Chapter 38: A Confession?

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was also astonished as to how he ended up climbing an extra floor in an unfathomable manner and stopped in front of Li Feifei’s classroom door. Maybe it was because he learned that she requested her father to send in a word for him to the headmaster.

Standing at the door under the gazes of many people, however, made him a little uncomfortable. His face became hot habitually. He nudged his nose and sent an ‘OK’ sign towards Li Feifei before turning to leave.

The teacher teaching on the rostrum slightly scowled but as the bell rang at this moment, the class immediately became filled with hubbub.

“Su Ke!” Li Feifei quickly ran out of the classroom and yelled out when she saw that he still hadn’t walked far.

Hearing her voice, Su Ke turned and walked back. “Hehe, with your blessings, it seems I won’t be expelled this time!”

He didn’t want to mention the fact that he was nominated for the city’s Top 10 Outstanding C.Y.L Members, although it could’ve been the reason he narrowly escaped this predicament. Looking at her face brimming with a happy smile, he nodded towards her.

“I knew you wouldn’t get expelled. Then, you must remember the matter you promised me!” Li Feifei always wore a youthful attire which possessed a girlish charm. Her tone at this moment seemed as if she was conversing with an old friend.

“Of course. A real man never goes back on his words, isn’t that so?” Su Ke shrugged his shoulders, noticing many students peeking at both of them with amazement and even jealousy.

“Hah! What real man!” Li Feifei giggled, openly joking with him.

“If not a ‘man’, would you say it’s ‘husband’?” Su Ke blurted out. After speaking this out, he noticed Li Feifei’s expression became blank as if she hadn’t heard it clearly. She immediately pouted at him. “Bah! You this pervert! Even death won’t be able to change your nature!”

“Alright. I’m gonna go. Come find me later if there’s anything!” Su Ke laughed. He always felt that someone or something had always been aiming their gaze at him at this corridor, which made him feel uncomfortable. He waved at her and quickly ran down a floor.

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“Oh! Su Ke, you finally came back!” He was just about to enter the classroom when he saw Wang Xiaogang leap towards him and then pull him to the side without giving any explanation. “What happened? I heard you scuffled with Li Xueliang’s son at noon today?!” Though he spoke in a low voice, Su Ke could clearly feel the concern within it.

“It’s nothing. The matter is already settled!” Su Ke patted his back and declined to comment. He felt happy for his concern, as he didn’t have that many friends in the class.

“Hmm. That brat is very fearless ‘cos his father is our Dean of Discipline. I fear he’ll cause trouble for you!” After Wang Xiaogang said this, the bell which represented the beginning of the next class rang.

Sitting in his seat, Su Ke quickly entered into study mode. Now, he had already planned everything well. After all, the hardness of forged iron depended on its quality. Although he had already cleared everything for Math, and also had hope for Sciences, he still had to put the effort in for the other subjects.

He attended the lectures with complete attention. Time passed unknowingly, and after the class ending bell rang, he stretched himself. At this moment, he noticed someone looking at him among the figures which stood at the class’s door.

Three young girls stood outside the door, exploring their heads inside the classroom. Clearly, Su Ke could feel they were discussing him, but he didn’t know what was going on.

“Su Ke!” One of them yelled, pointing towards him.

Su Ke was shocked. He obviously didn’t know the person who spoke just now. He was 100% sure about this because that girl’s attire was too weird. Her hair was a crew-cut style, with two huge and bright circular earrings at her earlobes. Her figure, however, was pretty good, curvaceous with nice womanly curves. Right now, she was waving at him.

Su Ke furrowed his brows. He didn’t like the way she dressed. Within his heart, perhaps he was fond of a sweet-tempered girly image like that of Wei Lan!

“Su Ke! Come out!” That crew-cut girl saw that Su Ke didn’t move and yelled again. At this moment, the gazes of everyone within the classroom fell on him. Especially Wei Lan, she rolled her eyes in anger, which made him tremble.

Confused and perplexed, Su Ke made over there. Wang Xiaogang patted his shoulder as he passed by him, giving a lecherous laugh. “Aaah, Su Ke, your luck with the ladies is really good! Morning, it was the campus queen, Li Feifei, afternoon, it’s another three beauties!”

“Scram to the side!” Su Ke said and walked towards the door. “You’re looking for me?” He asked the crew-cut girl. Only after coming near did he notice that this girl had even worn makeup. Her eyelashes were styled such that they seemed darker and longer, yet her eyes twinkled with a glaze.

“Hehe. Brother Su Ke, I heard you bravely nabbed a thief and also fought with the son of the Dean of Discipline, Li Daxing today noon! You’re indeed very manly!” That girl spoke with a familial tone, even calling him as ‘Brother’, which made Su Ke feel embarrassed.

“Hehe!” Su Ke didn’t say anything and merely grinned. “You were looking for me for something?”

“It isn’t me. Our family’s Qingqing wanted to meet you!” The crew-cut girl pulled her companion and whether it was intentionally or not, she pushed her towards Su Ke.

Su Ke quickly retreated back a step. He finally saw the appearance of the girl before him. She had fluffy short hair, dyed blonde in color. It looked as if a mushroom was planted on the head, but she had quite a refined appearance. Her lips were coated with lip gloss, a glistening rich red one. Seeing Su Ke gaze at her, she appeared to be feeling a bit shy.

“Brother Su Ke!” Her voice sounded sweet, making Su Ke gulp down unconsciously. That pure appearance coupled with her sweet voice formed a bright contrast with that blonde fluffy hair on her head. It made a looker feel an intense clash of their senses of beauty.

“Hmm, what’s up?” Su Ke felt his voice become gentler subconsciously as he spoke to her with a smile.

Qingqing’s cheeks became bright red under Su Ke’s gaze. She opened up her fisted hands and joined them together, trying to evade his sight. Su Ke looked at her with puzzlement. What’s with her?

“Say it! Say it!” The crew-cut girl and the other girl, both stood to her side and rocked both Qingqing’s arms with coordination, as if they were encouraging her. This made Su Ke even more confused.

“Is something the matter?” Su Ke asked again.

“Brother Su Ke!” Qingqing raised her head, nibbling her cherry lips with her spotlessly white, pearly teeth. Her breathing had become rushed due to nervousness. Su Ke looked at the wings of her nose open and close; it looked very cute.

“I-I’m from the Freshman Year’s (3rd) class, Liu Qingqing. C-Can I be y-your girlfriend?!” Liu Qingqing relaxed her breathing after saying this. Without even giving Su Ke time to react, she escaped the confines of her two companions and vanished like a wisp of smoke.

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Su Ke was shocked and stood motionless at the doorway. Did I get confessed to just now?

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