Chapter 115: Charming Love Residence

Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen simultaneously frowned. This youth wearing expensive looking clothing in front of them was one of the most disgusting people for them. This person was the second prince of Proud Moon Empire, called Murong Bi. At that time, when they had just arrived here, he kept on pestering Long Ling’er without letting her go, and after he couldn’t achieve his aim, he slandered her in all places. And then began pestering Ximen Wuhen, of which the outcome was getting beaten the crap out of him from the hands of her entire followers. In Holy Magic Academy, there however were many sons and daughters of bigwigs, and with all of them combined, this Murong Bi was forced to suffer in silence.

“What a coincidence, are you two going to have a meal? I would like to treat you two, so please let’s go to Intoxicated Fragrance Building and enjoy the good food.” The eyes of Murong Bi were stuck on the curvy bodies of two women, truly was a licentious person.

The charming face of Long Ling’er instantly froze. At that time, when Ximen Yu had raped her, he also had this kind of gaze, so with regarding this kind of gaze of men, she was very sensitive.

“Go to hell!” Long Ling’er said while gnashing her teeth. Afterwards, she immediately began to chant an incantation, then she raised her hand, causing meteors to rain down towards Murong Bi.

This Murong Bi didn’t dodge, but his body simply emitted a white light which took the form of a light barrier, blocking the meteors rain of Long Ling’er. But those few footmen behind him were not so lucky, as they were unable to use this kind of barrier, otherwise, why would they follow Murong Bi in reckless eating and reckless drinking. Hence everyone was burned to a sorry plight. If it was not for their foundation being proper, they would have already turned into scorched carbon under the Meteors Rain of Long Ling’er.

“But sl*t slept with thousand men and pillowed ten thousand men, acting noble and virtuous ah, basically this prince wanting to sleep with you is this prince giving you a face, don’t be fool enough to reject a face.” Murong Bi coldly snorted and clamored at Long Ling’er without caring about the fate of his footmen.

Long Ling’er was so angry that her complexion turned pale. Then she planned to use her Divine grade fire necklace to cast rank nine magic Fire Dragon Magic.

But Ximen Wuhen hurriedly stopped Long Ling’er. The might of Fire Dragon Magic was too big, and she feared that this entire grove would be destroyed. Furthermore, Holy Magic Academy forbids to have a personal battle within the academy. And that magic Long Ling’er had cast just now has definitely alarmed the academy, so if she again cast Fire Dragon Magic, then she feared they would definitely receive punishment. And this Murong Bi however would become a victim because he had only moved his mouth from the beginning, and they nevertheless were attacking.

“Come on, attack me, stinking whore.” Murong Bi aggressively shouted. In any case, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen wouldn’t dare to attack within the academy grounds.

“I will definitely kill him, don’t stop me.” The complexion of Long Ling’er became ghastly pale while trying to shake off the hand of Ximen Wuhen.

At that time, a burst of strong magic fluctuation suddenly came from the sky, and a thin red light attacked towards the light barrier of Murong Bi. After that with a ‘pa’ sound, this barrier unexpectedly broke into pieces. Shortly afterwards, five fireballs trickily attacked towards Murong Bi from different angles. Murong Bi found it too late to dodge and his whole body immediately burned. He gave a blood-curdling scream while madly tearing apart his clothing and rolling on the ground to extinguish the flame burning his body. Right now his face was pitch black and the majority of his hairs were already burnt, looked very miserable.

“Lin Na?” Ximen Wuhen looked at a matchlessly beautiful young girl floating in the sky and exclaimed in surprise. This young girl was wearing a fiery red magic robe, and her head was full of fiery red long hair. Right now that exquisite face of hers was filled with anger. And looking at her, one would easily know that this was one fiery tempered beauty.

Murong Bi glared at slowly floating down Lin Na. Although his appearance was miserable, but his injuries had not reached muscles or bones, merely his skin was somewhat burned.

Lin Na frowned in anger and glared at this disgusting as if cockroach second prince of Proud Moon Empire, and said: “Murong Bi, I saw you brazenly taking liberties with female fellow student in academy ground, I repeatedly advised you, but you didn’t listen to me and also wanted to attack me, so I was forced to raise my hand in self-defense. I must report this matter to higher-ups, you’d better prepare to get punishment notification of academy.”

“You……talking nonsense…” Murong Bi was stunned, and while pointing at this Lin Na, he was speechless. Never thought that this disgusting woman would make unfounded charges against him.

“Whether I am talking nonsense or not, the academy has the final say. Think about it yourself, will my grandfather believe in you or believe in my words?” Lin Na sneered looking at Murong Bi. She had endured this fellow for not one day or two.

“You sl*ts, just wait and see.” Murong Bi angrily turned around and went away with ruthlessness flashing in his eyes. He inwardly pledged that there will come a day when he would ride these three women, making them taste his matchless golden spear’s power.

Seeing Murong Bi had gone far away, Ximen Wuhen thanked Lin Na gratefully: “Thank you, Lin Na.”

