Chapter 175 – Honest

When she was working in the Aged Consulate, she would spend a large portion of her free time in the dimension to train and cultivate. So naturally, she had to settle her meals herself when she was inside the dimension.

Carp, potatoes, chives were all ingredients cultivated within the dimension and would possess spirit energy…

After a short while, Huan Qing Yan appeared.

When she joined Ji Mo Ya and Huan Xing Han again, she brought out rice and the dishes she just made, “Ahem. Xing Han, Sis suddenly remembered that I have managed to store some spirit energy dishes within my storage ring and thus forgotten to bring them out. Come, lets us eat them now.”

The dishes possessed all the important details of appearance and fragrance that were required for a dish to be deemed excellent, Huan Xing Han was salivating with joy, even Ji Mo Ya’s gaze brightened.

The trio sat down and enjoyed the feast.

The food dishes cooked by Huan Qing Yan were naturally huge in portion, but they still managed to wipe them clean.

Huan Xing Han rubbed his bulging little stomach and said, “Sis, the food you cook is very delicious.”

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Ji Mo Ya also added, “Yes, it seems like your storage ring is even better than mine in rank, it could still retain the freshness and heat of the food despite so many days had passed…”

Huan Qing Yan was unable to respond to his words.

“Let’s have something else for our next meal. Crucian carp is better than normal carp, in addition, you should include some prawns and crabs. And also, some stir-fried vegetables with chopped onions…” Ji Mo Ya added after some thoughts.

Huan Qing Yan, “……”

‘This fella, did he discover her secret since a long time ago!’

Huan Xing Han dozed off and began to snore after eating his fill.

Ji Mo Ya also returned to the rock stalactite and resumed his meditation…

Huan Qing Yan planned to sit down and resume her meditation when she suddenly heard Ji Mo Ya’s voice, “You can treat me as invisible, the dishes today seemed to be made in a rush, you should take your time the next time.”

Huan Qing Yan nearly slipped!

“Young Master Ya! Are you telling me that you have discovered something? Will you rob me of my spatial magic equipment?” Huan Qing Yan decided to stop playing around.

She reckoned that her secret has been exposed, after all, Ji Mo Ya was not a person with low intelligence.

Ji Mo Ya was silent for a second, “So it is really a spatial magic equipment? Quite the impressive luck and fortune. This Young Master guesses that you can cultivate spirit energy ingredients within this spatial magic equipment?”

“Yes! It can do that!” Huan Qing Yan decided to show her hand, she had no other way with them being trapped here.

“It could also assist you to create the rating of the dishes you cooked?”

“Yes, it can do that as well as assist me in identifying food ingredients!”

“It could also be entered during dire circumstances to protect your life, right?”

“Yes! If you want this spatial treasure, I will rather die than give it up, I…” Due to her anxious emotions, Huan Qing Yan was temporarily lost for words.

Ji Mo Ya lightly smiled, “What are you so agitated for? Relax, this Young Master is a man of principles, I will not rob you. However…”

Huan Qing Yan became even the more nervous, “However what?”

“You will be this young master’s personal spirit chef from now on. You are not allowed to make spirit energy dishes for anyone else.” Ji Mo Ya gave his condition.

Ji Mo Ya was shocked for a moment, “Ah, I cannot do that. Little Xing Han needs to eat, my family also needs to eat. I am unable to do what you ask…”

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Only after speaking halfway did she manage to react, “Is that the only condition? You are really not going to rob me, you will also keep this secret for me?”

The only reason she made the gamble to be honest with him was because she was confident that he would not rob her. However, she herself did not know why she trusted him so much…

Maybe it might be because she knew deep down her subconscious mind that she would have been dead now if he did not come to save her.

If Ji Mo Ya possessed the ‘trash of man’ attribute and sought after her ancient bowl then she would rather let him take her life.

“Okay. Let’s see your performance then. Although this Young Master is not interested in your spatial magic equipment, that does not mean the others would be the same. Even if they are not Spirit Chefs, a mobile spatial dimension that could allow people to plant spirit plants is something highly sought after by many people, no matter the price.”

It’s basically a mobile treasure trove!

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