Chapter 50 – Open The Coffin

After paying his respects, the Silver Mask Guard used a calm voice and announced, “The Heart Digging Murder Case is getting out of hand. I am here under the orders of the empire to perform an investigation, I have reason to suspect that the death of Imperial Chef Huan was related to it. My purpose here was to open the coffin and inspect the corpse, I hope everyone here will cooperate!”

When the words were spoken, a commotion immediately exploded within the ceremonial hall.

Some felt afraid, “The Heart Digging Murders? This cannot be, Uncle Bei Ming was killed by that crazy murderer?”

“Pui! What nonsense are you saying? Bei Ming died young from over exhaustion because that capable adopted son of his wasn’t around to assist him properly. It could never be related to that crazy murderer… Lord Silver Mask, everyone who had seen Bei Ming’s body can guarantee that his heart was still intact when he died, there is nothing wrong with the body!” a sly-looking clan relative who happened to look like a rat and was also a Spirit Master said.

Huan Qing Yan knew he was a Spirit Master because she noticed the faint Sprit Treasure imprinted on the person’s wrist.

Huan Qing Yan was not flustered, the Silver Mask Guard would not be easily deterred by the words of these people.

As expected, the Silver Mask Guard coldly replied, “Whether there is something wrong or not, it is not up to anyone of you to decide. Open the coffin!”

When the clan members saw how determined the Silver Mask Guard was, they dared not speak further and could only shift their focus onto Madam Huan, “As the wife, how could you allow outsiders to open the coffin on the day your husband is to be buried? The auspicious time for the burial has arrived, the coffin is also nailed shut. If the coffin is opened, won’t it disturb the peace of the dead? Why did you not speak up and say anything?”

“Also, Qing Yan. It is not us, the elders, who are trying to label you as unfilial but you should know how much your father cares about you, right? Suddenly bringing an official here to open your father’s coffin, aren’t you worried that your father would pass on without peace and will climb out from his grave at night to haunt you?”

Madam Huan only felt her face being covered in spit as the surrounding people talked. She was also afraid that these clan relatives would spread rumors and destroy her daughter’s reputation. In this era, being crowned as unfilial was an exceptionally heavy stigma. She rather the target of these verbal assaults was focused only on her so that her daughter’s reputation could be protected.

Therefore, she aggrievedly turned to the Silver Mask Guard and said, “Lord, I urge you to be magnanimous…”

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Huan Qing Yan could not help but feel suspicious at these group of relatives, why were they going so far to stop the inspection? Were they afraid of something being exposed?

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The Silver Mask Guard could not be bothered to speak further and took out a silver token to show it to everyone, “Anyone who obstructs an official investigation would be put to death on the spot!”

Next, he walked towards the coffin and placed two fingers on top of it. Without anyone knowing how he did it, the coffin lid that was supposed to be nailed down was immediately opened…

When those clan relatives saw what had happened, they knew that things were now beyond their control and could only shut their mouths. Some who were beginning to feel guilty began to quietly sneak away, no one knows where they were heading.

Huan Qing Yan quickly went over to look inside the coffin.

Her father’s body was placed facing downwards, except for wearing a plain white robe, nothing else was found within the coffin…

When Madam Huan saw it, she exclaimed in shock, “Ah! Who flipped Bei Ming’s body? Where are the burial offerings? The Three Treasures of the Imperial Chef; the burial items made from gold, silver and jade; the flowers and herbs that possessed Spirit Energy… And where is the coat made of jade slips?!”

Huan Qing Yan’s face turned cold, the burial treasures made from gold and silver aside. Her Papa being an Imperial Chef was bestowed a specially crafted set of Three Treasures by the Royal Family; the Imperial Wok, the Imperial Knife and Imperial Spatula. These were exceptionally valuable items! But now they were all gone?!

Even the clothes on his body was removed? These people were simply vicious beyond words!

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