Chapter 21

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Chapter Twenty One

Yang Xiu Er did not want to go but the other person had said so very obviously and it seemed she could not not go and walked away with a dark face.

When they walked to the foot of the mountain, Yang Le Le turned her head to look at Yang Xiu Er. Looking at her huffing back, her heart was very happy.

“Infuriate her to death.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Ning Meng Yao smiled as she shook her head as it was Yang Le Le who never got tired of this kind of things, but she had not much interest in it.

Yang Xiu Er was actually like this too, but she was somewhat too greedy.

Smiling hehe, Yang Le Le did not say anything anymore and they leisurely stroll on the mountain. It was raining before and there were some mushrooms on the mountain although it was not plenty but when it was afternoon, they had picked no little mushrooms which let Yang Le Le felt very happy to the extent that she did not do embroidery today.

Ning Meng Yao originally thought that after experiencing these things, Yang Xiu Er would definitely not come over for a long period of time, but who knew that on the morning of the second day she would came over and embroider while she was teaching. Every day was like this.

This let Ning Meng Yao slightly raised her eyebrow; her heart had a curiosity that could not be endured. What kind of plan was she hitting at?

Although curios, Ning Meng Yao did not put her gaze on Yang Xiu Er too much and started to embroider her own screen instead.

Every time embroidering screen was like this. Yang Xiu Er would always use shining gaze to look at her, this she knew, but wanting to learn needle techniques, it needed Yang Xiu Er to understand to make it work.

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As expected, looking at it for half a day, Yang Xiu Er did not able to look clearly the workings behind it.

She wanted to ask but looking at Ning Meng Yao’s serious face doing her embroidery, the question did not came out, moreover how should she ask? Should she directly said embroider slower so I can see, these words even if her skin got thicker, she could not say it out loud.

It was also the reason Yang Xiu Er’s current heart was like being scratched by a cat, her heart itched but she could not open her mouth to ask.

The torment in her heart, only she herself understood.

The bottom of Ning Meng Yao’s eyes flashed with a touch of ridicule. Did she not know that Yang Xiu Er always staring at her to look? Of course she knew, wanting to study these needle techniques, it also depends on whether her pair of eyes could follow or not.

The whole afternoon, both of them were in peace but the atmosphere was strange.

Just when Yang Le Le could not endure it anymore and wanted to ask, Yang Le Le suddenly ran over with a face filled with panic: “Yao Yao, help me. I beg of you, help me.”

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Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Le Le strangely and put down the embroidery needle then patting her shoulder to placate her: “Don’t worry, speak slowly. What happened?”

Starting from knowing Yang Le Le, she knew that Yang Le Le was a very optimistic person and now, looking at her so worried, something must have happened. If not, how could she be worried to this extent?

Hearing Ning Meng Yao’s voice, Yang Le Le’s heart became calm and suppressing the disturbance in her heart with her voice a bit choked: “Yao Yao, my older brother does a job at the town and something happened. His knees were broken. The doctor said it is severe and needs a lot of silver, but I…I….”

“Alright, no need to worry. The things that need money to resolve are no worries, how much do you lack?” Ning Meng Yao listened for a while and understood. So it was that the money at home was not enough and wanted to borrow from her some.

Yang Le Le was a very strong person. If it weren’t that she really had no other options, then she won’t have go find herself for help.

“Thirty liang.” Originally, the doctor said that it was more or less fifty liang, but her house had kept some money these years and they lacked thirty liang.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go take it for you.” Ning Meng Yao patted Yang Le Le’s hand and comforted her with a sentence then turned her body to take the money inside the room.
Yang Xiu Er who stood at the side listened and understood. Ning Meng Yao lent thirty liang without blinking her eyes and the money in Ning Meng Yao’s hands must be plenty…. If…..

For a moment, Yang Xiu Er became mindful and there was a plan brewing in her heart.
Ning Meng Yao took out the silvers fast and there was twenty liang more. Taking the money Ning Meng Yao gave, Yang Le Le slightly trembled. She knew that Ning Meng Yao did not lack money. How should she return them?

“Fine, quickly take back so that your brother can be cured, the rest can be for buying some bones to make the bones soups for your brother to drink. This is good for his wound. Wounded person has to be nourished and don’t think about not being able return those to me, have you forgotten what Aunt Luo said? I’m not worried about money. If you have some then you can give me.” Seeing Yang Le Le’s full of tangled, how could Ning Meng Yao not understand what she was thinking? So she opened her mouth and said.

Yang Le Le’s heart bursted with warmth and looked at Ning Meng Yao in seriousness and said: “Yao Yao, thank you. I will return the money to you fast. And after this, your problem is my problem.”

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