Chapter 116: Mysterious Bertha

Lin Na immediately stood up and said with a smile: “Bertha, don’t blame her, she was only concerned about you.”

If Long Yi was here, then he would have gotten greatly surprised, as he had never expected that the owner of Charming Love Residence was unexpectedly the young girl of Fox clan Bertha whom he had met at the Martial Arts Competition of Barbarian Bull clan. How was she able to open such restaurant in Mea Principality?

“Well, considering your face, I will spare her, Little Li, go and instruct the kitchen to prepare best foods and drinks, today I want to treat my close sisters.” Said Bertha. Looking at her smooth and slick appearance of right now, that stubborn and rash deposition of that time in Barbarian Bull clan nevertheless was completely different.

“Lin Na, they are?” Bertha had already noticed these two soul-stirring beautiful young girls, so she asked.

“She is Long Ling’er, little princess of Violent Dragon Empire. And she is Ximen Wuhen, eldest Miss of Ximen clan. I assume you have definitely heard their name.” Ling Na introduced.

Bertha was startled, it turned out this person was the rumored female lead of that rape incident which had spread throughout the entire Blue Waves Continent ah, but she nevertheless greeted them with a bright smile on her face.

At that moment, the meal began to come up one after another. But unexpectedly all were a number of fruits and vegetables of mountains and fields. And the presentation of the meal was very exquisite just like a work of art, making people unbearable to eat it.

“Let’s dig in, all of these are special things from Hengduan Mountains, and they have beautifying effect, moreover, their best effect is, they nourish the skin.” Bertha said with a smile.

Despite born noble, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen had never eaten such unique and exquisite dishes. After eating a small slice for the taste, they discover that it was really delicious, and couldn’t help but began eating more. Even Long Ling’er who always had not so good appetite also ate a lot.

“How is my recommendation, wasn’t the meal very delicious?” Later, Lin Na asked with a smile.

Long Ling’er nodded her head. Right now her indifferent eyes had a bit of warmth. Lin Na this equally famous girl made her feel very amiable. And she was also the sole person she had spoken to other than Ximen Wuhen in this past year.

“I’d love it if you all come here again. Wait a moment, I will give you two VIP card. Hope you will come here to chat, I will entertain you for free.” Bertha said with a smile.

“That won’t do, you have also opened the door to do business, so how can we freeload upon you.” The eyes of Ximen Wuhen shone and said with a soft smile. As the eldest Miss of Ximen clan, she never believed that there was free lunch in this world, and such a mysterious restaurant was even more so. A mysterious young girl of Fox clan, herself and Long Ling’er, all had special status, so she was unable to treat this imprudently.

Bertha obviously noticed the expression of Ximen Wuhen, so she immediately said with a smile: “If it is like that, then hereafter I will give you fifty percent discount. You are friends of Lin Na, that means you are my friends too, if you decline again, then I will feel like I, a woman of beast clan am not worthy of becoming your friend.”

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er looked at each other, now that she had spoken like that, declining again wouldn’t be good. Otherwise, they would seem like they discriminate against beast-men.


Inside the high-class girls’ dormitory of Holy Magic Academy, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen sat on the sofa. Just now after eating the meal, they followed Lin Na to look for her grandfather PuXiusi. But the problem was, they were unable to find where he was, so they just returned back.

“Wuhen, what do you think about this Charming Love Residence and this so-called Bertha of Fox clan?” Long Ling’er asked. She felt that this Charming Love Residence was not as simple as it looked at the surface.

“Very mysterious, but I’m also unable to tell where is wrong. The owner of Charming Love Residence also has nothing wrong, merely as a beast-men, how was she able to open such restaurant in Mea Principality, and how did she attract so many Madame and Miss of the upper class? If there is no one behind her back to support her, then it is an impossible thing to accomplish.” Ximen Wuhen was worthy of being eldest Miss of Ximen clan, with a single glance, she was able to see the crucial points.

“If she had any aim, then why didn’t she target the men with power? With her Charm Magic of Fox clan, wouldn’t it be much easier to achieve her aim? But she however targeted only women, I am still puzzled after much thought at this one point, what does she want to achieve from these women?” Ximen Wuhen followed on.

Long Ling’er shook her head and said: “Perhaps we are thinking too much.”

“I wish it was true.” Ximen Wuhen lightly sighed.


Long Yi and Lu Xiya followed Nika and her team of elven guards to patrol inside the Elven Forest. Behind them, shrunk version Violent Lightning Beast and Little Three were following. Every place they reached, Lu Xiya would happily introduce about that place to Long Yi. She would also speak about what she would do here and how things here was before, and Long Yi would also listen to everything with interest. He knew that Lu Xiya wanted to share her everything, so he was also willing to understand her everything. This was a kind of simple happiness.

In the Elven Forest, Long Yi felt his body and heart very relaxed. He didn’t need to pay attention to anything, and also didn’t need to worry about anything, every day he would just accompany Lu Xiya to stroll around Elven Forest, pick wildflowers and chase small animals. Every day was utterly pleasant.

“Princess, the day is going to turn dark soon, we should return back.” Nika looked at the sky and said to Lu Xiya. She had never taken a single glance at Long Yi for quite a while, which endlessly depressed Long Yi.

Long Yi had never understood why Nika was treating him with such attitude. So after confusedly asking about this to Lu Xiya, he realized that this was happening because of the matter of him accidentally seeing her body last time in Elven Forest. Well, he as a man had to admit to his mistakes, so Long Yi went to look for her to apologize, and the result was Nika actually flew into a rage from shame. Afterwards, when she saw him, she treated him as an air.

