Chapter 26: The Battle of the Giant Worm

In that instant, Mo Chuan pulled me into an embrace and leaped into the air while cradling me. As he did so, I caught sight of the creature that left those marks throughout the forest.

It was a giant worm the size of a train. As it tunneled through the trees, a pair of red feelers locked in on us. On both sides of its body were a total of four pairs of spider leg-like appendages; which helped balance its massive worm-like body. As it did so, it barely left any tracks on the ground.

This prehistoric creature looked almost like a centipede except for the fact that where its head was supposed to be, was replaced with a pair of spider legs and a mouth.

As it opened its disgusting mouth, it revealed multiple rows of fangs. From its mouth emitted a thunderous chittering sound similar to a meat grinder.

??: *hzzt!!*

And then there was this terrifying sound it made.

Shouldn’t you be in some horror movie right now!?

Di Qi Ju: That…what’s that?!

Mo Chuan: Haven’t seen it before. It might be some undiscovered creature.

Mo Chuan replied with a surprisingly calm voice. With a forceful kick of his leg, he launched himself into the air once more right after landing. On top of his usual display of strength, the Mo Chuan before me exuded an even greater aura of stalwartness.

Mo Chuan: His body is too huge, I can’t win.

Mo Chuan: Hopefully, his brain is merely at the level of a worm, in which case we should be fine just by running away until it loses interest.

Immediately to my left hand side was the steep cliff face and on my right was the dense woodlands.

As Mo Chuan weaved his way in between the two, he leaped, swung and grabbed with his three remaining limbs as he made his way through any obstacles in an acrobatic display similar to that of a wild beast. His last remaining limb secured me to his waist like those chests he carried during the test.

If it wasn’t for the fact that my face was currently staring at that giant worm, I would’ve protested my current treatment and status. As I looked at the unknown terror relentlessly closing in on us, a chill ran down my spine as I watched it crawl and leap its way towards us with the surrounding trees as a support——-

Di Qi Ju: Mo Chuan! We can’t escape into the woodlands! This creature can use the surrounding trees to launch itself forward!

Mo Chuan: So those marks on the trees…I got it.

While the worm still wasn’t able to catch up to us, who knows when it will actually give up. Furthermore, who knows how long the newly recovered Mo Chuan could last.

Despite all these uncertainties, the only thing we could do now was run and hope for the best.

What should we do…

There must be some solution to this situation…

S***…my knowledge is useless right now. Other than relying on Mo Chuan, there’s nothing else I can do.

Mo Chuan:…

Mo Chuan: Our luck is pretty terrible.

Di Qi Ju:…?

As I turned around and looked at the direction of Mo Chuan’s gaze, I noticed the dense canopy of the woodlands closing in on us. The narrow pathway ahead was completely taken up by the woodlands.

Mo Chuan: If we can’t enter the woodlands…I’ll have to jump—-!

Di Qi Ju:—-!

As if we were on one of those amusement park rides, a sudden sense of weightlessness overtook me as Mo Chuan launched us into the air. It was an astonishing six to seven meter leap.

As we leaped over the dense canopy, the trees swiftly lowered themselves out of my line of sight as a breathtaking sea of foliage entered my vision.

What was even more breathtaking was the long insectoid legs of that creature swinging its train-like body into the air. I stared at it in silent shock as my jaw fell to ground. What the hell…

Di Qi Ju: Mo Chuan…

Di Qi Ju: That worm…it seems to be better at jumping than crawling…

Mo Chuan: —–!?!?


A dull pain filled my sides as a pair of sickle-like appendages bit into me, dragging me out from under Mo Chuan’s grasp. My vision was immediately filled with the dark abyss of the worm’s mouth. It was at this moment that the two sickles tried to skewer me.

By now, my clothes were ripped up and what was left of them hung by the sides of the worm. Another crack rang out as I felt a dull pain and pressure on my sides. The sickle-like appendages closed in once more, but this time it threw me directly into its mouth.

All this happened without me ever touching the ground…

*bang* *Kachak*…

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I landed onto a surface with a dull bang and was greeted with the sounds of chew in my ears; like the sound of a rock being thrown into a rock grinder. Crushing, tumbling, rubbing…

If I could see myself right now, I’m sure it would be a truly sorry state.

Di Qi Ju:……

Why…must it always end up like this?

First was that long-clawed, pig-looking bestial wrath, and now it was this centipede-like worm with spider legs for a head…

Somehow the fate of a delicious prey has been firmly stuck to me ever since I’ve transmigrated to this world…

I know that this won’t be able to kill me…but why won’t my body move?

—-Suddenly, the chewing stopped.

I felt a sudden change in gravity as I was sent down the “throat” of the worm.

Is it going to swallow me?

Di Qi Ju: …Ah!!!!!

The fear of death overtook my previously numbed body. I desperately reached out and latched onto a fang, hanging onto it for my dear life.

