Chapter 27: As Long As You Marry Me, You Can Eat This Everyday


Si Zheng Ting likes his omelette half cooked, so when the content of the bento spills out, the scene looks quite gross.

The diamond-shaped potato pancakes that have been cooked golden brown had looked quite attractive before it’s untimely fall.

The pieces of bananas that are shaped like flowers that literally took her a long time to shape are now scattering on the ground.

Zhuang Nai Nai stares at the meals that she had worked so hard to make.  Her heart tightens, as though there is something weighing down her heart.

Her eyes turn a little red and her nose turns sour.  The words that she had prepared to say, the words that she had wanted to say are now stuck in her throat.  She bites her lips while fisting her hands to stop herself from crying.

She crouches down, wanting to pick the meals up, but doesn’t know where to start.

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She curses him inside her heart:  Si Zheng Ting, you bastard!  Bastard!  I will not cook for you anymore!

After secretly cursing him, she feels a little better.  She heaves a deep sigh.

Just forget it, why would she be so calculating with him?

He was so heartless and cold 5 years ago too, yet she still managed to won him over.

Now, she must continue to fight!

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Thinking of that, she regains her will to fight.

When Si Zheng Ting hears all the noise, he turns around and discovers the mess on the floor.  His eyes darken a little; this is a sight similar to the one from 5 years ago.

Back then, she would do these things as well; cooking him breakfast and bringing it to him in school.  After she did it over and over again, he grew used to eating all these things for breakfast.  After he got used to it though, she decided to leave him.

Gradually developing the habit of not eating breakfast, he starts having stomach issues.

And now, what is she doing here?

Since she now needs him, she decided to do these things again.  To invoke the memories of their youth.

Si Zheng Ting clenches his fist while looking at Zhuang Nai Nai.

That sadness and disappointment in her eyes invokes fury from his heart.

She has the ability to easily control his emotion; she can easily invoke fury and also be the reason to distinguish it.

Is she looking sad because she is remembering their beautiful memories?  Is she regretting her decision to break up with him, back then?

A glimmer of light can finally be seen in Si Zheng Ting’s eyes.  Just as he is about to speak, Zhuang Nai Nai stands up, no longer looking desolate like she was 5 seconds ago.  She gives him a sweet smile, “Look, these are all your favourite dishes.  Do you regret rejecting it now?  If you marry me, you will get to eat these everyday.  What do you say?”

Her voice sounds really syrupy.  The look in Si Zheng Ting’s eyes darkens once more.

He looks like he is burning in anger at the moment.

Even he cannot tell what he is feeling at the moment.  He didn’t even spare the bento on the ground a look before striding past Zhuang Nai Nai indifferently.

Zhuang Nai Nai tries her best to suppress her anger.  She did not throw tantrum and even lowered her pride to speak like a lowly person; even a stone would have melt by now.

This man…. Is his heart made of iron?

Zhuang Nai Nai looks at his retreating back, her entire body shaking.  She wants to chase after him, but his bodyguards warn her first, “Miss Zhuang, please do not make us use force.”



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