Chapter 30 – The F*ck! This B*tch!

On top of that, if she were to join the Ninth Prince’s Household with the status of a slave servant, she could only become a concubine at most…

The fall in status was his way to humiliate her?

If Huan Qing Yan could have thought of this, then Huan Bei Ming naturally could do the same. He was a refined man and was utterly disgusted by Bai Cheng Feng’s scheme, while his face turned red in rage.

Even though he was confident in Little Yan’s potential and was sure she would not be weaker than him, but what if that minor probability he was worried of happened?

“The Ninth Prince’s goodwill was much appreciated, but I think we will not enter.”

Bai Cheng Feng emotionlessly replied, “This lord had seen Lady Huan stepping into the Star Attraction Pond earlier on. Since she had touched the water, then I will consider your departure as being unable to fulfill the minimum requirement…”

The f*ck!

This b*tch!

Huan Qing Yan had once again refreshed her understanding of Bai Cheng Feng’s level of shamelessness. It was either she takes the test willingly or takes the test even if she iss unwilling.

Just as Huan Bei Ming intended to speak, Huan Qing Yan pulled at his sleeves and said, “Papa, so be it. Your daughter will perform the Star Attraction here.”

The corners of Bai Cheng Feng’s mouth immediately reveal an expression of joy. Based on genetics, Huan Bei Ming was only a Medium Grade Star while Madam Huan was an ordinary person. The chances of his daughter dropping a grade and having a Low Grade Star was very high, it could be a Yellow Bean Star or even a Sesame Star.

When that happens and he got her to enter the Ninth Prince Mansion as a servant slave. Even if he does nothing, he would also have more than a hundred different ways to destroy her reputation.

By then, won’t Huan Bei Ming be rolling in his hands?

Before Bai Cheng Feng could laugh secretly for more than a second, he heard Huan Qing Yan’s voice, “Lord Ninth Prince, there’s punishment for having a grade below medium but similarly, there should also be a reward for obtaining a grade higher than medium, right? Do you dare to make a wager with this little girl? Let’s not talk about the Medium Grade – Almond Star, let’s wager something bigger! The High Grade – Walnut Star! If the star I attracted was of a lower grade than a Walnut Star then I, Huan Qing Yan, will serve as a servant slave under Lord Ninth Prince for the next three years. However, if my result is not lower than a Walnut Star, then Lord Ninth Prince will have to give me a precious treasure that’s currently on you…”

As she spoke, Huan Qing Yan quickly scanned Bai Cheng Feng’s body, trying to search for something expensive on him.

The surrounding people instantly began to buzz with conversations.

“Is this little fat chick a fool?”

“High Grade – Walnut Star? Her father, Huan Bei Ming, is only a Medium Grade – Almond Star. How could she be higher than an Almond Star?

“You never know, there might be a miracle!”

“Miracle my foot. Have you all forgotten about what happened during Glutton Festival? That chick has been admiring Lord Ninth Prince, even choosing him as the prince she wishes to receive the kiss from. I think she is deliberately doing this, entering the Ninth Prince Mansion as a servant slave to get close to him…”

“So that’s the case…”

If the marriage proposal wasn’t rejected earlier today, Bei Cheng Feng would have also thought the same. However, he was unsure about her motives now.

In front of such a large gathering, he was asked to wager by a little girl. If he declined, it would be bad for his reputation.

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“That jade pendant will do! If I am a High Grade – Walnut Star, then you will have to give me that jade  pendant. If I lose, then I will be a servant of the Ninth Prince Mansion. Do you dare to make the wager?”

Bai Cheng Feng looked at the Ink-Colored Jade Pendant on his waist and sighed in relief. This ink jade was a product from a nearby province and was an offering given by a lowly subject. He accepted it purely due to a moment of interest, this item has no practical use and was not even a spell armament.

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This item was not worth anything!

He equipped many different items on him, quite several them were spell armaments. Since a worthless item was picked, then there was no problem accepting the wager.

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