“Don’t mention it, from long ago, this lecher was sore to my eyes. You two sisters are truly beautiful, so it’s no wonder that he was continuously pestering you two to death.” Lin Na said with a smile. For these past several months, she was continuously cultivating in seclusion, expecting to break through Master Magician realm, but she fell short just a little bit. So she had never met Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, but she still knew the status of these two women.

Long Ling’er sized up Lin Na. Wasn’t this beautiful girl equally famous genius in magic compared to her? She heard she was going to break through Master Magician realm, but her own realm was continuously at standstill after that event.

“Long Ling’er, for a very long time, I always wanted to meet you, you are really beautiful as the legend.” Lin Na enthusiastically extended her hand towards Long Ling’er.

Long Long’er was startled, then she also stretched out and held the hand of Lin Na, representing the beginning of a friendship between two magic geniuses.

“Let’s go to have a meal together. After eating, I will take you two to meet my grandfather. He always wanted to accept you as his disciple, it’s just that recently he and Aunt Xue Li were studying the incident of two forbidden magic spell confronting each other that occurred several months ago in Hengduan Mountains. Only now he has free time.” Lin Na said with a smile.

“We’ve also heard about that incident, I heard it was the confrontation between the dark forbidden magic spell and water forbidden magic spell. Even all of us in Mea Principality sensed their might, and that really was too terrifying.” Ximen Wuhen said.

“Did Dean Puxiusi find out what happened there?” Long Ling’er also asked curiously.

Lin Na nodded her head, and again shook her head, and rather excitedly said: “From what grandfather said, a Water Master Archmage and a group of Dark Magicians of Dark Church had cast those forbidden magic spells. And looking at the sight of the incident, it seemed that Water Master Archmage had won. Grandfather said that that senior had already reached the pinnacle of Master Archmage, and most likely, in not too distant future, that senior will step into the apex of magicians Magic God realm. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Magic God!” Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er muttered. This was a very attractive form of address which was regarded as the ultimate target to pursue by all the magicians.

“Oh, that’s right, you two must be careful of Murong Bi hereafter. He will definitely not leave the matter at that.” Lin Na said. Just now when Murong Bi had turned around, she had noticed that sinister gaze of his. Although in direct confrontation, he was not their match, but when it comes to secret attack, it was hard to guard against.

Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen nodded their head.

“I know a place with delicious dishes, I will take you two there.” Lin Na said. Then led two girls towards the back door of the academy.

After a short while, Lin Na and two girls arrived in front of simple shop’s entrance door. And on that entrance door, two lifelike foxes were carved.

“Charming Love Residence?” Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen looked at each other in blank dismay. This name sounded very shady and was very like the store name of the certain special occupation.

“This is……!” Ximen Wuhen questioningly asked.

Lin Na mysteriously laughed, and said: “This is a restaurant opened by my close sister, and things inside could be eaten only by a happy coincidence.”

“This is a restaurant?” Long Ling’er asked in disbelief.

“Yes, only a very few people of academy know about this restaurant, moreover anyone can’t enter this restaurant. Only the guests that fulfill the two conditions can enter here.” Lin Na said with a smile.

Going to the restaurant and eating a meal also require fulfilling two conditions? Can’t rich person directly enter? Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen immediately became curious.

“First, only women are welcomed as a guest here, all men without exception are not permitted to enter. Second, only women who got VIP card send out by the owner personally can enter here.” Lin Na said.

“There are such rules ah, but isn’t it the more the guest the better it is? Why did they make such rules?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“I also don’t know about that. Let’s enter first.” Lin Na said and led two girls to enter this restaurant. Inside the entrance door, there unexpectedly was another tightly shut magic door. Only after Lin Na took out a silver-white card and inserted it into the socket beside that magic door, that magic door automatically opened by sliding to two sides.

Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were startled inwardly. They naturally knew that the cost of creating magic door was very expensive, so they had never expected this small restaurant to actually have a magic door. This truly was too surprising, and this also made these two women be alert inwardly.

Entering inside, they saw a very refined hall. Inside the hall, there were peculiar types of dining tables and chairs. Right now, there were a few female guests in the process of eating their meal inside this hall. And all of them looked like Miss and Madame of the wealthy and influential clan. And what made both Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen greatly surprise was, on the buttocks of all the attendants here, they unexpectedly had a bushy white tail. All of them were young girls of Fox Clan.

“Surprised? As a matter of fact, this is normal, because the owner of this restaurant is a girl of Fox clan, and she is very beautiful.” Lin Na explained with a smile.

At that time, a young girl of Fox clan received them with a smile: “Miss Lin Na, it’s been a long time since you last came here, are these two your friends?”

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“Yes, did your clan Miss return?” Lin Na asked. She was clearly very familiar with all the fox girls around here.

“She just came back today, but her mood seems not very good.” This fox girl led the

“Is that so? What’s going on with her?” Lin Na asked in three girls upstairs to the private room. This room had a see-through magic mirror from where they could see the street outside.

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At that time, an extremely beautiful white figure came there, and said in her crisp voice: “Li’er, you are shooting your mouth off again, as a punishment, you are to clean the rooms for ten days.”

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