Volume 1, Chapter 66 Part 1: Complicated Feeling

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Yun Qian Yu suddenly opens her eyes and sits up.  She suspiciously looks at her own arm, why does she feel like she has been bitten by something?

She opens the box containing the Ye Ming pearl and the entire room immediately lights up.

As expected there a dot the size of a needle in her wrist.  She touches it for a moment, she couldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.  She search through her blanket and bed and could not find anything that could have bitten her.

She looks at her wrist again, she has a bad feeling about this.

She gets down from her bed and puts on a cloak before walking out of her room.  She stops in front of Gong Sang Mo’s chamber.  The night is so quiet that all she can hear is the sound of the night breeze rustling.

She hesitates a bit; perhaps she should wait until tomorrow morning.

She glance at his door before turning around to walk away.

At that moment, a noise can be heard in Gong Sang Mo’s room before his door is snapped open.  Gong Sang Mo, who is only wearing his inner clothes steps out with his hair let loose.

Gong Sang Mo has always dressed neatly, even a single fold cannot be seen on his clothes.  His face looks warm as always.  Right now he seems sleepy and tired.  Yun Qian Yu looks at him, stunned.

Seeing Yun Qian Yu, Gong Sang Mo is immediately spirited.  He exclaims in surprise, “Qian Yu, it is really you!  I could feel your presence from inside!  It is so late, why haven’t you gone to bed yet?”

After saying that, he steps forward and fix Yun Qian Yu’s cloak for her.  He seem like he didn’t notice that he himself is wearing really thin.

The clean smell of bamboo could be smelled.  Yun Qian Yu’s heart becomes warm; did he go out here to see if she is really outside?  It is currently the middle of the night.  The feeling of being cared for is really good.

She looks at him before giving him a smile that overshadow even a hundred of blooming flowers.

Gong Sang Mo warmly asks her, “What is wrong?”

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“I feel uneasy,” Yun Qian Yu truthfully says.

Hearing that, Gong Sang Mo immediately embraces her and buries her against his chest, “A nightmare?”

Yun Qian Yu does not put up any fight and merely obediently lean against him, “No.  I was bitten by something.  It was very annoying.  I tried to find the bug but could not, so I feel uneasy.”

Gong Sang Mo lifts her arm when he hears that, “Where did it bit you?  Show it to me.”

Yun Qian Yu raise her wrist, but the surrounding is so dark that they cannot see anything.

Gong Sang Mo drags her into her room.  Her room has the Ye Ming pearl which is much more illuminating than regular candles.

After entering her room, Gong Sang Mo carefully inspects her wrist.  He pauses before a sharp look flashes in his eyes.

Yun Qian Yu can feel cold air radiating from Gong Sang Mo.  She narrows her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Gong Sang Mo caresses her wrist, his heart assaulted with fear, “Lucky you went to search for me.  Lucky I came out to see if it was you.”

Seeing the panicking Gong Sang Mo and hearing him muttering ‘lucky’, Yun Qian Yu wonders what is really going on.

Gong Sang Mo embraces Yun Qian Yu, hugging her tight and refusing to let go.

Yun Qian Yu can feel Gong Sang Mo’s emotion running rampant.  She does not ask him questions and simply allows time for him to collect himself.

After a moment, Gong Sang Mo calms down.

He touches her face, his slender fingers softly caressing her skin.  His phoenix eyes are filled with joy and comfort.

He lowers his head and plasters his forehead against Yun Qian Yu’s, gently rubbing them together.  Yun Qian Yu closes her eyes.

He gently pecks Yun Qian Yu in the lips.

“Do you know what this is?” Gong Sang Mo’s voice trembles a little.

Yun Qian Yu opens her eyes, waiting for his explanation.

“This is a Qing Gu.”

Yun Qian Yu freezes, finally understanding everything.  No wonder she could not find the thing that has bitten her, it has already burrowed itself into her skin.

“What kind of effect does it bring?” Yun Qian Yu calmly asks.

“Things could have gone really bad.”

“Are you saying that everything is okay, now?”

