Chapter 174 – I Want!

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When evening arrived, Ji Mo Ya conjured the blanket once again for Huan Qing Yan and Huan Xing Han to sleep on while he remained on the tall stalactite to meditate.

The second day.

There were still no signs of people searching for them.

On the second day, Huan Qing Yan focused her attention on cultivating and ignored her plans to identify the delicious treat hidden by Ji Mo Ya.

Little Xing Han held a little rock and began to use it to write on the floor, the two spirit treasures were inside their respective master’s body and were unable to play with him.

The torch had long been extinguished, their only source of light was the glow emitted from Ji Mo Ya. His position of being on top of the stalactite looked as though it was the moon shining down into the cave.

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“What are you writing?” Ji Mo Ya flew down from the rock stalactite.

Little Xing Han turned around.

Little Xing Han replied, “I am writing my name. Sis taught me how to write, my name is called Huan Xing Han!”

Ji Mo Ya had nothing else to do, thus he looked at the crooked words being written on the ground, “They look not bad, do you know any other words except for these three characters?”

“No, I don’t,” came a honest reply.

“Do you know how to write your sister’s name?”


“Do you want to learn?”

“I want!”

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Ji Mo Ya flicked his wrist and the Cosmos Brush appeared in his hand. With the brush, he lightly traced the air…

A thread of spirit energy was created!

With another couple of strokes, the word ‘Qing’ appeared in the air.

The word made from white spirit energy stood up exceptionally within this environment with little light.

Little Xing Yan clapped his hands in excitement, “Wow, Sis’s name is real pretty, write one more…”

Ji Mo Ya lifted his brushed and wrote the next ‘Yan’ word.

The words ‘Qing Yan’ shone like neon lights as they emitted the glow of spirit energy.

“When you learnt these two words, I will teach you more.”

Huan Xing Yan looked at the brush in Ji Mo Ya’s hand in envy, “Can I also write words in the air like you?”

“You can. Let’s talk about it when you awaken as a Spirit Master.”

“Okay!” Huan Xing Han nodded his head.

The young and old duo continued training their calligraphy for the rest of the day, Huan Qing Yan would also timely provide them with fruits and water throughout the day…

On the third day, the trio had begun to feel sick of eating fruits but there were still no signs of people coming to rescue them.

Slowly, Huan Qing Yan noticed the problem, “Is it because the mountain is too large? That made it difficult for people to pinpoint our location?”

If she was alone, she might believe that no one would be searching for her. However, Ji Mo Ya was with them, it would be impossible that there would be no one searching for them.

“Maybe.” Ji Mo Ya gracefully ate some cherries.

Little Xing Han chewed on a peach, “Sis, I want rice, I want vegetables; I want fish, I want a big fat goose…”

Huan Qing Yan could not bear to reject him, the child was still growing, how could he simply eat fruits like monkeys the whole day?

She rubbed her stomach and said, “I will go to the side to settle an urgency, the two of you do not follow me.”

Although they were trapped, the attacks created by the divine dragon on the first day had made the environment messy resulting in many dark corners and ditches being created, thereby making it easy for anyone to settle their body needs.

Huan Qing Yan acted as though she was someone heading to pee and used that time to enter the dimension.

She quickly cooked up three simple dishes: Stew Carp with Sauce, Stir-fry Shredded Potato, and Fried Egg with Chives.

When Huan Jiu Li was summoned into the royal palace, she had transferred their Huan Family’s Aged Soup into the dimension. In addition, she also brought along all the cooking equipment and condiments stored within the tower as well.

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