Volume 2 Prelude: The Melancholy of Naysis Ferne

Reitdarke, also known as “Reitdarke’s Corridor”, was a unique country situated around the Divine Hall.

It was a country without a military, without a government and even, without civil law governing it. The only country-like institution it had was a self-policed tax law.

The only reason it was able to survive this long without any troubles was because of its natural geographical advantage—being located around the Divine Hall.

At the center of the human realms was a rounded territory occupied by the Divine Hall. On its southern half was the oddly shaped Reitdarke’s Corridor that directly bordered half of this rounded territory.

Reitdarke wrapped itself around the Divine Hall like a narrow corridor. Its entire surface area was at most the combined size of two to three cities.

The majority of the Sacred Rite attendees would choose to avoid passing through the kingdom on the north due to its draconian laws. Instead, they would circle to the south to stop at Reitdarke’s Corridor in order to prepare for the Sacred Rite.

This political factor was the reason for the current state of Reitdarke’s Corridor.

Tourism, Education, Entertainment, these were the three major industries that control the economy of Reitdarke.

As for its security and stability, it had largely benefited from its southern neighbor, the Country of Skills.

Reitdarke was a country with open borders and had attracted a foreign population that eclipsed even its own local population.

Among these were not only citizens of Skill, but also a significant number of martial experts.

Anyone who dared to cause trouble in Reitdarke’s Corridor would have to answer to these people, and most of time, that meant death for the troublemaker.

That’s right, it’s security and stability were the result of these violent displays of force. After all, in a country like the Country of Skill that worshiped individual strength, even a king’s throne can be won with a competition of skill, then—

??: —Ahhhhh!! Don’t tell me “You aren’t allowed to visit the Country of Skill”!! Ticks me off just hearing it!! Carmen!

Carmen: But—Princess, it’s the king’s orders…

The teenage voice of a girl echoed along the bustling streets of Reitdarke’s Corridor, instantly grabbing the attention of the people passing by.

However, these gazes were quickly dispersed as if nothing had ever happened.

This was to be expected after all, there was not a single person who did not recognize this girl’s voice or image.

She was the king’s third daughter, Naysis Ferne, 15 years old, and the only princess in the royal family who had not married as yet.

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She had a crystal blue head of curly locks that matched her simple yet exquisite dress. Her face was delicate and endearing, making her seem younger than she already was.

At first glance, one would assume she was a 12 year old.

At this moment however, the girl’s frustrated expression was filled with wrinkles you would normally see on a 40 year old aunty who had just failed to bargain with a vegetable seller.

Ah…Naysis Ferne is at it again. At this rate, it will be hard for her to get married—this was what they were all thinking.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any people looking to move up in life willing to marry into this practically non-existent royal family, neither was it that the citizens disliked her loli appearance, the problem was…

…and every young man or boy knew about this problem…

Naysis Ferne: –why won’t my father allow me to visit the Country of Skill!? It’s not even that far from us! They’re practically a stone’s throw away from us!

Behind her was a butler-esque person sporting a short ponytail and a dashingly beautiful face that practically radiated handsomeness.

Based on her appearance alone, most would probably assume that this butler, “Carmen” was a young male.

However, everyone in the country knew that there was no way a young male could stand being by her side for any extended period of time.

Carmen: Please understand Princess. Your royal father has restricted your travel out of consideration of the friendly relations between our countries.

Naysis Ferne: There’s no such law that restricts my movements!

Carmen: —those are the house rules, not laws, Princess.

Carmen: If you end up ruining the lives of the young men in the Country of Skill, that might affect our country’s security.

Naysis Ferne: What do you mean “ruin their lives”…I’m just trying to find a suitable boyfriend.

Carmen: —the fact is that all your boyfriends have met with a varying degree of misfortune.

Naysis Ferne: ……

The little princess had no rebuttal for that. She pouted as she turned her head to the side.