Gong Sang Mo frowns, “This kind of Qing Gu only works one way.  If you put it on a man or a woman, they will fall in love with the first person of opposite gender that they see.”

After saying that, he carefully looks at Yun Qian Yu before asking, “Do you feel like you especially like me, at this particular moment?”

She blinks repeatedly as she looks at Gong Sang Mo, “Perhaps you are mistaken.  I don’t feel any difference.  You are still the same to me, gentle, elegant and handsome, like a celestial.”

Gong Sang Mo is stunned before pure joy bursts in his eyes.

He hugs Yun Qian Yu and twirls her around the room before kissing her entire face, from her forehead to her nose to her lips.

A murder of crows passes above Yun Qian Yu’s head.

Why does she feels like Gong Sang Mo is the one who got poisoned with Qing Gu?

Gong Sang Mo, who takes a long time to finally calm down, sits down, placing Yun Qian Yu on his laps.  He stares at her with twinkling eyes.

The corner of Yun Qian Yu’s lips twitches as she pushes him in the forehead with her finger.

“Why do I feel like you are the one who got bitten by a Qing Gu?”

Gong Sang Mo laughs twice.  “Do you know why the Qing Gu does not bring any difference to you?”

Yun Qian Yu looks at the proud Gong Sang Mo before saying, “Why?  Don’t tell me that I am an oddball?”

“What oddball!  What are you thinking in that head of yours?  Let me tell you this, Qing Gu only loses it’s effectiveness under one condition.  It is when the person is already in love with the first individual she sees!”

Yun Qian Yu is extremely shocked by this.  She is already in love with Gong Sang Mo?

Seeing Yun Qian Yu’s expression, Gong Sang Mo is so happy that he gives her forehead another kiss.

Yun Qian Yu’s heart suddenly feels clear; so this is love?  However, seeing that proud look on Gong Sang Mo’s face annoys her more than giving her joy.

“Feeling proud?” she rolls her eyes at him.

“Feeling happy?  I have never felt this happy before!”

“Then, according to what you said, the person who invested so much effort in sending me Qing Gu must have also prepared a man for me,” Yun Qian Yu reminds him while raising her eyebrows.

In his happiness, Gong Sang Mo has forgotten an extremely important thing.  His face immediately darkens.

“San Qiu!”

San Qiu’s uncomfortable voice can be heard from outside, “Yes, Master.”

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“Go and check if anyone approached this courtyard.  Pay special attention to the men.” The last words are said with gritted teeth.

Only the heaven knows what will happen if Yun Qian Yu is not alert.  What will happen if she didn’t go to search for him?  What will happen if he didn’t think of checking his door?  What will happen if the first man she sees isn’t him?

He would go insane.  He would rather drag her down to hell with him than to let her be with other men.

When he looks at Yun Qian Yu again, his eyes regain it’s warmth and he goes back to being the handsome and unparalleled Xian Wang. His eyes are overflowing with warmth, it is as though it can melt winter’s ice.

“Qian Yu, you love me too!”

Seeing Gong Sang Mo whose emotion changes quickly, Yun Qian Yu’s heart aches in fondness for him.  What kind of feeling is he experiencing to make him lose control like that?

Yun Qian Yu nods, acknowledging that without any hesitation.  If this is what they call love, she will not run away from it.

Gong Sang Mo smiles; a smile that is even brighter than spring’s warmest sun.  It is a sight that will be imprinted in Yun Qian Yu’s heart.

She wraps her arms around Gong Sang Mo’s waist before leaning onto him.  She can hear his rapid heart beat.  She finally feels like she is not alone anymore.  Gong Sang Mo’s embrace, warmth and peacefulness makes her feel relaxed.

Gong Sang Mo continues holding Yun Qian Yu like that, his lips curling from the beginning till the end.

“Master,” San Qiu returns really quick.


“Jiu Xiao Kingdom’s 7th wangye, Bei Tang Ming and Mo Dai Kingdom’s Princess Luo are not far from the courtyard. They look like they are up to something.”

