Chapter 34: Top 10 Outstanding Communist Youth League Member

“You drank too much, right?” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character spoke softly at Li Daxing’s ears, with an ice-cold smile on his face.

Li Daxing trembled as he swallowed his spittle. His breathing became rushed after that, with his gaze flickering.

Su Ke raised his arm at this time as if to pat Li Daxing’s shoulders, but before he could do that, he heard the 180 cm tall chap in front of him suddenly open his mouth. “Headmaster Liu, I was drunk at noon today!” His voice sounded pitiful.

“Huh? What’s this about now?” Liu Peihua’s complexion became gloomier as he shot a glance towards Li Xueling sitting on the sofa.

“Boy, stop spouting drivel!” Li Xueling naturally knew that his son was drunk, but this wasn’t the time to reveal the truth. He got up and kicked his son to the side, roaring as he pointed his finger towards the office door, “Get out right now!”

Feeling humiliated, Li Xueliang made his son go outside. He walked right in front of Liu Peihua and pointed towards Su Ke. “Headmaster Liu, you must expel Su Ke!” As if issuing a decree, his words were resolute.

Su Ke suppressed the anger burning within his heart. He also had some doubts about Li Xueliang’s attitude and wondered what backing he had that he dared to speak in such a way to the headmaster.

At this moment, the cell phone on Liu Peihua’s table started ringing. He waved towards Li Xueliang and answered it, “Hello, Director Li!”

“It’s been a long time. Your business really has you occupied!”

“Oh, you called about Feifei? Her grades are pretty good!”

“You’re too modest. After all, I consider Feifei to be someone akin to my niece!”

“Oh? You mean the incident during noon? I understand. Mhm, feel relieved. It’s just a scuffle between children, not at all a serious matter!”

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“Alright. We can meet when we have the time!”

Liu Peihua placed the cell phone down and cast a solemn gaze towards Su Ke. He gave Li Xueliang another look but didn’t speak anything for a while. The headmaster’s office suddenly became quiet.

“Headmaster Liu, what’s the final decision?” Li Xueliang also calmed down. His words weren’t as irascible as before, yet he had a strained look on his face.

“They’re all children, so there’s no need for any expulsion!” Liu Peihua didn’t get angry due to Li Xueliang’s disrespectful mannerism. Instead, he smiled towards him.

When these words fell into Su Ke’s ears, he knew what the headmaster’s intentions were. It seems that the matter is settled. Was it due to the call just now?

He pondered over it. Headmaster mentioned a Director Li just now and then spoke about Feifei. Did that girl, Li Feifei, do something to help me?

“Headmaster Liu, I believe it won’t be good to handle this matter in such a way. If Director Zhang learns of this, our school might lose the qualifications to advance!” Li Xueliang said so and returned to sit on the sofa. He brazenly smoked a cigarette and looked towards Liu Peihua.

Hearing his words, Liu Peihua indeed felt hesitant. This Li Xueliang had a relative who’s a Director of the city’s Education Bureau. The reason he was able to get the position of the Director of Discipline was also due to this relative.

At this moment, Su Ke had already resigned himself to fate. He stood silently to the side and entered the Flower Pickup System’s space, as he had heard a mission issue beep sound again.

“Mission: Obtain Li Yuhua’s phone number; Reward: 500 RMB.”

“Fudge! Who the hell is Li Yuhua?” Su Ke was dumbstruck. This name was unfamiliar to him, and he had never heard of it before. To get the phone number of a person you’ve simply never met, how could such a thing be accomplished? It was a pipe dream!

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Liu Peihua muttered silently to himself, unable to make a decision, yet his rumination was once again interrupted by his phone’s ringing. Indeed, the call he had received before from Director Li was to ask a favor regarding Su Ke, and he had already promised it. But this Li Xueliang pressured him using Director Zhang from the Education Bureau as it looked like he had no patron behind him.

He had no way to release the fury in his heart. Liu Peihua had already become fidgety and the call at this moment made him furrow his brows. Only when he saw the caller id did his complexion transform as he proceeded to answer the call with much haste, and a gentler voice.

“Hello, Chief Wu!”

“Yes, I’m at the school! What?! You’re coming over here?!”

“Su Ke? He’s our school’s student!”

Hearing Su Ke’s name suddenly from Liu Peihua’s mouth startled Li Xueliang, making him perk up his ears to listen in.

“Okay. We’ll be waiting at the office. Mmn, I’ll ask Su Ke to come over!”

For some reason, Li Xueliang had a bad feeling. When he saw Liu Peihua put down the phone, he asked in a milder tone, “Headmaster Liu, was the call from Deputy Bureau Chief Wu of the Education Bureau?”

What baffled him was that he didn’t even receive a reply. Liu Peihua instead turned toward Su Ke and asked with a cheerful voice. “Su Ke, did you catch a thief a few days ago?”

Su Ke was still mulling over the identity of that Li Yuhua. He naturally nodded when he heard the headmaster question him.

“Good! ‘To see what is right and act courageously’! Prepare yourself. In a moment, the leaders of the city’s Education Bureau and Communist Youth League Municipal Committee will come over to meet you. You mustn’t be nervous at that time!” He came over in front of Su Ke as he instructed and wore a pleased expression while patting Su Ke’s shoulders. “Good child. You’ve brought honor to our school!”

Su Ke only responded at this moment, raising his head to glance at Liu Peihua. Before he could speak, the headmaster pulled him towards the sofa and cordially made him sit down. Su Ke was somewhat unable to adapt to this kind of change.

“Headmaster Liu, are you going to expel him or not?” Although Li Xueliang thought the situation wasn’t good, he still insisted on throwing Su Ke out of here. Only, he was frightened by Liu Peihua’s following reaction.

“Li Xueliang, you better control your son properly in the future. This matter of expulsion isn’t within your reach now. Chief Wu, as well as Secretary Li of the C.Y.L Municipal Committee, will come over soon. You better think about the consequences before you lose face. Su Ke has already been appointed as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Communist Youth League Members of Langfang City!”

Li Peihua scolded Li Xueliang in one go, pouring out all the anger that had piled up in his heart. After that, he pointed towards the office door, saying – “Go out and be on the lookout! You must inform me as soon as the leaders reach the school gate!”

“Eh? Top 10 Outstanding Communist Youth League Member?” Li Xueliang’s brain seemed as if it hadn’t started working yet. He made a puzzled face, but he knew that it was impossible to expel Su Ke at this time and hence turned back to walk out while mumbling.

Looking at Li Xueliang leave the room gloomily, Li Peihua gave out an unrestrained laugh, completely unbefitting his image, as if he hadn’t felt so happy in a long time. He then sat beside Su Ke.

He said kindly, “Aaah, Su Ke! In a moment, the person in charge of the Education Department of the Education Bureau, Deputy Bureau Chief Wu Chengjie, and the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Li Yuhua will come over to meet you! When the time comes, you must emphasize on the moral education of our Seventeen Senior High. This is an excellent opportunity to win honor for our school!”

“Oh!” Su Ke nodded like a robot. He didn’t expect this Li Yuhua to appear so quickly. Deputy Secretary of the C.Y.L Municipal Committee. According to his speculations, this kind of leader ought to be a well-aged person, just how will he obtain their phone number?

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