The thought finally struck me. Even if I couldn’t die to external physical forces, even if any potential poison from this worm couldn’t kill me—–

An “ability to prevent the absorption of, and to expel any substance that enters my body that could damage my body or affect the functions of my body.”

This was the wish I made while that bestial wrath was having its way with me.

——-but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t be dissolved by the gastric acid of this worm! Furthermore, my abilities wouldn’t prevent me from suffocating to death inside this worm!

I desperately tried to pull myself out of its mouth. Thank god, it didn’t have a tongue!

In the middle of that tiny window of light to the outside world, I saw Mo Chuan leaning against a tree near the cliff face. One of his arms had been dislocated, probably as a result of the worm forcefully dragging me out of his grip. He looked at me, stunned, his face, a deathly white at this moment.

I wonder what I looked like in his eyes?

Ahah…It was probably similar to what I saw when I was being attacked by that bestial wrath. That was after all, the maximum effect of my disguise ability.

I probably looked like a pile of minced meat and blood that had just been sent down the throat of a worm.

Di Qi Ju: Mo Chuan…

Mo Chuan:…

I don’t think he heard me. However, he suddenly came back to his senses, with a determined look on his face. He crouched down and with his uninjured arm, put his dislocated arm back into its socket with a sickening twist!

After which, he slowly closed his eyes and adopted the prayer pose.

Is he planning to…

This stupid guy…

Isn’t this your best chance to escape? Didn’t you say you could climb up the cliff wall by yourself?

Aren’t I already dead in your eyes?

What kind of stupid crap are you trying to pull now?!

That’s enough, Mo Chuan.

From the moment you jumped off that bridge, it was enough.

You mustn’t risk yourself anymore for my sake.


—–Can’t you just take better care of yourself…why must you make me worry about you so much???

Di Qi Ju: Mo Chuan—!!

Mo Chuan:……

Di Qi Ju: Mo Chuan—-!!

Mo Chuan: ……!?

Mo Chuan finally opened eyes, meaning that he hadn’t entered the world of stars yet.

I lifted both my legs and hooked them onto another fang, and with a forceful clench of my hand—-

Di Qi Ju: AAHHHH—-!!!


A broken fang spun through the air like a pinwheel and pierced solidly into the ground.

??: Hisszzttt—–!

The giant worm gave out a pained howl as its body began trembling. However, all this was unknown to me as I focused all my attention onto both my arms.

As the adrenaline coursed through me, the already tremendous strength given to me by my wish ability was further enhanced.


Di Qi Ju: God damn you—-


Di Qi Ju: Tell me—-


Di Qi Ju: Exactly what does it takes to——


Di Qi Ju: KILL YOU—-!!!!

*crack crack crack*—–

Fang after fang began to fall off the roof of its mouth like a bunch of stalactites, piercing the surface it landed on. As each fang fell, an ear splitting howl echoed within the surroundings.

Each fang I pulled out, resulted in a geyser of worm juices that covered me in a disgusting layer of fluid. But this goo did nothing to disrupt my razor sharp focus.

Soon there was only two fangs left in its entire mouth, of which I used to support myself. Even so, the worm still didn’t collapse.

It immediately reeled in its sickle-like pincers as it tried to close its mouth. Its head madly flailed about as it writhed in pain, felling any tree that stood in its way.

Di Qi Ju: You motherf*cking wish to eat me—-

Di Qi Ju: A piece of sh*t like you wish to eat me—-


My tightly clenched fist flew through the air and slammed right into the incoming pincers. As its chitin-like pincer collided with my fist, it cracked under the sheer force of my punch. My fist penetrated right through it, leaving a gaping hole in its wake.

With this acting as my pivoting point, I drew my leg back and kicked at the worm’s gums in a goal kicking pose.


Flesh and bone gave way as my leg ripped through its lower jaw, exposing my calves to the fresh air outside.

I hooked my other leg onto the outside of its mouth, pulling my body down into its gums.

With my entire body firmly secured to its gums, no amount of struggling by the worm would be able to affect me now.

Focus…focus all your strength into this one punch.

There was no skill to speak of naturally. I was just a normal high school graduate with absolutely no form of combat training. But this godlike strength of mine had already given me some ideas on how to attack. All I needed to do was focus all my strength into a single strike.

Di Qi Ju: You Goddamn prick—-

Di Qi Ju: Why aren’t you dead yet—-?!!?

As I violently tugged at its pincers, the giant worm’s shaking turned into violent tumbles over the ground.

Amidst this vomit inducing roller coaster ride, I heard a loud ripping sound echoing in my ears, similar to the sound of onion peels being torn off.

The writhing pincer suddenly stopped struggling and no longer resisted my arms.

The giant worm’s violent tumbling had stopped as well. It gradually slowed down in a series of twitches before finally stopping completely.

