Chapter 37: Versatile Piloting Skills

After a while, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character heard movements from within the washroom. His heart once more leaped up to his throat. Nervous and embarrassed, he lowered his head to gaze at his feet.

“Creak!” Followed by a creaking sound, the door was pushed open. Li Yuhua slowly walked outside and stopped beside Su Ke before speaking.

“Thank you. Will you keep this matter a secret?” Although she was aware that Su Ke was merely a student, his position, circle and hers were separated by innumerable miles, but she still had her own womanly self-esteem and didn’t wish for a third person to know about this matter.

“Where did you bring the paper from?” Li Yuhua immediately asked this question. After all, she could guess that Su Ke didn’t have any paper with him before and this place was the office building. He didn’t go to the headmaster’s office to look for Liu Peihua to get it, right?

Su Ke threw away all the bad scenes within his mind to the side and adopted the identity of an honest student once again to give an explanation. “I borrowed it from a teacher inside the Financial Affairs Office! I said I was going to use it!” Su Ke pointed towards the nearby closed entrance door while speaking.

“Oh!” Li Yuhua could lay down her worries with this completely. However, to speak the truth, Su Ke’s handsome cheeks were already blushing and his nervous expression contained a hint of shyness, which contrarily made Li Yuhua relax. “I’m quite optimistic about you for this time’s Langfang City’s Top 10 Outstanding C.Y.L Members. If all goes well, you’ll surely be elected into it!”

“Mmn!” Su Ke nodded and didn’t express anything else.

“You can come find me if you’re troubled with anything later!” She continued, in order to give Su Ke some kind of compensation. She set out to leave after this.

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“Secretary Li, can you give me your number?” Su Ke knew the timing wasn’t suitable, but if he didn’t ask now, he might never get the chance to do so ever. After all, the mission to obtain her phone number had a reward of 500 RMB, it was already enough to cover the food expenses of several months.

Hearing Su Ke’s request, Li Yuhua sub-consciously furrowed her brows. She didn’t seem to approve of this action of his. Su Ke immediately followed up. “Please don’t misunderstand, Secretary Li. I’ll only call you if it’s for an urgent matter!”

Despite disapproving of Su Ke’s manner of asking, it didn’t bother Li Yuhua much. She faintly muttered to herself and told him her phone number. Overall, she had a pretty good impression of Su Ke.

Su Ke heard the mission completed beep sound from the Flower Pickup System and smiled, expressing his thanks towards Secretary Li. The two of them returned to the Headmaster’s Office after that.

“Hehe. Chief Wu, Headmaster Li, I’m sorry!” Li Yuhua first called out to them after entering inside and followed up with these words. “I was chatting with Su Ke outside for a moment. It appears that our Seventeen Senior High is indeed making a pretty good effort on cultivating the moral character of the students!”

Li Yuhua made up a reason to explain the why they were late to dispel the doubts of those two men. Actually, it appeared that they hadn’t noticed her oddness.

Only, returning back to sit on the sofa, Su Ke could only sigh in his heart. Zhang Wuji’s mother once said to him – “The prettier the woman, the greater of a liar she is.” Those people from the ancient era really spoke the truth!

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Ever since Li Yuhua returned back to the Headmaster’s Office, her bearing had turned graceful and dignified once again. It was quite difficult to associate it with her stifled figure in the washroom from before, squatting with her butt perked up.

Education Bureau’s Wu Chenjie also didn’t forget to praise Su Ke’s righteous actions, while saying a few words to Li Peihua. “Su Ke’s actions have obtained a widespread high praise from the citizens of Langfang. I’ve also seen that video on the ‘Langfang Rexian’ website, it has a lot of comments and has already become the hottest topic.”

“This also acts as one kind of invisible propaganda towards the image of our education system. Naturally, the contributions of Seventeen Senior High for cultivating a person like Su Ke will not go unnoticed. After all, Su Ke was personally nominated by Secretary Li!” Saying thus, Wu Chenjie turned to glance at Li Yuhua.

“Indeed!” Li Yuhua also nodded to confirm it. “Su Ke’s actions can be considered to be acting for a righteous cause. Let alone a nomination for the Top 10 Outstanding C.Y.L Members, I believe this matter should also be informed to the city’s Public Security Bureau (PSB). After all, this is a matter worthy of publicizing!”

Headmaster Liu Peihua wore a smile on his face, looking towards Su Ke with a fervent expression. This made him feel sick in the stomach, but he too was helpless and smiled as well.

Luckily, the two of them got up and exchanged greetings to prepare to leave. Wu Chenjie patted Su Ke’s shoulders as he left, while Li Yuhua was quite reserved, merely casting over a profound smile towards him.

After confirming that it was impossible for him to get expelled, Su Ke relaxingly left the office building. Right now, the class period still hadn’t ended, so the entire campus was deserted, exceptionally serene.

As he walked, Su Ke accessed the Flower Pickup System’s space. There were notifications about three missions on the LCD screen.

“Mission: Obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss; Reward: Senior High School Comprehensive Sciences Proficiency (Intermediate Level)”

This mission was here for a long time, he didn’t know when he will be able to complete it. Su Ke looked at the next one.

“Mission: Obtain Li Yuhua’s phone number (COMPLETE); Reward: 500RMB.”


“Mission: Help deliver toilet paper to Li Yuhua; Reward: Motor Vehicle Piloting Proficiency.”


He selected to withdraw the reward without any hesitation. Immediately after that, a bright light appeared with that space. Enormous amounts of information appeared within his mind and he even felt that his body had experienced some kind of transformation.

“Fudge! Even a trolleybus too?” Su Ke was stunned. This Motor Vehicle Piloting Proficiency reward unexpectedly consisted of various kinds of vehicles, but most of them were clearly out of Su Ke’s reach.

However, regardless of whether it was mentally or physically, Su Ke felt an urge to go for a joy ride on a car. This really fired him up, the sensation he felt was similar to the excitement he felt when he was sneaking around in the washroom just a while ago to help Li Yuhua.

“Hooh!” Taking a deep breath, Su Ke suppressed the passion within his heart and stretched his arms outwards. At this time, five bills of 100RMB appeared within his hand.

Su Ke immediately shoved them into his pocket and planned to return to his classroom, but he somehow ended up before the Senior Year’s (2nd) classroom on the 4th floor.

To maintain the air circulation, the classroom’s door was kept wide open. The teacher appeared to be speaking something on the rostrum, Su Ke stood outside the door and peeked inside, his attention drawing towards one group of the students. Naturally, Li Feifei was among them.

She was originally attending the class conscientiously when she suddenly noticed a figure at the doorway. She swept her sight towards there only to realize that it was unexpectedly Su Ke, which made her furrow her brows.

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