximen Yu into pieces, but seeing his strength three months ago, right now she didn’t have any confidence. Even her forbidden magic was unable to kill him, so she didn’t have any method to deal with him. Moreover, Ximen Yu had agreed to her condition, but was he the type of person to abide by promise? But even if he abide by his promise and came to find her, how could she accept him?

“Wuhen, in the end, what should I do to get my revenge? Since I can’t kill him, what should I do?” Long Ling’er held the hand of Ximen Wuhen and asked helplessly.

Ximen Wuhen patted the jade hand of Long Ling’er and said: “My that scoundrel second brother’s current strength is unfathomable, I don’t know what type of secret arts he trained in. So killing him might be very difficult.”

“Then what should I do? I am really unwilling ah, I have been living this long in suffering only to take revenge. If I cannot take revenge, then death is better than life for me.” Long Ling’er bit her lower lip until it broke, causing the blood to flow down. Now she was in complete despair.

Seeing Long Ling’er was beginning to agitate, Ximen Wuhen hurriedly cast spirit guard magic, while continuously cursing her that scoundrel second brother in her heart for ruining a nice girl like this. She knew the hatred of Long Ling’er, also knew that she was truly living a life where death was better than life, but recently she seemed to be much better, and perhaps there was a good prospect, but the premise was Ximen Yu abiding his promise.

Thinking of death was better than life, the eyes of Ximen Wuhen shone suddenly, then she said to grieved Long Ling’er: “Although we cannot kill him, but don’t tell me that we can’t make him feel death is better than life? Didn’t he promise you a condition, so as long as you make him do the thing that will make him feel death is better than life, wouldn’t that be even better revenge than directly killing him?”

Long Ling’er was dumbfounded, and suddenly her eyes shone, why hasn’t she thought of this before? As long as she does the thing that will make him feel death is better than life, wouldn’t that be even better revenge than directly killing him? If he abides by his promise, I can definitely find a way to make him feel death is better than life. But what she didn’t think of was, if the latter was really Ximen Yu, then would he have shown so much mercy?

While thinking of ways, Long Ling’er’s spirit lit up, and unexpectedly smile for the first time in recent years, then she lively said: “Wuhen, I’m hungry, let’s go to eat, and while eating let’s think up of a good way.”

Ximen Wuhen was happy for her good friend, but she would never tell that, if her father knew that she had helped Long Ling’er to think up a way against his darling son, then he would definitely fly into a rage. He was always biased, and in his eyes, other than this son who had thrown away the face of the clan, there was no one else. In the eyes of her father, she and eldest brother Ximen Tian were never comparable to him.

Just when these two women were about to set off, several figures suddenly appeared in front of them. In the front was a young noble son wearing a magnificent clothing, and behind him were few footmen with a fawning expression on their face. All of them were looking at them (Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er) with malicious intentions.

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