Chapter 77 – Special Trait

Having remembered, Huan Qing Yan turned to Lou Qiao and ordered, “Arrange an additional few older serving aunts to Miss Meng Yue’s place. She is not allowed to leave her place until the day she is married, especially the back garden, make sure she does not go there.”

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Madam Huan was stunned upon hearing her instructions, “Is it okay to keep her in house arrest? Meng Yue had promised me today, what’s more, she had always been timid and has nowhere else to go…”

“It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Madam Huan assumed that Huan Qing Yan was worried about Huan Meng Yue running away but Huan Qing Yan did not plan to explain the truth and allowed her to continue to assume wrongly.

Huan Xing Han urged, “Sis!”

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “Ok, let’s go play! However, we are not flying kites like girls. Since you are a man, you must become a man who is as powerful as Papa! Let’s go to Papa’s Aged Soup Chamber to play…”

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Huan Xing Han’s eyes shone brightly, “Ok! But… Papa never allowed Xing Han to enter in the past!”

Madam Huan worriedly asked, “Xing Han is still young, is it really okay for him to go to the Aged Soup Chamber?”

Huan Qing Yan smiled and gave her a reassuring gaze, “Now that Papa has gone, the Aged Soup Chamber will be accessible to us siblings. Sis will bring you there to have a look and understand how much effort Papa used to cook his dishes. From now on, you must follow our Papa’s example.”

“En. I will Sis.”


The Huan Family’s Aged Soup has a thousand years of history, its fire has never stopped before.

However, the fire was figurative and not referring to real fire but referring to the flame of inheritance.

In fact, it was a type of seasoning recipe in the form of soup. A small amount of this soup could be added into any dish to make it more fragrant and delicious as well as enhance the Spirit Energy value within the food. The Huan Family used an inheritance method of passing down the recipe solely to the eldest son of the generation.

Strangely, the main branch of the Huan Family always had few men in each generation, literally only the sole heir to each generation for past few hundred years. Therefore, when it reached Huan Bei Ming’s generation, he had no close male cousins at all*.
(Cuppa: For those who might have forgotten, those unscrupulous clan relatives branched away from the main line nine generations or more ago.)

When everyone assumed that the soup inheritance would end at Huan Bei Ming’s generation, Huan Bei Ming managed to surprise everyone and enhanced the recipe, allowing it to possess the special trait of having the probability to increase a person’s stamina attribute.

Stamina affects a person’s body condition and related abilities, even if the person wasn’t a Spirit Master, they would still be able to benefit from the increased stamina by having a healthier and stronger body, allowing them to live longer.

If consumed by a Spirit Master, the benefits would even be greater. It would also enhance their overall body abilities, obtaining an advantage when facing an enemy.

Within the Spirit Treasure continent, the spirit treasures awakened by each Spirit Master was unique and never completely the same.

Some had animal spirit treasures while some would have plant Spirit Treasures.

For example, turtle spirit treasure owners would inherently have very powerful stamina and possess an exceptionally high defense.

For bird spirit treasures, they would have extremely quick speed.

While bear, tiger, wolf type spirit treasure owners would have very powerful strength that could allow them to break trees or smash rocks with a single punch.

As for vine spirit treasures, the owners would have an agile body that possesses a high evasion rate coupled with strong endurance.

So on and so forth…

Stamina, speed, strength, mind, spirit power etc. were additional attributes that a Spirit Master can use to enhance their spirit treasures.

When the existence of the enhanced Aged Soup was known, it was sought after by the Hanging Cloud Empire which led to Huan Bei Ming being conferred the title of Imperial Chef, given an extremely high status as well as becoming a VIP amongst Spirit Masters.

This pot of Aged Soup was the reason the Huan Family’s status rose and attained its current prosperity but now, it had turned into the source and reason of calamity that befell the Huan Family.

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