Chapter 36: Delivering Paper

The entire washroom consisted of three identical gray colored toilet cubicles. Each cubicle’s door had a roughly 10 cm gap from the floor at its base.

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The gray partitions of the cubicles and the white floor tiles formed a contrast with each other, looking very clean. Right now, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character stood outside the door of the washroom, with his legs wobbling as he opened it a little to explore his head inside. “Secretary Li, did you call me?”

Su Ke himself didn’t feel his voice coming out as he spoke, shuddering from nervousness, it resembled a tone a thief would possess, cautious about taking a step forward, and hence having to take a look inside to probe out.

“Su Ke!” Li Yuhua’s mosquito buzz like tiny voice came out again from the innermost cubicle.

“Yes!” Su Ke gulped down and answered.

“C-Can you bring me s-some toilet paper?” Li Yuhua stammered as she spoke out her entire request. Her mind relaxed once she made the request, even Su Ke calmed down as well, quickly replying to her in a relaxed tone.

“Okay, wait for a while!”

Su Ke withdrew his head back and stood outside the door to keep guard, but there was a new problem now. “Fudge! I don’t have any toilet paper!” After searching all the pockets, except for a few money bills, he didn’t even have a 5cm tissue paper! *What should I do now?*

*If I return to the headmaster’s office to get the paper, wouldn’t that be blatantly selling out Secretary Li? Will I have to go the ground floor to buy it from the school’s store? By the time I return, it would be already too late. I fear this awkward problem of Secretary Li would fade away along with the breeze, becoming just like dry-air!*

After blankly looking around at a loss about what to do next, Su Ke’s sight inadvertently fell towards an office room nearby the washroom. It had ‘Financial Affairs Room’ written on its doorplate.

“I hope it’s a male teacher!” Su Ke prayed in his heart to the Jade Emperor, Yuanshi Tianzun (Primeval Lord of Heaven), Songzi Guanyin (Guan Yin, Bringer of Children) and various kinds of unconcerned Daoist immortal figures asking for help just this one time!

“Knock-Knock!” The entrance door of the Financial Affairs Office was made of thick material, causing the knocking sound to echo out. Su Ke took deep and coarse breaths, all hope of acquiring paper was now entrusted to this one door.

“Creak!” The door was pushed out from inside. Su Ke took a deep breath and before he could catch sight of the person inside, he nervously blurted out his request.

“Teacher, can you lend me some paper!”

“Hmm?” At this time, a woman explored her head outside, looking at Su Ke standing outside, she was a little astonished.

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“Eh!” Su Ke raised his head to take a look. The one who appeared from the Financial Affairs Office turned out to be a female teacher. She appeared to be middle-aged, around 30 years old, wearing a delicate metal framed spectacles paired with her lovely cheeks. She looked over towards him while her hand pushed the bridge of the spectacles up a little, her eyes filled with puzzlement.

“Fudge! What the hell! Why does it have to be a female teacher!” Su Ke’s cursed in his mind. His prayers towards the Gods and Buddha just now apparently turned out to be a waste of time. If it was a male teacher, he could have easily made the request, but fate had something else in mind.

Su Ke’s face blushed from top to bottom immediately. He had formed fists at both of his hands unconsciously, even his voice became tiny. “Teacher, can you lend me some paper!”

“Paper?” The teacher repeated after hesitating a little, sizing up Su Ke once. Looking at his distressed appearance, she giggled lightly. “Okay. Which paper? I don’t have school exercises paper here, will A4 sheets be fine?”

“Eh!” Su Ke became more embarrassed when questioned by this teacher. He opened his mouth but didn’t how to say it properly. After all, to a schoolboy who was often reserved and slow-to-respond before, asking an unfamiliar teacher to lend him toilet paper, was a really tall challenge.

But, C.Y.L Deputy Secretary was waiting inside the toilet for him to bring paper!

“Teacher!” Su Ke could even hear the beats of his heart, with a bitter face, he continued speaking. “I-I want to borrow some toilet paper. I need to go to the toilet!”

“Haha!” Su Ke unexpectedly made her laugh in such a short while. Looking at his helpless, blushing appearance, with his brows seeped in sweat by doing only such an action, perhaps because he was nervous or maybe due to holding it in for too long, his appearance was really embarrassing.

“Wait here!” The teacher turned around to return, and at that time, the ponytail at the back of her head swayed left and right.

“Here you go!” Soon, she appeared in front of Su Ke once again. Extending the fingers of her snowy mutton fat jade-like tender arm, spreading out her scallion-like long jade fingers, she handed him the things he’d yearned for.

“Eh, there’s no need for this much!” The teacher was really considerate. She handed him an entire roll of toilet paper which was enough for 3-4 usages, so he subconsciously declined.

“Keep it! It’s not like it’s an important thing!” Allowing no explanations, she directly dropped it in his hands, making him almost moved to tears as he expressed his thanks while nodding.

After receiving the toilet paper, Su Ke blindly made suit towards the washroom’s door. “Secretary Li?”

“Yes!” Li Yuhua answered from inside.

“Shall I bring the paper to you?” Su Ke felt his throat become dry, his voice turning a little hoarse, waiting nervously, unsure of whether she heard him.

“Yes!” After hesitating for a while, Li Yuhua’s voice came through once again.

“Get yourself together, bud! No matter what, you’re entering the ladies washroom after obtaining Secretary Li’s permission!” Su Ke clenched his teeth and directly opened the washroom’s door. He had hardly stepped inside, when his legs turned into jelly, almost making his slip down.

It was his first time entering the ladies washroom since his birth. An event with the chances of it happening with the same odds as the creation of the universe by Pangu, let alone, there was Secretary Li inside here!

Li Yuhua heard the sound of the door opening and knew that Su Ke had entered inside. She nervously looked at the knob of the cubicle, it was closed, but her heart still thumped madly, causing her to place her right hand on the knob subconsciously, fearing Su Ke would open it.

Little by little, he shifted his steps towards the innermost cubicle. Su Ke’s back was already drenched in a layer of sweat and the toilet paper in hand was also almost crunched into a paper ball.

Su Ke knew, at present, only this door separated him and Li Yuhua. He felt his mind turned blank as he realized this, both his mouth and tongue went dry. He bent down slowly, but didn’t lean down too near, but couldn’t be too far as well.

His right hand holding the toilet paper trembled slightly as he moved it towards that 10 cm gap under the door. Just as it explored inside, he felt his hand relax, the toilet paper had already separated from his hand.

“Thank you!” Li Yuhua’s voice came through again.

“Eh… You’re welcome!” Finally, the mission was finished. Su Ke relaxed his breath and fled from there immediately, running as if he was escaping outside. Leaning on the wall outside the washroom, he took rough, deep breaths.

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