Chapter 31 – Mutually Attracted To Each Other?

“Since Lady Huan is in the mood then this lord shall accompany you. I agree to the wager.”

As he spoke, he looked spiritedly at Huan Qing Yan as though she was already in his grasp.

Huan Qing Yan on the other hand was screaming with joy in her heart!

From the previous life’s memories, she found out that ink jade was actually a type of special ingredient called the Ink Jade Lingzhi*, although it looked like jade, it was edible. The reason why Spirit Energy was not detected was because it was covered by its jade exterior; this was an item that was very beneficial to Spirit Masters!
(Cuppa: Lingzhi is a type of mushroom known for its medicinal properties, more information could be found here.)

This item was also the most valuable item currently on Bai Cheng Feng. Although he had not discovered its true purpose, but in the near future, he would eventually discover its real value. Despite sending men to search and harvest the whole region, they were too late; the Demon Race was a step ahead and harvested most of the ingredient. In the end, the prince only managed to obtain a small handful of crumbs.

As the situation reached its peak, the surrounding crowd also grew larger and rowdier.

Upon seeing Huan Qing Yan walk towards the pond, everyone went silent.

“The wager between the Glutton Star and Lord Ninth Prince, is this due to conflict? Or created because they were mutually attracted to each other?”

“Come here, come here, come place your bets! The odds for Lord Ninth Prince are…”


Inside the subdued-looking horse carriage that was within the crowd…

A master and his servant were currently having a conversation.

“Young Master, who do you think will win?” Mo Si asked.

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“Lady Huan!” Ji Mo Ya lazily replied.


Ji Mo Ya’s eyes shined as he used his calm and soothing voice to reply, “This woman is cunning and full of tricks.”

What he did not mentioned was that this girl was also a person with guts. Yes, she even dared to snatch his shoe and also dared to throw it inside a toilet…


From what he had seen thus far, it seems that the conflict between her and Bai Cheng Feng was not simple.

She daring to make such a wager also showed that she was very confident with the final results.

However, her father was only an Almond Star, where did her confidence come from?

Ji Mo Ya’s expression began to show some signs of amusement.


Huan Bei Ming was feeling apprehensive. In truth, he was full of expectation about Huan Qing Yan’s potential. Looking at how confident Little Yan was, he believed that her odds of getting a Walnut Star should be very high but there was always that bit of unpredictability. If the worst case scenario happened and she did not obtain a High Grade Star, then he was prepared to discard his reputation and substitute Little Yan to work as a servant slave for three years.

However, what he was worried the most, was that he might not have three years to give… sigh…


Star Attraction Pond.

Huan Qing Yan walked into the pond under the expectant gazes of the crowd.

Layers and layers of water ripples began to form in her surroundings.

Yet, none of them left a mark on her body. It was as though they repelled against her, it also looks like the two parties could not meld together.

She reached the center of the pond, this was also where the fountain of water gushing was at its highest.

“Bestow the Spring Essence Water to the new Spirit Master!”

The voices of the two guards of the Star Attraction Pond resounded as they activate the spell formation within the pond.

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Next, the gushing fountain of water suddenly disappeared. Replacing it was a small cup floating in the air, it drifted towards Huan Qing Yan as though it had intelligence and stopped in front of her.

Huan Qing Yan calmly held the cup and drank its contents.

After drinking it, she felt her body was immediately filled to the brim with spirit energy, the form of her Spirit Treasure also began to slowly appear above her head.

The observers began to roar in laughter.

“It’s a Pig Spirit Treasure! Hahahaha!”

“No wonder she grew so fat. So she had a Pig Spirit Treasure, the pig was best at eating a lot…”

“On top of that, Pig Spirit Treasures generally have a low grade. It was a Spirit Treasure that was often awakened by ordinary people who have exceptionally big appetites. It was also difficult for Pig Spirit Treasures to rank up as they require many times more Spirit Energy than normal Spirit Treasures, what a shame…”

“It looks like the fat little chick has lose her wager. Fortunately this daddy is smart and bet on Lord Ninth Prince winning…”

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