Chapter 35: Extremely Awkward

The discussion proceeded very harmoniously. The city’s Education Bureau’s Deputy Bureau Chief, Wu Cheng Jie, C.Y.L Municipal Committee’s Deputy Secretary, Li Yuhua, both of them exchanged their opinions on the moral education of students amiably with the Headmaster of Seventeen Senior High, Liu Peihua.

As for the lead role on the scene, Student Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, he quietly remained seated on the sofa, inadvertently glancing towards Li Yuhua sitting opposite to him. Chief Wu and Secretary Li were sitting on the sofa at the other side.

C.Y.L Municipal Committee’s Deputy Secretary, Li Yuhua, wore a half-sleeved chiffon shirt as the top, which had black dots sewn into it, giving it an elegant and noble style. The collar also had a bowknot streamer which adequately covered that plump and firm bosom. She wore a black tube-skirt below, with the shirt’s hem tucked inside and her legs slightly inclined to the side. Void of the currently fashionable stockings below the skirt, it instead gave her legs a glossy look.

Her legs had slender curves, and her knees were perfect without the least amount of flab. The skirt seemed to be a tight fit. Hence, she had placed both of her hands on her thighs. Su Ke even thought that if she hadn’t done so, he could have taken a peek at the view inside her skirt.

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He immediately shook his head, thinking, Now’s not the time to have such thoughts. However, this Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee indeed possessed a unique charm.

Jet black hair flung down her head, revealing her clear forehead; she looked very experienced with slight makeup on her alluring oval face. Her gaze seemed extremely gentle, paired together with her contrasting monochrome dress, she exuded a graceful, dignified presence.

Perhaps because she felt Su Ke’s gaze, Li Yuhua slightly turned her head to look face to face with him. He was alarmed immediately and lowered his head; his heart throbbing madly.

It was just impossible to determine this woman’s age. She could be around 27, but could also be 31 years old. She possessed tender skin as well as a youthful spirit, yet her manners of speech revealed her womanly charm.

“Hehe. Please excuse me, Headmaster Liu. I need to go to the washroom!” At this time, Li Yuhua got up and nodded towards Liu Peihua, intending to walk out.

“Sure. Su Ke, show Secretary Li the way. It’s towards the left once you leave the room!” Liu Peihua pointed to Su Ke. After all, this was a basic courtesy.

“Alright!” Su Ke stood up and pushed open the office door. He turned towards Li Yuhua and gestured towards her, “Secretary Li, this way!”

Li Yuhua gently smiled towards him and followed him. The high heels she wore caused a ‘ta ta’ sound to echo out as they hit the floor. As the sounds fell into his ears, he felt as if they were hitting his heart, which made him somewhat nervous.

Fortunately, the ladies washroom was the end of the corridor. He finally relaxed after watching her enter inside. For some reason, Su Ke felt very awkward as he stood near the doorway of the ladies washroom. Although he knew that it wasn’t possible to see anything, he still peeked towards the door a few times.

The teaching block was tranquil. Su Ke shifted a few steps to listen in. A creaking sound came through from inside, which indicated that Li Yuhua had pulled the booth door open. Afterward, being unable to hear the gurgling water sound which he was anticipating made him a little disappointed.

To wait was a matter of endurance for a human. Especially so for Su Ke, the corridor he was standing at was extremely quiet. Being bored to death, he leaned back against the wall.

“When’s she gonna come out?” Su Ke mumbled and couldn’t help taking another glance towards the doorway. Although only a few minutes had passed, he felt as if hours had gone by already. He pondered whether this nomination of Top 10 Outstanding C.Y.L Member would give him any extra marks in the college entrance exam.

If I truly get extra credit, I ought to do good deeds more often! Thinking about how he was portrayed as a noble youth who acts righteously when he only intended to complete the mission from the Flower Pickup System, Su Ke could only sigh about the world’s marvelousness.

“Fudge! Why hasn’t she come out yet?!” After waiting so long, Su Ke felt that something was wrong. Isn’t she taking a little too long?

Five minutes? Or 10 minutes? Has it already been 15 minutes? She didn’t collapse inside, right? As his thoughts reached this conclusion, Su Ke felt his heartbeat became irregular, baffled to whether he should probe out or not.

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Li Yuhua was also currently in a dire state. She clenched her hands into fists, and her palms were covered in sweat, but she had to confront one grave and awkward reality – There was no toilet paper.

She waited, hoping a student would arrive inside and then she could perhaps request for help, but even after waiting for a long time, no one had come inside. The rims of her eyes had become red from anxiety. She didn’t know what to do!

Will I have to call that boy outside? After thinking it over again and again for a long time, she still wasn’t unable to make a decision. After all, with her identity, this awkward matter was really embarrassing.

Su Ke paced to and fro in front of the doorway, glancing towards it from time to time. Although he couldn’t make out anything, he wished that Secretary Li would come out soon. At this time, a mission issue beep sound echoed out in his mind.

Entering the Flower Pickup System space, a new mission had appeared on the LCD screen.

“Mission: Help deliver toilet paper to Li Yuhua; Reward: Motor Vehicle Riding Proficiency.”

Su Ke was dumbstruck when he saw the mission.

“No toilet paper? Fudge, this can’t be happening!” Though Su Ke knew that since the system had issued the mission already, then this matter was definitely real. But he couldn’t go in and ask her whether there was paper or not, could he?

He scuffled the hair on his head, feeling as if his heart had leaped to his throat.

“Hoooh!” After calming down his breathing with great effort, Su Ke stood in front of the doorway and finally summoned his courage. “Secretary Li! Secretary Li!”

Li Yuhua was trying hard to maintain her posture. Her waist and legs had already begun aching long ago. In such an idle and helpless state, she suddenly heard a knock on the door. At the same time, Su Ke’s voice reached her.

Su Ke knocked on the door, but there was no voice from inside. He held the door’s handle, feeling his arm tremble from the nervousness. If she didn’t request him to enter, he would be accused of trespassing into the ladies washroom. Let alone removed from the Top 10 Outstanding C.Y.L Members, he would be labeled as a pervert and handed over to the Public Security Bureau.

“Su Ke!”

“Hmm?” Su Ke felt as if he heard someone call out his name, but this voice was very tiny, which made him have a little doubt. He perked up his ears and stuck to the toilet door to hear clearly.

“Su Ke!”

The voice sounded out once again, as indistinct as before. “Secretary Li, did you call me?” Su Ke clenched his teeth, carefully pushing open the washroom’s door slightly, his eyes wandering as he took a peek inside.

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