Chapter 3: God of Wishes

Poppy: Let me confirm some matters with you.  Do [Wish Points] and the [Wish Deity] exist in your world?

Di Qi Ju:…No. We have a ton of imaginary gods but I’ve never heard of this “Wish Point”.

Poppy: Looks like Westrealm only cares about this world

Di Qi Ju: Do you mind starting from the beginning?

Poppy: Westrealm is not only the name of this world but also of its God.

Poppy: All highly intelligent organisms are given a wish point by Westrealm on their birth and that wish point is taken back on their death.

Poppy: Wish points are points you use to fulfill your wishes. It allows these organisms to grow and develop on their chosen path.

Poppy: As long as that organism has enough wish points, any wish can be granted.

Di Qi Ju: Any wish?

Poppy: That’s right, any wish. You can even destroy a world.

Poppy: However, destroying a world would require an astronomical amount of points.

Poppy: A highly intelligent organism is able to choose how many points he wishes to invest in a wish, but if that amount is insufficient, the wish will be unfulfilled or only partially granted.

Poppy: All the accounts and rules regarding wish points are the result of countless experiments by our ancestors at the expense of their own points.

Poppy: The realization of our wishes is a provable phenomenon. This is why Westrealm, the God of Wishes, is now the sole God for a large majority of the highly intelligent races.

Di Qi Ju: So, if there are two opposing wishes, how will this contradiction be settled?

Poppy: If that’s the case, Westrealm will grant the wish of the party that invested more points.

Di Qi Ju: I see…as expected of a religious order.

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Poppy: However, the people today no longer simply spend their points on fulfilling tasks but rather spend them to advance their own abilities.

Poppy: Wish points are valuable so investing them on your own person is the most cost effective way to invest them.

Poppy: Regarding this, you can invest points on a single ability multiple times, letting you reap a permanent benefit.

Poppy: Wish points can’t be transferred but abilities gained from wish points can be passed on.

Poppy: Nowadays, the education philosophy of the different countries favor stimulating a person’s inner talents and using wish points to breakthrough a developmental choke point.

Poppy:  To people born with a large amount of wish points, this has helped them develop abilities they would normally not have.

Di Qi Ju: Abilities huh. It’s definitely more dependable than investing on completing a task.

If that’s the case, “Wish Points” are kind of like “Talent Points”.

Poppy: For example, the reason I’m able to communicate with you is because I made a wish to God.

Hearing this, my final doubt was finally cleared up.

For a resident of a different world to be able speak Mandarin right off the bat, seemed strange…No, they must have possessed the relevant capabilities to do so.

Di Qi Ju: So…the wish you made should be to gain “an ability to understand languages”?

Poppy: It wasn’t such an ambiguous wish. If the wish is too ambiguous, the likelihood of it being fulfilled is low.

Poppy: By that same logic, the more specific and targeted a wish is, the less points will be needed and the greater your benefits.

Poppy: I made a wish to the God of Wishes to be able to “engage in verbal communication with highly intelligent organisms”.

Poppy: Which means I’m not well versed in your language but rather the wish converts  any words you hear into your language.

That makes sense. If the God of Wishes is able to fulfill any wish, an ability like this while not the same as understanding a language, does the job well enough. Plus, it is much cheaper and easier to fulfill.

Di Qi Ju: An average person would possess how many points? How much did you spend on that communication ability?

Poppy: The normal range for a human is between 60 to a 100 while the other race could possess more or less than humans.

Poppy: The amount I spent came out to to 100.

Di Qi Ju: ……

Di Qi Ju: So you are saying you are born with more wish points than normal people.

Poppy: Eh hey~☆!

…Miss Poppy…that overly serene face of yours really isn’t suited to acting cute.

Poppy: 100 points is a boundary point for ability wishes. The effects you get from investing 100 points is completely different from investing 99 points.

Di Qi Ju: Are you able to breakthrough that boundary?

Poppy: 100 points is called the “First Boundary” , as for the boundaries after that, most people wouldn’t even think about it.

Di Qi Ju: Mhm, after all their natural points limit is usually less than a hundred.

Poppy: People who are born with wish points higher than 100 are often regarded as important human resources.

Poppy: Those with 200 points are able to make 2 wishes that cross the boundary. As such, these people are regarded as “dragons among men”.

Poppy: The heroes mentioned in history are rumored to have abilities that are almost worth a thousand points.

Poppy: There are even legends that say the person who founded the human society and its laws possessed an astonishing 10,000 wish points. He was known as the “person closest to God”.

Di Qi Ju: Wow, sounds impressive.

However, it’s just a legend. Alternative facts and hyperboles naturally play a part in these legends.

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Poppy: However, compared to the race with highest known wish points, our points aren’t that high.

Poppy: It’s been said there exists a mysterious organism who possess over 100,000 wish points. They are recorded in the history books as the “heroes closest to God”.

Di Qi Ju: 100,000……

Poppy: With 100,000 points, you could probably breakthrough the “Second Boundary” and the “Third Boundary”.

Di Qi Ju: Well you are pretty impressive already, with your 100 points and all.

Poppy: But that is an ability I got for my job, not one that I wanted. Plus, what’s impressive is only my prowess in communication. Furthermore, I’ve quit my job…

Poppy: Because of my job, I used up my points. Because of my job, I’m single till now. Because of my job, I’m now unemployed. Haha…

Poppy: As long as you have enough wish points, you can make as many ability wishes as you want. Sigh, I think I will use my remaining points on “destroying the world”.

Di Qi Ju: Oh you still have some remaining…No matter what, let’s start by banishing those evil thoughts? Hm?

Poppy: By the way, let’s see how many wish points you have, Little Ju.

Di Qi Ju: I don’t think I possess any wish points…Why am I Little Ju??

Poppy: Even if it’s a foreigner from a different world, as long as it’s a highly intelligent organism, the God of Wishes will grant him wish points.

Poppy: Come, I’ll teach you how to examine your wish points. Oh and you can call me “Little Py” if you want.

Di Qi Ju: Alright…Hey, stop sneaking in weird nicknames into your sentences!

Di Qi Ju: And before that, can you please give me the clothes I requested for in the previous chapter.

Poppy: ……

Di Qi Ju: Also, isn’t that a stool over there? Stop sitting on my body! Just sit on that stool.

Poppy: ……

Poppy: …Alright.


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