Chapter 36 – That Lass Was Exceptionally Cunning

“You are truly powerful, even a Flying Star could be held down by you. If not for your assistance, that fat chick’s ritual would have surely failed. Come to think of it, that fat chick stole your shoe and threw it inside the toilet earlier today, yet you magnanimously aided her to catch the Flying Star. Such broadmindedness is enough to cover the whole world! In the future, the Sacred Court would surely have a spot for Young Master…” Words of flattery constantly shoots out.

“Mo Si. It seems that you are getting very talkative recently, are you getting bored from having nothing to do?”

“No, of course not. Mo Si was not bored at all. Mo Si will stop talking now. From today onwards, Mo Si will be a person whose words are as precious as gold and be a proper carriage driver… However, this was truly the first time that Mo Si witnessed a Flying Star trying to run away, Mo Si hope the Young Master can enlighten me on why did that happen?” Mo Si said.

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“This was also the first time I encounter this.”

However, she was surely not an ordinary girl, I am sure she was keeping quite a few secrets.

The next moment, he instructed Mo Si, “Mo Si. I want you to go find out where that piece of Ink Jade came about…”

His instinct was telling him that this lass was exceptionally cunning, therefore, she would not choose that accessory for no reason.

“Understood.” Mo Si said.

Ji Mo Ya continued, “Did you sent the Ji Mo Clan’s token to the palace? If you did, then send someone to update them accordingly.”

Mo Si replied, “Young Master, with your noble status, isn’t it fine to make that old emperor wait a couple of days? He will still receive you with a face full of smiles. We would be giving them too much face if we inform them. After all, for the Young Master to visit their Hanging Cloud Empire in passing was their blessings… Two days aside, even if we make them wait for two years, they will also not dare to complain…”

A light cough resounded within the carriage.

Mo Si immediately went into flattering mode, “Roger. This subordinate will send someone to inform them. The Young Master is truly kind and generous, a role model that everyone should learn from. This subordinate regrettably greatly pales in comparison.”

A soft whistle was released by Mo Si.

One of the men standing by in a hidden corner immediately moved on order.

The carriage slowly distanced itself from the Great Royal Palace Square.


Within the Sacred Grounds of the Human Race, The Sacred Court.

An old man with sword-like brows and flowing white hair was currently meditating quietly within a meditation room.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and glance at the Sacred Star Stone near him and mumbled, “Did an Egg Star just flew away?”

At that moment, a young lad outside the room reported.

“Sage Xun, Sage Xun, an Egg Star flew out of the Sacred Star Stone. As per your instructions, this disciple was prepared to sound the Sacred Drum and say a blessing. However, the Sacred Stone vibrated and seemed to be saying that it issued the wrong Flying Star. This disciple had also felt the Flying Star emitting the intention to return, yet it was forcefully held down by someone and did not manage to fly back. This disciple was confused at what has actually happened…”

A glint of light flashed through the eyes of the old man called Sage Xun, “It really intended to return?”

“It’s true. This disciple had been guarding the Sacred Stone for over a decade and has never seen such an incident before.” When a Top Grade Flying Star appears, the people of the Sacred Court would say some words of blessing to give encouragement and courage to this talented new star of the human race.

He has been guarding the Sacred Stone for more than a decade, so being able to witness the rare scene of a Top Grade Star being born was something he was greatly excited about. Yet, before he could sound the Sacred Drum, the Sacred Star Stone strangely vibrated.

“Where did the Flying Star flew??” Sage Xun asked.

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“The direction of the Hanging Cloud Empire.”

Sage Xun took out three ancient looking bronze coins. These coins were densely covered in some mysterious patterns, they were also his Life Origin Spell Armament.

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