Chapter 20: Bestial Wrath

The sea of stars before me began to dissipate into the background. This signaled the end of the wishing process and the start of its fulfillment.

There was definitely something different about my body, but thankfully I didn’t end up as the supporting pillar of some house this time. There was merely a weird sensation coursing through my body.

My wish should’ve been fulfilled right?

I calmly opened my eyes and…

Di Qi Ju:…

Di Qi Ju:……

In front of me was a bloody abyss that emitted a foul smell. Above it was a pair of nostrils pointing at the heavens.


I looked at my sides, and as expected, a pair of scimitar like fangs were flanking my head.

I felt pressure on the lower left side of my stomach. Looking down, I saw four bone-deep claw marks extending from my left shoulder to the left side of my abdomen; the shirt above it, ripped to shreds.

Within the claw marks, the exterior of my organs and bones could seen by the naked eye. The skin previously covering them could be seen strewn about the claw marks.

Time froze for me as the cruel reality sank in.

Disgusting…I feel like puking…

Am I…going to die…?

No, wait, my left chest seems to be fine…there’s no traces of the claw marks.

Was that…an illusion?

That’s right. That should be my illusion ability at work.

It even fooled me? Does it work against everyone? Even myself?

??: Roar———-!

That animal-like roar nearly deafened me as the air vibrations echoed from the abyss in front of me and into my ears.

No, that’s not an animal-like roar; it’s literally a giant beast’s roar!

Half of its body was still buried in the ground. It had probably ambushed me while I was making wish.

It’s body and head were similar to a wild boar but instead of hooves, it had a pair of razor sharp claws.

Due to the proximity of the metal tube when it attacked, its head collided with the tube as it tunneled out of the ground.

I wonder if this was the reason why it didn’t tunnel out of the ground completely? However, this did not stop it from trying to bite off my head and rip me to shreds.

Di Qi Ju:……

Beads of cold sweat dripped down my forehead as I stared at the monstrosity in front of me. It truly terrified me. Even if I knew that my ability would protect me from dying, I was still unable to shake off the fear.

Just over ten days ago, I was still an everyday high schooler with no combat experience. Not just that, I barely attended the Physical Education classes in my school. I was just a bookish nerd.

This sort of scene was simply something I would never in a million years expect or prepare for.

What should I do? Why did this have to happen? Why must I face this sort of danger…?

Perhaps if I asked nicely it might stop. Something like “Please let me go…don’t attack me.”

However, reality was never this forgiving. If it was…that disaster would’ve never happened.

My vision was engulfed in darkness as the beast bit down on my head. As it did so, a sticky carpet like material grated against the front of my face. The foul smell from before got even stronger causing me to gag and nearly puke.

He’s trying to bite off my head….

Di Qi Ju: Ahhh…

Di Qi Ju: That’s ENOUGH!—-

My instincts finally kicked in as I began flailing wildly with my arms.


One of hands connected solidly with the beast’s bristly chest.

??: Guwooo….

??: Roar—–!!

The pressure on my neck instantly retreated as the beast withdrew its head in pain and fell on its back. I was once and for all free from that choking stench.

Finally I was able to get a clear look at the beast. Judging from the parts above the ground, it’s entire body must’ve been at least four meters in length!

It’s upper body got entangled slightly by the metal tube as it fell. Its claws danced in the air as it tried to break free.

Somebody…I need to get help!

That sound…it must’ve broken the metal tube. Someone should be on the way here now!


??: Rooarr–!

Di Qi Ju: ——-!

A short moment later, the beast fell silent.  There was something growing out of its ear…no wait, something was stuck behind its ear.

A red fluid started flowing down from behind its ear as its monstrous body limply toppled to the side.

The monster that had just terrorized me was now nothing more than a mass of spasming muscles. While I had just begun to recover from the shock, I was still lucid enough to know that the danger had passed; it was dead.

As I turned in the direction the arrow was shot from, I saw Lee Sole’shot standing there with a second arrow nocked.

Di Qi Ju:……

Lee Sole’shot:……

Di Qi Ju: Is it…dead?

Lee Sole’shot: I think so…

He withdrew the arrow while he walked up to the beast, and stabbed down hard on its neck.

The blood slowly dripped out of the neck. Upon seeing this, the tension in Lee Sole’shot was immediately released.

Lee Sole’shot: It’s alright…it’s dead.

Lee Sole’shot: No, no, it’s not alright—-Little Ju! Are you okay!?

Di Qi Ju: I…

Di Qi Ju: Seem to be…

Lee Sole’shot: Let me have a look—–

One’day High: Little Ju—-Little Ju—-

It was at this moment that a rampaging One’day High came crashing through the trees.

