Chapter 62 – Taste Bug

With the first person starting the process, a second person quickly followed…

Those who had touched the robe would stand at one side while those who had not would stand on the other. Some individuals tried using excuses of having dirty hands due to their chores to escape the test, but Huan Qing Yan had already prepared for this situation; she had prepared clean water and cleaning items in advance for these people to wash their hands before getting them to touch the robe.

None could avoid the test.

After an hour, the hundred over individuals gathered had all touched the robe!

When everyone stretched their hands, all of them were found to be clean, none of the hands displayed any black stains.

When everyone touched the robe, the sudden wind blowing within the hall also stopped, the candles had also returned to its original calmness. However, this only caused the atmosphere to become even creepier.

Huan Qing Yan said to Madam Huan, “Mama, release the taste bugs…”

Madam Huan nodded her head and took out a small box from within her sleeves. When she opened it, a dense layer of pinhead-sized round bugs began to climb out of the box and quickly approached the servants.

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Taste bugs were normally kept by imperial chefs and were not considered rare, their main purpose was to perform taste tests, there were five types of taste bugs and were categorized by the flavors: sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness and saltiness.

These taste bugs immediately pounced at the servants and began to climb on them.

Majority of the individuals had taste bugs climbing on them but there were also twenty-odd individuals who did not have a single taste bug on them, the difference in appearance was very distinct!

When Huan Qing Yan saw them, she said in anger, “Arrest the individuals who do not have any taste bugs on them!”

The twenty-odd people all began to panic, one of them said, “This servant had served the Huan Family loyally, why did you order to arrest us?”

“Indeed, this servant refuses to accept…”

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“Loyal?! Humph!” Huan Qing Yan smiled coldly, “I soaked my Papa’s robe with salt earlier on, those who have salty taste bugs on them were people who had touched the robe; while those who did not have any bugs on them meant that they have a guilty conscience and did not dare to touch the robe. Those on their left and right, quickly apprehend these traitors of the Huan Estate, those who do so will be given a reward of a hundred silvers…”

The twenty-odd people began to panic, one of them said in frustration, “What a cunning girl, we have all fallen into your trap!”

“We have many people, let’s force our way out!”

They had already witnessed Huan Qing Yan’s abilities this afternoon, from how badly Huan Dong Hai was beaten up, they knew that they were no match for these people.

Although Huan Dong Hai’s state was mostly in a way self-inflicted but it was also a fact that Huan Qing Yan was powerful and was able to win a Four-Star Spirit Master despite only being a Three-Star Master. They knew that nothing good would happen to them if they were to be caught.

Therefore, everyone’s first thought was to run.

However, the doors were already locked from the outside.

The loyal servants with taste bugs on them had already surrounded the traitors, this was an opportunity for them to prove their loyalty to their masters. On top of that, they could earn a hundred silvers as reward, so their enthusiasm was at its peak.

However, these traitors were not weak, twenty-odd people was not a small number, some took out the weapons that they had brought and hidden while some were Sesame Star Spirit Masters, this led to a standstill between the two sides. Huan Qing Yan’s heart only grew colder as the time passed, her earlier threats of confiscating their belongings and having Old Woman Ya on standby were only meant to scare them, however, it seemed like there was no need to hold back on punishing these people.

Not only that, they must be sent to the authorities to be jailed for a period.

However, the standstill was quickly broken by Huan Jiu Li, as the seven-foot-tall man with exceptional strength dashed into the group and instantly brought down a few strong looking men who were holding weapons. As he did, he also released his Three-Star Spirit, it was a type of bird which looked very ugly and big. However, it managed to easily suppress the low rank Spirit Masters within the group.

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