Chapter 2: Tender Loving Care

The next day, I woke up once more.

The same room, the same view.

My companion, the oil lamp, was taking a break today. Instead the sun took his place; it’s warm radiance shining in from the window and onto the blanket covering me.

I guess yesterday’s events weren’t a hallucination after all.

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I tried up to sit up and lower my legs, but that tiny movement alone wore me out. It felt like I just ran a 100m dash.

Is my body really that exhausted? I guess I’ll just lie in bed.

Right at that moment, the door opened and yesterday’s raincoat lady walked in.

Oh wait…It’s not a raincoat. Being of a much clearer state of mind, I recognized that ‘raincoat’ for what it truly was: a hooded robe. It was woven from a coarse brown cloth, giving it the look of the robe worn by a priest or farmer.

As the owner of the mysterious female voice walked to my bedside, she finally revealed her identity. She pulled back her hood, revealing a head of silky long hair. She was a brunette and like the people I saw yesterday, her face resembled a set of features I’ve never seen before.

However, she was beautiful. Very beautiful. Like the white pistil of a flower, her beauty gave an impression of tender bashfulness. What’s more, her age gave her beauty a mature flavor.

??: …You’re awake?

She asked with a simple smile as she sat on the bedside.

Di Qi Ju: Yeah…

Di Qi Ju: How may I address…

??: My name? Let me think, my name translated into mandarin should be…

??: Poppy.

Di Qi Ju:……

Poppies were a beautiful but evil flower…  [1]

Di Qi Ju: There are poppies in this world as well?


Poppy: You seem have accepted that you’ve come to a different world.

Di Qi Ju: Uh——-

Di Qi Ju: I’ve half-accepted it. The other half I will have to confirm myself.

That’s right. By all accounts, I should be dead right now.

Even if and that’s a big if, I managed to survive, I shouldn’t be lying on a bed in a place like this.

Transmigrating to a different world, no matter how plausible, required a round of verification at least.

Poppy:So, what’s your name?

Di Qu Ju: Oh, my bad…My name is Di Qi Ju.

Poppy: Di Qi Ju? As expected of a different world, such a unique naming sense.

Di Qi Ju: Haha……

There definitely isn’t a person with an equally unique name beside me right now!

Poppy: I’m guessing you have a lot of questions for me right now, but let’s have breakfast first.

As she said this, she took out an equally unique looking bowl of porridge: white with strains of green mixed into it. While it wasn’t what I expected, the color wasn’t repulsive either.

Di Qi Ju: Alright…Thank you.

I watched as she scooped up a spoonful of porridge and gently blew on it and…

…Sent it right into her mouth.

Di Qi Ju: …Eh?

I guess that was her breakfast? I must’ve misunderstood her words?

I guess the dream of having a beautiful mature lady gently feed me porridge one spoonful at a time was just that…a dream.

As I reflected on my broken dreams and heart, Poppy suddenly put down the bowl. Lifting up her slender pale thighs, she mounted the wooden bed.

Di Qi Ju: Hmm????

She straddled my body and slowly parted her brownish red hair. Gently closing her eyes, she grabbed onto my face and slowly descended.

Di Qi Ju : Ah wait wait wait——-

Just as our lips were about meet, she suddenly stopped and opened her eyes.


*Insert picture of someone swallowing*

Poppy:——Oh right!

Di Qi Ju: What’s right??

Poppy: You’re awake so there’s no need to feed you this way.

Di Qi Ju: …….

Hold on. If my understanding of the Chinese language is correct, doesn’t that mean that she…

Di Qi Ju: You’ve done it before?

Poppy: If I hadn’t done so, you would have starved to death long ago.

Di Qi Ju: Aren’t there other methods? Isn’t doing that kind of awkward?

Poppy: What’s wrong with doing it, the feeling of two tongues meeting is quite enjoyable.

Why did I feel like her words and her serene smile didn’t match up at all! Her actions weren’t any better either! While she said this, her face was as close as ever to my face; a slightly sweet-smelling breeze blew into my nose as she spoke.

Ahhh…That wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear!

Di Qi Ju: Hold on! When did you find me? How long have I been unconscious?

Poppy: Well, today should be the eleventh day.

Di Qi Ju: So for those 11 days…you were doing it?

Poppy: Yup. Not just feeding, I helped to clean your body and excrement as well.

Di Qi Ju:……

Hearing this, a chill ran through my body.

Wait, why does it feel kind of chilly under this blanket? It was at this moment that I discovered the naked truth!

As if my discomfort had been discovered, Poppy flashed me an alluring smile.

Poppy: Its,….ok. Even your sphincter had a beautiful form.

Di Qi Ju:……

Di Qi Ju:…..



I, Di Qi Ju, male, 16.

Have been praised as beautiful for the first time in my life.

And the reason was, my beautiful sphincter.

Poppy: Ah? You’ve fallen asleep again?

Poppy: I guess there’s no choice but to use the old method.

Di Qi Ju: I’m not asleep!!!

I mustered what strength I had left in my body to sit up and squeezed her to the foot of the bed. With her out of the way, I quickly pick up the bowl of porridge and poured it down my throat.

To be honest, as boy who has had zero experience with the opposite sex at my age, I do not mind her advances.

Or should I say, no man would reject the advances of a girl that suits his taste.

But! I do mind that there were things I was not aware of being done to my body!

While I am aware of them now, I still hate it!

Di Qi Ju: I’m done eating!

Poppy: Oh, you seem pretty energetic as you drank that porridge. Have you recovered? Looks like my hard work over past 10 days weren’t in vain after all.

Di Qi Ju: Now…with my belly full of questions, I have two important questions to ask.

Poppy: No problem, go ahead and ask. I was planning to tell you more about this world anyway.

Di Qi Ju: Firstly, what’s your age?

Poppy’s smile apparently went on a lunchbreak, leaving her expressionless momentarily.

Poppy: 26 years old. SINGLE.

So she’s older than me by 10 years. Wait, why did she emphasize the word single?

Di Qi Ju: Second, is there any part of my body that hasn’t been violated?

…The room went quiet for a minute

Poppy: Quite a lot! The digestive system, the immune system, the circulatory system…..

Di Qi Ju: So everything on the outside has been violated !?!?

Poppy: wuuu…Don’t tell me I’ve done something wrong?

Di Qi Ju: Don’t tell me you did something right??

Poppy: But…there’s a young and cute boy sleeping in front of me. There’s no way to not do anything!

Di Qi Ju: ……

Poppy: ……

Di Qi Ju: ……

Poppy: ……

Di Qi Ju: Anyway, can you at least let me wear some clothes?

Poppy: Sure. Got it. Affirmative.



When I woke up this morning, my acceptance of this whole ‘transmigration into a different world’ thing was at 50%.

Right now, it’s at 90%.

Why? Because: with a personality that is definitely ‘out of this world’; a lady like poppy could only exist in a different world.

Footnotes: [2] – Thought of as evil because of its use in making Opium.

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Di Qi Ju (第七剧): His Surname, Di Qi means no.7 or seventh in Chinese while his given name, Ju, means a play/drama/show etc. Putting them together, you get the best name ever, 7th Drama.

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