Volume 1, Chapter 51: Ya Xuan

Chapter 51

Ya Xuan (1)



Yun Qian Yu’s originally icy countenance turns even icier.  She speaks in a firm tone, “Even though Feng Ran is my Head Guard, he is also a friend, a brother and a loved one.  Being disrespectful towards him is being disrespectful towards me.  We are in Nan Lou Kingdom and Crown Prince Jin is a guest; your transgression will only be tolerated thus far.”


Long Jin didn’t think Yun Qian Yu will be this angry.  She didn’t show any reaction to Shi Hai and Rui Qinwang the other day while he only said so little to Feng Ran yet her reaction is already that big.  She even threatened him!  She is so protective!  People who managed to worm their ways into her heart are really lucky!


Feng Ran’s eyes flashes.  He knows Yun Qian Yu trusts him, he just didn’t think she will protect him to that degree.


Long Jin laughs, “Princess is so protective.  Your personality is the same as this prince’s imperial sister.  She can bully her maids and guards to her heart’s content, but others are not allowed to.”


Yun Qian Yu is not interested in Long Jin’s imperial sister; nobody in this world will share her personality.  Her environment is different, so her personality is also naturally different.  She coldly glance at Long Jin before continue walking forward.


Man Er who is behind her smirks at Long Jin.  Seriously?  He really wants to spar words with their Mistress?  He is clearly asking for it!


Upon remembering that his imperial sister will be here soon, Long Jin kind of anticipates the two ladies battling it out.


After walking for a while, Feng Ran speaks up, “Mistress, up there is Ya Xuan.”


Yun Qian Yu lifts her head; Ya Xuan is located in the most prosperous part of Tian Street.  It takes up quite a space.  It’s entrance alone is equivalent to the entrances of three shops put together.  There is a pavilion behind the entrance.


Two outstanding-looking men are keeping guard outside the entrance.  They step forward upon Yun Qian Yu and the rest’s arrival, “These commoners greet Your Highness the princess and Crown Prince Jin.”


Yun Qian Yu raises her eyebrows; Ya Xuan is indeed extraordinary.  The two guards can tell who people are with just a glance.  No wonder Ya Xuan receives so much support from famed scholars.


Yun Qian Yu nods and continues walking.


The two guards step forward to block her, “Please do not get angry, Your Highness. Ya Xuan does not discriminate when it comes to background.  If people wants to enter Ya Xuan, they must create a poem that is to our owner’s liking.”


Long Jin checks out Yun Qian Yu’s reaction from behind.  Feng Ran and Man Er on the other hand look at the two guards in anger.


Yun Qian Yu frowns, “One need to sit in order to compose a poem.  Don’t tell me everyone who came has to write in the middle of the street.”  Yun Qian Yu looks at the guards and the bustling street as she speaks.


Hearing that, the two guards look at each other in embarrassment.  They misunderstood her.  They thought she didn’t know about Ya Xuan’s rules.


“Forgive us, Your Highness.  We already prepared brush, paper and ink in a side-room.  Your Highness, please.”


They call it a ‘room’ but it is actually pretty luxurious.  The table and the soft-couch are all made of rosewood.  The brush, ink and paper on the other hand are from the finest quality in the capital.


One of the guards start grinding her ink, but Feng Ran pushes him aside and do it for her.  Man Er on the other hand flattens the paper before putting it in place using paperweights.


Once Feng Ran finishes grinding ink, Yun Qian Yu sits down before picking up the pen.


Long Jin follows them into the room.  He is really curious to see what kind of poems will women like Yun Qian Yu comes up with.  How different will her poem be from normal women’s.


In the room, other than Feng Ran and Man Er, everyone else is so curious.  Even the two guards outstretch their neck in curiosity.


Yun Qian Yu dips the brush in the ink before lowering her head.  Strands of her hair floats against her chest while her sleeve elegantly billows as she writes with her right hand.