One’day High: Holy s***—-! This is a… “Bestial Wrath”?

Di Qi Ju: It…seems like Lee Sole’shot managed to kill it.

One’day High: Little Ju, are you hurt?

Lee Sole’shot: He shouldn’t be. It’s just his clothes that are torn.

One’day High: Oh…that’s good. Thank god.

One’day High: What’s that slime on your body?

Di Qi Ju: This…

Di Qi Ju: Ah haha……



A short moment later, the soldiers arrived on the scene and took over the garrison duty. As for us, we were invited to a place laborers like us would usually be unable to enter. The military tent. In the middle of the tent, Ethan listened carefully to the soldier recounting the events of our garrison

Ethan: I see, I get it now.

Ethan: So you are saying, Mo Chuan has nothing to do with this incident?

Mo Chuan:……

Ethan: Assign a new job to Mo Chuan, the others will stay behind to undergo further investigation.

Ethan: Officer Breman should be patrolling this area today, I’ll go get him.

As our eyes saw him out of the tent, my heart started thumping.

Di Qi Ju: …Is this a serious matter?

One’day High: Normally, the expedition would not allow normal laborers to face such dangers. Even if they did, they would first check the area or leave someone behind as a lookout.

Halfmoon Leak’age: But those tracks that I found were too obvious to have been overlooked.

Lee Sole’shot: Well I don’t really care. As long as it’s not charging at me, I’m able to shoot it to death from the side.

Di Qi Ju:……

A short while later, Officer Breman entered the tent and sat down in front of us.

Among the mass of black and brown heads, his golden head of hair was as eye-catchingly dashing as ever.

Breman: Gentlemen, it’s been a while. The last time we met was during the first, fourth, eighth and last batch of recruitment tests.

Di Qi Ju:……

One’day High:…It’s an honor to have been remembered by you.

Breman: Pleasantries aside, Di Qi Ju, are you sure you aren’t injured?

Di Qi Ju: I’m fine, thank you.

Breman: I’ve seen a summary of the incident and there’s some questions I need you guys to clarify.

Breman: Have any of you ever seen a “Bestial Wrath” or anything similar to it, in the flesh before this?

A short pause later, only Halfmoon Leak’age raised his hands.

Breman: Ah, so that’s why you were able to identify that it was a Bestial Wrath from just that mound of soil.

Breman: Halfmoon Leak’age, are you aware of what a Bestial Wrath’s favorite food is?

Halfmoon Leak’age:…It’s an omnivore so it’s able to anything from the roots of a plant to a large animal.

Breman: In short, it won’t let go of any easy prey it spots.

Halfmoon Leak’age: Mhm…you could say that.

Breman: In that case, do you guys think that Di Qi Ju fits the bill of an easy prey?

Everyone turned towards me with a confused look in their eye. They didn’t understand the implications of the question.

Lee Sole’shot: If one had to make a comparison, I would say that I would be an easier prey than him.

Di Qi Ju: There’s really no need for that right now…

Breman: Oh that’s right—-your self-created arrows are pretty impressive Lee Sole’shot. Your archery and craftsmanship is on par with the archers and arrowsmiths in our expedition.

Lee Sole’shot: Mhm, it is my bread and butter skill after all.

Breman: One’day High realized that something was amiss after seeing the tube sink on his end. After he got there, he found out that the other end was lifted up by the Bestial Wrath.

One’day High:…Mhm.

Only allowed on

Breman: —–But, the problem still lies with Di Qi Ju.

Di Qi Ju:……

Breman: Let’s put aside the matter of why you ended up as the target; I already have a rough idea why.

Di Qi Ju: …?

Breman: …Can you tell me, how did you manage to make it out of the Bestial Wrath’s mouth?

Di Qi Ju: I…

S***, no matter what, I must not tell him what happened that day.

Di Qi Ju: It…suddenly popped out of the ground and clawed at me. I reacted by falling back but my clothes got caught in that brief moment…

Di Qi Ju: After that…Lee Sole’shot came over and shot it to death.

Lee Sole’shot:…

One’day High:…

Halfmoon Leak’age:…


What…what’s with this reaction. Even though none of them raised any objections, it somehow feels like no one believed me.

Breman: …Di Qi Ju.

Breman walked up to me and stared at me with a serious expression, pressuring me with those blue eyes of his.


Breman: The rest of you can leave. Bring them to their new workplace.

Breman: And then…bring Di Qi Ju to me. I want to have a private talk with him.

Di Qi Ju:……

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