“Okay we’ll stroll around more tomorrow, what do you say Long Yi?” Lu Xiya hugged the arm of Long Yi and gently asked.

Long Yi smiled and just when he was about to nod his head, his smile however froze. If he didn’t misremember, then the day after tomorrow was the deadline for the promise he had made to meet with Long Ling’er, so as a great lord, how could he not respect the promise he had made? This means he had to set out early tomorrow morning hurrying over to Mea Principality. These past few days he was solely focused on playing, nearly forgetting this matter. Merely he truly didn’t understand why Long Ling’er put forward such condition of wanting him to marry her, in the end, what was she thinking? And at that time would she really marry him? But he could clearly feel that heartfelt hatred towards him of Long Ling’er, and she definitely wanted him dead. Thinking this, Long Yi couldn’t help but had a headache.

“Long Yi, what happened?” Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Lu Xiya tensely asked.

Long Yi snapped out from his thoughts, took a deep breath and said with a smile: “Nothing, merely tomorrow I can’t accompany you to stroll together.”

“Why?” Lu Xiya anxiously asked, firmly holding the big hand of Long Yi.

Long Yi remained silent for a long time, then lightly patting the small head of Lu Xiya, he said: “I have to go to fulfill my promise, this is something I owe her.”

Lu Xiya didn’t really understand but nodding her head, she firmly said: “Then I will go together with you, I don’t want to be apart from you.”

Long Yi nodded his head. Long Yi naturally wouldn’t have any opinion if Lu Xiya wanted to accompany him, as some matters, he should let her know sooner or later, only he didn’t know how she would react if she knew Ximen Yu who was called perverted crook by every one of Violent Dragon Empire was actually him.

Returning to the elven residence, Long Yi went to Elf Queen to explain his intention to leave. Elf Queen said nothing regarding that matter, but she resolutely disagreed to let Lu Xiya leave together with him.

“Why, mother, why are you not letting me leave with Long Yi even though you know that I don’t want to separate from him?” Lu Xiya angrily said. She felt very sad and felt wronged for the unreasonableness of her mother.

“Lu Xiya, you are already 160 years old, now you are already an adult even in our Elf clan. So from now on as an Elf Princess, and future Elf Queen, you cannot leave as you please like before. Furthermore, you still have many things left to learn.” Elf Queen seriously said. She also didn’t want this, but as Elf Princess, Lu Xiya had some duties she must bear.

Long Yi looked at mother and daughter pair before him who were staring at each other, and he couldn’t help but laughed inwardly. Right now they looked just like a common mother-daughter pair, where is the appearance of Elf Queen and Princess ah?

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“Lu Xiya, your mother is right, you should stay behind. In any case, Mea Principality is not far from here, wait for me to resolve this matter and I will immediately return back, isn’t that okay?” Long Yi said to Lu Xiya.

Lu Xiya tightly clutched her hands, then stamping her legs, she turned around and run away inside the house.

“Long Yi, go and console her, there are some matters where nothing can be done to change.” Elf Queen sighed.

Long Yi nodded his head, and said with a smile: “Your Majesty the Elf Queen, you don’t need to worry, Lu Xiya actually understands, merely she is acting like a child nothing else.”

“You seem to know my daughter better than I do.” Elf Queen laughed. Right now her expression was a little lonely.

“Are you jealous?” Long Yi chuckled, and subconsciously placed his big hand on the fragrant shoulder of Elf Queen.

The lovely body of Elf Queen trembled, and her beautiful face became bright red, then somewhat angrily said: “Still not taking away your claw, do you not want your arm anymore?”

Long Yi laughed hollowly while withdrawing his hand. In all honesty, this truly was not intentional, he merely wanted to console her after seeing her such expression nothing more.

Elf Queen gave a supercilious look to Long Yi, while her heart jumped somewhat violently. This stinking brat had never treated her as an elder, always playing and laughing in front of her, and sometimes his words would make her rather be at a loss.

The supercilious look of Elf Queen simulated the heart of Long Yi, causing him to suddenly have a rather dry mouth and tongue. He made a wry smile inwardly, while greatly looking down upon his own self-control, then quickly ran away towards the inner room.

Pushing open the door, he saw Lu Xiya was pouting while sitting on the edge of the bed feeling wronged.

“Little Elf, little darling, are you still angry? I heard if you get angry then you would get older quickly, and grows wrinkles too, then you will become like those seven great elders in the future.” Long Yi sat down beside Lu Xiya and said with a smile.

“As if, I am still far away from reaching 1,960 years old.” Lu Xiya subconsciously touched her face, and angrily said.

“Who said you don’t have, look here, there is a wrinkle.” Long Yi made a show of being very much earnest and said while pointing her forehead.

Lu Xiya was startled, she immediately jumped off the bed and darted towards the mirror, then carefully looking at her reflection, she muttered: “Where ah, clearly there isn’t any.”

“How can my beautiful Lu Xiya have wrinkles? But if you get angry for too long, that might not necessarily be the case, well, don’t be angry, now smile a little.” Long Yi walked behind Lu Xiya and hugged her, while his big hand lightly pinched her tender cheek.

“Hateful.” Lu Xiya turned around and sunk into the bosom of Long Yi.

“Long Yi, if I change into an old woman, will you still want me?” Lu Xiya asked from inside the bosom of Long Yi.

“Silly girl, if you become an old woman, then at that time I would be even older than you, and at that time, don’t know who will dislike who.” Long Yi said in a daze. And his expression suddenly became rather hazy. The lifespan of Elf clan was too long, so could he accompany Lu Xiya throughout her life?

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