Regarding her love life, it was a well-known tale within the country of Reitdarke’s Corridor.

Three years ago, she was nothing more than a 12 year old girl. Then, she had her first brush with love, her first romance.

Her target was a teenage boy two years older than her. He was her senior from school.

She had always wanted a fairy tale-like romance and was thus especially careful about her first boyfriend.

…however, her caution had clearly gone overboard.

After dating for a month, her boyfriend was finally allowed to touch her finger.

On the third month, he was finally allowed to hold her hands.

Even her mother had to remind her that in a country like Reitdarke with significant human traffic, getting married after two months of dating was the norm…

…however that did nothing to dissuade her from pursuing her overly-idealized romance.

Perseverance was the key to happiness. This was her mantra in life. Unfortunately, her boyfriend didn’t share this view.

On the third day after she allowed him to hold her hands, she witnessed her boyfriend wrapping his arms around another lady’s shoulders and kissing her, right on the streets.

According to the prevailing edition circulating among the populace, they had a short fight after which the boyfriend broke up with her.

In reaction to that, our little princess…

…took out a knife from god-knows-where and stabbed his palm and lips.

After that incident, she had to take a two month break from school thanks to her unstable mental condition. However, even after that period of recuperation, she was no longer the innocent princess who believed in fairy tales…

She became unusually proactive in approaching men, with her oldest target being 28 years old while her youngest was merely 10.

According to the rumors circulating in the night, she would seduce and even force these men into dating her. All of these romances ended up in tragedy.

They either ended up touching her too early, for example, holding her hands on the third month; or they got too close to other females, for example, staring at another girl for over three seconds.

All of these former “boyfriends” ended up with a knife wound of some sort, with some even losing a body part or becoming impotent.

Soon, there were even rumors that she got excitement from hurting her boyfriends.

In less than three years, she ended becoming the nemesis of all men of suitable age in her country.

This fact wasn’t lost on her parents either, they had basically given up hope that she would get married…

And so, her “demonic claws” began to extend to the neighboring countries as well…

Even now, the tale of Naysis Ferne is still…

Carmen: —the above is the image and rumors about you circulating within the citizenry.

Naysis Ferne: ……

Naysis Ferne: Who’s responsible for all this gossip, find out who he is and make him my boyfriend…

Carmen: That…it would be strange if we could do so.

Carmen: However, even if we remove the more ludicrous parts of the tale, the majority of what they say is true.

Naysis Ferne: …

She lowered her head slightly and faced the other side. Her face was red from a mix of indignation and embarrassment.

Naysis Ferne: It’s not like it’s my fault…

Carmen: Your expectations are just too high. Even if they were in the wrong, there should other methods of solving the issue that didn’t involve stabbing them.

Naysis Ferne: But I felt the ancient seal on my urges loosening—I couldn’t stop myself!!

Carmen: …chuunibyou?

Naysis Ferne: Sigh! I guess I’m fated to spend my life with another female…

Carmen: …there’s no need to swing the other way…

Naysis Ferne: But…

Naysis Ferne: Will I even be able to find a suitable man here?

Carmen: …

Carmen: Probably…

Carmen: This year’s the year of the “Three Battles” banquet held by the Country of Skill. If you add in the participants of the Sacred Rite, there will be a lot of exceptional foreigners coming to our country.

Carmen: There might just be a suitable target within the participants.

Naysis Ferne: ……

She lifted her head and flicked her crystal blue hair as she stared at the scenery unhindered by any city walls to the south.

As she stared into the misty borders ahead, she narrowed her eyes as if she was trying to focus on something.

Naysis Ferne: Let’s hope that you’re right.

Naysis Ferne: —ah, that boy doesn’t look that bad!

*whoosh* A knife flashed into view.

Carmen: —Princess, you shouldn’t take out a knife when you say those words! You’ll create more strange rumors!

Naysis Ferne: Huh—I don’t care as long as I’m able to find a good man!



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