“Since they are putting out so many efforts, let’s pay them back!”

Gong Sang Mo looks bloodthirsty.  His cold words makes San Qiu trembles a little.

“Send a few of people to them.  Make sure they enjoy everything.”

“Yes.” San Qiu admires how heavy-handed and decisive Gong Sang Mo is to the people he dislike.

“Wait!” Yun Qian Yu suddenly speaks up.

Gong Sang Mo tells San Qiu to wait.

“No need to waste all that effort.  This is a monastery, not a place to create a fuss.”

Yun Qian Yu’s words are very vague.  Gong Sang Mo laughs when he sees her, this girl is too cute!

“What do you propose?”

Since Yun Qian Yu has an idea, Gong Sang Mo will naturally support her!  He will secretly do something to help her behind the scene, if anything goes wrong.

Yun Qian Yu gets up from Gong Sang Mo’s laps and sits cross-legged, performing Zi Yu Xin Jing.

Though unwilling, Gong Sang Mo knows what Yun Qian Yu is planning to do.  He leans against the bed, keeping guards for her.

Yun Qian Yu’s entire attention is on her inner power; she wants to see if she can control insects like she can refine poison.

From the size of the small dot on her wrist, she can tell that the worm is very small.  It is not poisonous, so it is not easy for her to locate it inside her body.

She search for any anomaly inside her body.  During the third round of search, she finally manage to sense the movement of a little dot inside her body.  It is heading for the direction of her heart.

She directs her inner power towards it.  A purple mist surrounds it and lifts it towards the little hole in her wrist.

The worm seem to have noticed something, it suddenly struggles to free itself.

Yun Qian Yu’s breathing turns haggard and Gong Sang Mo notices that.  He sits straight, looking at her anxiously.

Yun Qian Yu directs all the purple mist in her dantian towards that worm.  The purple mists envelop it.  When it stops struggling, she brings it to her wrist.

Gong Sang Mo who is anxiously staring at her, calms down too when he sees her calming down.

When Yun Qian Yu opens her eyes, she can see a ball of purple mist floating out of her wrist.  She smiles, she did it!

She finds a jade bottle and place that red-colored worm in it.  Then, she gets up from her bed and walks out to San Qiu, “Give this to Long Xiang Luo.”

After San Qiu accepts it, he turns around to walk away only to be forewarned by Yun Qian Yu, “San Qiu, there is a Qing Gu inside it.  It is better for you to quickly leave once you present the gift.  If she sees you, you will be a lot busier in the future.”

The corner of San Qiu’s lips twitches.  To be hearing all that from Yun Qian Yu’s serious mouth feels so odd.

However, upon thinking about what the bottle contains and being chased after by the seductive beauty that is Princess Luo, a chill runs through his body as he fights the urge to throw the bottle away.

Yun Qian Yu reminds him, “Be careful not to accidentally set the gift onto yourself.  It will be troublesome.  It is okay if the first person you see is Long Xiang Luo, no matter what, she is still young and beautiful.  What if the first person you see is an old grandma that you bumped into on the road?”

Thinking of that scene makes San Qiu wants to throw up.  He immediately carries the bottle and leaves in the fastest way possible.

Gong Sang Mo leans on the doorway lazily while watching her with a pair of seductive eyes.

“What did San Qiu do to offend you?” Gong Sang Mo’s voice is unusually gentle.

Yun Qian Yu does not reply him; she cannot possibly tells him that she is upset that San Qiu was eavesdropping on them from outside.

“I am going to bed!”

Gong Sang Mo immediately moves inside to make way.

Dark lines appear on Yun Qian Yu’s face; she gives him an inch and he strives for a mile!

“This is a monastery.”

Gong Sang Mo pauses for a moment, “Does that means that it is okay if we are not in a monastery?”

What kind of logic is that?  He moves pretty fast!

Without waiting for Yun Qian Yu’s answer, Gong Sang Mo walks to the door, “You said it yourself, okay!  It is fine if it is not a monastery!”

After saying that, he walks out, closing the door tight.  He didn’t really give her the opportunity to reply him.

