Chapter 44 – Young Mistress, Is That You?

Cuppa: I changed the State Teacher to Great Augur as I found out they were the same person. This Great Augur was mentioned when MC obtained her first Flying Star.

The Great Augur was an old elder who looked to be in his seventies, the skin on his face was loose but his expression was solemn, “To his Majesty, since we used the person’s body part to perform the divination, the crystal ball would definitely display her current location and what she is doing… If there is no display, then it could only mean that the girl is dead.”

“Dead? Without falling sick or meeting any calamity, how could a person possessing a Top-Grade Egg Star; one who rank up within a day on top of that, be dead?” the Emperor could not figure it out.

“Isn’t Huan Bei Ming also the same. He is in his prime, yet he is now dying? Maybe it is a type of hereditary disease within the Huan Family?” The State Teacher guessed.

The Emperor fell deep in thoughts.


When Huan Qing Yan regained conscious, she discovered the powerful Spirit Energy that nearly cost her life was now tamed and stored within her Dan Tian.

On top of that, her Dan Tian was also full.

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She checked her surroundings and noticed she was still within the dimension, that tiny Lingzi sprout had also grown to the size of a potato plant*.

(Cuppa: About 60cm tall)

“Hey, are you awake?” the reincarnated girl asked with her weak voice.

“What happened?” Huan Qing Yan was confused.

“Your soul was attacked by the fierce rush of Spirit Energy, it caused you to enter a state of deep sleep. I barely manage to take control of the body and guide it to slowly absorb the Spirit Energy. As you know, my soul is incomplete and weak, therefore I was unable to control the body for a long period each time and could only tame the energy one bit at a time. We have already stayed here for about two to three years…”

Two to three years?

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock!

Even after factoring in the time conversion, it would mean that about one and a half months had passed?

“Why did you not go out? What’s the current situation outside?”

Huan Qing Yan’s instincts suddenly began to tell her that something was amiss, her eyelids also began to twitched* unknowingly.
(Cuppa: Chinese belief that twitching eyelids meant a bad omen. Some also belief that depending on which eyelid twitched, it could be a good omen instead.)

The reincarnated girl gloomily replied, “I also wish to go out but I am unable to control the dimension. The dimension seems to recognize the owner via their soul and not simply through blood, so I was unable to leave…”

Huan Qing Yan was shocked. Such a thing can happen too?

“It might be also due to your incomplete soul, making it unable to control the dimension. It should not be such a complicated thing like recognizing ownership via the person’s soul. I am having a bad feeling about the situation outside, let us quickly leave.”

Although her Spirit Energy within her Dan Tian was filled, yet she did not rank up.

This might mean that you could not perform a rank up within the ancient bowl’s dimension as the Flying Star was unable to enter.

As a person of the Spirit Treasure Continent, it was likely that ranking up was only possible when you were within the Spirit Treasure Continent.

This dimension of the ancient bowl seems to be very powerful, it could even isolate the person within from the rules of the Spirit Treasure Continent.

The next moment, Huan Qing Yan returned to the training room with a thought.

The training room was extremely quiet and was giving off an eerie sort of silence, it did not feel like this in the past.

Huan Qing Yan deactivated the formation of the training room and walked out.

Upon reaching the corridor, countless white drapes of mourning entered her eyes as they were hanging down along it. The serving girls and ladies along the corridor were also wearing white clothes of mourning, their expressions were filled with sorrow.

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Just as Huan Qing Yan wanted to stop someone to ask about the situation, a sound of surprise came from a short distance away.

“Young Mistress, is that you?” the familiar voice of her personal serving girl, Luo Qiao, was heard.

Luo Qiao’s eyes were puffy and red, signs that she had been crying daily, she was also wearing the white clothes of mourning. After a moment of hesitation, she ran over and approached Huan Qing Yan.

Even as the personal maid, Luo Qiao could not confirm her guess!

This was because Huan Qing Yan’s image had changed greatly, the fat chick that was over 150 kilos in the past…

Was now about 45 kilos, her figure was slim while her facial features were pronounced, not one bit of it looked the same as she was before. Only those proud peaks on her chest had some semblance of her young mistress’s past form.

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