Chapter 137 – Princess Cang Xia

“Princess Cang Xia is overpraising.”  Ji Mo Ya replied in a graceful tone.

Huan Qing Yan felt something was not right, how could a high and mighty princess have heard about her?

Her instincts as a woman was telling her that this princess was only praising her on the surface, there was something more to it…

Therefore, she immediately retracted her leg that was about to step into the building.

At that moment, a serving girl inside the building saw the box containing food in her hands and swiftly approached her to collect the box. Coincidently, that action had caught the attention of the princess who was near the servant, leading her gaze to fall on Huan Qing Yan’s figure, “Eh, who is that lady?”

Huan Qing Yan lowered her head and replied, “This one is just another one of Young Master’s serving girl.”

The princess giggled and said, “Then why are you wearing the clothes of a spirit chef?”

‘Ask your sister! You already know who I am when you saw me wearing the uniform of a spirit chef.’

Huan Qing Yan changed her attitude and became straightforward, “To the princess. This spirit chef serves the Young Master and thus can be identified as a serving girl that serves him.”

Ji Mo Ya calmly sat at his place, adopting an attitude that was casual yet graceful and seemed to have no intention of getting in between them.

Ji Mo Ya’s attitude also gave Huan Qing Yan an unknowing source of courage.

If he cared about the princess, he would have reprimanded her on behalf of the princess. However, his silence… meant that he was giving her permission to continue!

Making the best out of the situation when it was good had always been Huan Qing Yan’s forte.

Princess Cang Xia did not expect Huan Qing Yan to weasel herself out with wordplay and was stunned for a moment, her face darkened as she said, “It is as the rumors said, you indeed have a sharp tongue. The person who had constantly tarnished the clear reputation of Huan Men Yue during the selection exam was you!”

“I wonder what the princess meant when you meant by Huan Meng Yue’s clear reputation? Is it about her having a relationship with Lord Ninth despite being a person with an engagement or about the incident whereby she tried to fool people and make them believe that she is a God Chosen?” Huan Qing Yan displayed a sincere expression of seeking an understanding.

Princess Cang Xia slapped the table, due to the large force behind her slap, it caused many of the plates and bowls to tremble.

Some of the dishes that held sauce also spilled out and headed towards Ji Mo Ya’s body.

Huan Qing Yan reacted quickly with the heart of protecting her master. With a quick step, she appeared in front of Ji Mo Ya, blocking those few drops of sauce…

Isn’t this a spectacular scene of a beauty saving a hero!

Isn’t this an awesome act of a courageous woman saving a precious grass*!
(Cuppa: In the original idiom, it is supposed to be flowers as it refers to women but our heroic FL used grass as it is a term that refers to men for her role reversal.)

Come, feel free to worship this elder sister as you please!

“This princess, Young Master Ji Mo is a very important guest of our Hanging Cloud Empire. If you are unhappy, you can always direct your anger on me but please refrain from affecting bystanders, tainting the shirt of Young Master Ji Mo…”

Princess Cang Xia was flushed in anger and quickly tried to explain herself, “Young Master Ya, I did not mean for it to happen.”

After that, she pointed at Huan Qing Yan’s nose and said, “What a sharp tongue, commoner! This princess is speaking casually, yet you dare to treat this princess with such an attitude, how vile! Truly an arrogant and despotic young lady, you… guards, drag this unruly Huan Qing Yan away and give her thirty rod strikes as punishment!”

Huan Qing Yan swiftly hid behind Ji Mo Ya and replied energetically, “Princess, are you here to visit our Young Master today or to look for me? Our Young Master Ya is a noble gentleman, the ancients have taught us: a gentleman would use his words and not his fists. Seeing a woman resorting to violence would only irk our Young Master, why can’t you explain things properly and not use violence instead to solve problems?”

“You came here slapping our table and kicking our stools, even wanting to punish a person who is serving directly under the Young Master, such poor conduct is truly ugly. A person of such poor character is not even qualified to carry our Young Master Ya’s shoes, let alone attract him…”

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