Yun Qian Yu speechlessly looks at the door.  She takes off her shoes, close the cover of the Ye Ming pearl’s container and lie down on her bed.  As she wrap her quilt around her, the corner of her lips is curled and she closes her eyes to sleep.

There will be a good show to watch tomorrow.

Outside, Gong Sang Mo watches the room that has now plunged into darkness.  His eyes are tender with love.  Happiness comes so fast that it feels surreal.

When San Qiu returns, he sees Gong Sang Mo standing in the courtyard while wearing only his inner clothes.


“How did it go?”

“The gift had been sent but Bei Tang Ming suddenly left.”

“En?” Gong Sang Mo frowns.

San Qiu scratches his head, not knowing if he should spill.

“Is it hard you to say?”

“Master, the first man that Long Xiang Luo saw was her bodyguard, Ying Zi.” San Qiu awkwardly says after mustering enough will.

Gong Sang Mo freezes before he breaks out into laughter.

“Go and do something to facilitate their romance.  You must make full use of the Qing Gu’s effect!” Gong Sang Mo’s eyes are cold like ice.  Since Long Xiang Luo seeks death, he will not be courteous.  What his girl did is already considered light-handed.

He turns around and looks at Yun Qian Yu’s room, wondering what her reaction will be tomorrow.

Noticing Gong Sang Mo’s good mood, San Qiu weakly asks, “Master, San Qiu has served you for so many years, can you please tell San Qiu what he did to offend the princess?”

Gong Sang Mo looks at San Qiu and laughs, “At least you are not stupid!”

San Qiu turns rigid; she was clearly trying to scare him, if he could not see that, he would be downright dumb.

“She has a thin skin, she gets embarrassed easily.  Just try and keep a distance from us from now on.”  After saying that, Gong Sang Mo turns around and return to his own room.

San Qiu smacks his own head, finally having a realization.  The princess was angry at him for eavesdropping!  But he didn’t exactly did it on purpose, he only wanted to be close so that he could be there the moment his master calls for him.  Seems like he will need to be a distance away whenever his master and the princess are together, from now on.

Yun Qian Yu returns back to sleep in peace.  When she wakes up, Gong Sang Mo and Yu Jian are already practicing sword in the courtyard.  Chen Xiang and the rest brings breakfast for them.

Yu Jian’s sword technique belongs to the Murong clan.  Though he is only ten, he has been trained personally by Murong Cang since he was five.  Because of that, he is very skilful in swordsmanship.  His skills becomes better as his inner power progressed.

Seeing that Yun Qian Yu is already up, the two of them stops playing.  They wash before eating breakfast together.

Once the three of them finish eating, the Grandmaster Tian Yi sends people to invite them to go to the Main Hall to begin the ceremony.

Yu Jian and Yun Qian Yu change into their official robes before heading to the Main Hall.

The Main Hall is full of people, all young masters and young misses in the capital are here.

Yun Qian Yu can see a couple of familiar faces amongst the crowd.

There are Murong Bing, Jiang Yun Yi, Situ Han Yu and Bai Fei Xu.  Bai Fei Xu whom she has not seen for a couple of days seem to have lost her brilliance.  Perhaps Situ Han Yi has a change of heart and that is too much for her to handle.

Wen Ling Shan is also here.  She waves happily when she sees Yun Qian Yu.

Yun Qian Yu nods at her in acknowledgement.  Standing next to Wen Ling Shan is her oldest brother, Wen Lan Jin.  When he lock eyes with Yun Qian Yu, he gives her a natural smile.

Yun Qian Yu looks away and enters the Main Hall with Yu Jian.

Long Xiang Luo is not here.  Long Jin, on the other hand, is standing with Bei Tang Yun.  As for Bei Tang Ming, he is also not here.  Yun Qian Yu raise her eyebrows; was the first man Long Xiang Luo saw really Bei Tang Ming?

Yun Qian Yu concentrates back on the current affair.  Princess Ming Zhu is already here with Hua Man Xi.  She nods at Yu Jian and her in acknowledgement.

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