The brush glides across the paper like clouds and water; unfettered like a flying dragon and dancing phoenix.  It looks flamboyant and uninhibited, unlike a girl’s writing at all.


Long Jin stares at the paper in astonishment; it is her?  The one who wrote that poem back then was her?  No wonder his search had been futile; he thought the writer had been a man.  It is actually a girl…. No wonder his half-year long of search had beared no fruit.


After getting over his shock, Long Jin peers over the content of Yun Qian Yu’s poem.  After one look, his heart starts beating fast.  It is really her, he knows for sure now.  No one can imitate that writing style.


His coming to Ya Xuan today is to see if he can find that writer, who knew he would really found her!  He is done for; he originally planned to find that writer to make him an official.


After Yun Qian Yu finish writing, Man Er steps forward and wave her sleeves, channeling her inner power to the paper.  The ink immediately dries.


The corner of the guards’ lips twitches, such a show off.  Is this what she uses her inner power for?  One of the guards collectd\s Yun Qian Yu’s paper.  After that, he invites Yun Qian Yu and Long Jin to sit for a while before using qinggong to go straight inside Ya Xuan.


Yun Qian Yu calmly sits in the couch, unhurried.


Long Jin did not compose any poem, it is clear that he already has a token at hand.  He did not sit and simply stands there with his hands tuck behind him, watching Yun Qian Yu with heated eyes.

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Feng Ran unhappily frowns.  In a flash, he places himself between the two people, his eyes threateningly placed on Long Jin.


Long Jin smirks at Feng Ran, completely giving off air of arrogance.


“Feng Ran, do not waste your effort.”  Yun Qian Yu lightly says; and it is enough to disperse the murderous aura off of Feng Ran.

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“You are right!”  The way Feng Ran looks at Long Jin immediately changes after Yun Qian Yu speaks up.  He good-naturedly walks towards Yun Qian Yu and leans against the couch, no longer paying any attention to Long Jin.


One of the guards that is left behind secretly sighs.


To be able to directly protect Princess Hu Guo, that man can only be the Head of Yun Guards, Feng Ran.  Never mind his Art of Poison, even his martial arts are something they cannot be compared with.  As for Crown Prince Long Jin, he is considered the God of War from Mo Dai Kingdom.  Lucky they didn’t fight.  If they do, Ya Xuan will crumble into pieces.  Thinking about that makes him breaks into cold sweat.


The guard that sent her poem to their owner quickly returns and respectfully hands her a silver token.  “Your Highness, this is your token.  Other than our owner’s private residence, you can go anywhere within Ya Xuan.”


Yun Qian Yu picks up the token and tosses it over to Feng Ran.  After that, she gets up and walks inside.


The guard helplessly stops her again, “Your Highness, Ya Xuan’s rule states that people with the token can only bring one servant with them.”


Yun Qian Yu raises an eyebrow before turning to Man Er, “You should bring back our things.”


Man Er glares at the guard; so many stupid rules.  She picks up the boxes of rouge and angrily heads back to the palace.


Yun Qian Yu did not continue walking, she simply stares at the guard with big eyes.


The guard scratches his head, not knowing why so.


Feng Ran snappily speaks, “Are there any other rules?  Say it now and get it over with!”


Finally understanding the situation, the guard speaks, “Ya Xuan only has one rule; there can only be literary debate.  Physical fights are not allowed.  Anyone who breaks that rule will be denied entry from then on.  Oh right, Your Highness’ poem is already hung in the Zheng Hall.  A lot of people are praising it.  Walk straight after entering the door, you will stumble upon two flower gates, that is where the Zheng Hall is at.”


Feng Ran quips in, “No more?”


“No more.  Princess, please.”  The guard is already sweating cold sweats after being stared at by Yun Qian Yu’s beautiful eyes.


Only then does she finally looks away before walking into Ya Xuan.


The two guards look at each other, wiping their foreheads.  That aura….  No wonder the emperor likes her and makes her Princess Hu Guo.


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