As I looked at the lifeless pincer in my hands, a wave of disgust hit me. All that worm meat, chitin and god knows what fluids…

Ripping out that pincer must have damaged some important part of its nervous system, causing it to die.

Di Qi Ju: Haa…haa…haa

Di Qi Ju: phew…

The wave of adrenaline finally passed and all that remained was a sense of heavy fatigue.

I tiredly pulled myself out of the worm, and as I did so, my gooey body fell out of the meter high mouth and onto the ground headfirst.

Mo Chuan: Di Qi Ju—-!

Mo Chuan immediately leaped from his safe vantage point and carried me away from the worm, placing me by the cliff face.

Mo Chuan: Ju…

Di Qi Ju: I’m fine…I’m fine…

Di Qi Ju: Can’t you tell from my energetic voice that I’m fine? Hah…ha….

Mo Chuan:……

Di Qi Ju: I’m just slightly spent, I need to rest a while…

Mo Chuan: Ju, who are you…

Di Qi Ju:…

Di Qi Ju: Err…

I gave a bitter laugh before turning my head towards Mo Chuan.

There was no sign of fear or discomfort in his eyes, only concern and confusion.

Di Qi Ju: I guess I’ll have to come clean, there’s no point hiding this anymore.

Di Qi Ju: This was the present granted to me by Westrealm.

Mo Chuan: …granted by God? Wish ability?

Di Qi Ju: It’s the ability you see before you.

Mo Chuan:…rapid regeneration and immense strength?

Di Qi Ju:……

Looks like it would take more than a few words to explain this. But I’m just too tired to explain after that adrenaline-packed battle.

Di Qi Ju: Let’s just leave it as that.

Di Qi Ju: Also, my wish points are higher than most people. After all, I’m shouldering the will of so many lives.

Mo Chuan:…?

Di Qi Ju: Either way, when you died just now, I made a desperate wish to God, a 10,000 point wish to save your life.

Mo Chuan:……!?

Di Qi Ju: Who knows, God might have thought that I spent too much and so decided to pass the remaining wish points onto you.

As I explained, I watched the amusing changes on Mo Chuan’s face.

It was a praiseworthy spectacle.

Mo Chuan: Was that 10,000 points all of your wish points?

Di Qi Ju: Of course not. I still have plenty to spare so you don’t have to worry about returning them to me.

Mo Chuan:……

Mo Chuan: If one was able to properly utilize these 10,000 wish points, it’s entirely possible to control the entire human race.

Mo Chuan: Why did you come to Honor’s expeditionary force to look for work?

Di Qi Ju: I guess it’s because I don’t have the intellect to utilize that many wish points.

Di Qi Ju: All I can think of is how to live a decent live in society…

I don’t want to die. I do not want to die just like this.

That was the cry of the tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in that disaster.

And I am the bearer of that collective will.

Because I, more than anyone, know that I am just an ordinary person.

An ordinary person that could die without a moment’s notice.

And so I must always remember, for the rest of my life, that painful lesson.

Mo Chuan:……

Mo Chuan: Alright then.

Di Qi Ju:…?

Mo Chuan: Everyone has their own reasons for doing things. In a sense, a seasonal wolf mingling among humans has no right to question your reasons.

Di Qi Ju: What?

Mo Chuan: Do you feel that life right now…is good?

Di Qi Ju:……

Di Qi Ju: As long as I don’t have to spend anymore time in a monster’s mouth, I’ll be satisfied.

Mo Chuan:……

Mo Chuan: Hahahaha—–

Mo Chuan: By the way, what was with all the cursing just now?

Di Qi Ju: That…please ignore it…

Mo Chuan: That was the first time I’ve heard you curse, I’m afraid I can’t forget it that easily.

Di Qi Ju: Do you want me to introduce you to my ancestral memory wiping technique?


Hahaha…that’s right. This is the reaction I’ve wanted.

My faith in Mo Chuan was well spent.

This guy, is someone I can befriend without any reservations.

With a friend like this beside me, what else can I ask for?

??: Sigh…

??: Is this carefree attitude due to an ignorance of the danger you’re in?

Di Qi Ju: …!

Mo Chuan:—-!?

A woman’s voice.

Both of us turned our heads towards the direction of the voice. It came from the depths of the woodlands.

There, we saw a slender figure dressed in an austere set of robes walking towards us. She wore a hood that blocked everything from view except for her jaw and nose.

This embroidery, this voice…it reminded me of a certain incident.

??: Oh, there’s some blood spilled…I guess I’ll explain the situation later.

??: Let’s get you two patched up first.

As she lowered her hood, a blonde head full of shoulder length locks revealed itself. On it was a beautiful face without any make-up. Instead of beautiful, perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe her face as being an elegant flower arrangement.

It gave off the aura of someone who stood out from the crowd whether she was beautiful or not.

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Di Qi Ju: You are…

Di Qi Ju: ….Inquisitor Hilda Carlyle??



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