Chapter 37: He’s not normal!

She’s not normal!

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In the middle of a calm night, I opened my eyes as I awoke.

It was because the【presence sensation】skill reacted to something.

Someone is nearby. Though this time, they’re not inside the house, but outside. In other words, someone was observing me from the roof.



“What is it chief~”


Calling out Rouga, she answered with a sleepy voice.


“Not sure if it’s an enemy, but someone is watching me. Let’s go confront them.”



I was not sure who this person could be, but they’ve got some nerve to disturb me while I was sleeping.

Feeling a bit angry about being disturbed, I teleported behind the peeping Tom.


“What could be the matter this time, Peeping Tom?”



When I spoke to the spy from behind, the person abruptly turned around, surprised.

I couldn’t see the spy’s face since I wasn’t used to the darkness.


“I don’t really appreciate being spied on at this time of the night. Who are you?”



The spy remained quiet in response and slowly stretched a hand to me instead.

Then suddenly, a bright light came out of that hand.


“Guu! Rouga!”



I swiftly summoned Rouga before I closed my eyes unintentionally due to the light.

Summoned at that moment, Rouga leapt on the spy. In a split second, I heard the sound of a bite; looked like Rouga’s attack was successful.




The spy shook off Rouga, who was biting hard, then ended the light and escaped off the roof.

With my eyes flickering, I was about to follow before I realized something odd.


(I can’t sense the spy’s presence. Was it a concealing skill?)


I couldn’t track the spy location using 【presence sensation】. There’s no way I’d be able to find the spy now. Turning back to look in the direction the spy ran, I couldn’t see anything but darkness. I let the spy get away.

The fact that the 【presence sensation】skill didn’t work on the spy was proof enough that it was not a normal person. As well as that light that was released from the spy’s hand.


“Chief- So-rry!”


Rouga walked towards me while being apologetic for getting shaken off by the spy.


“Don’t worry about it. You did well.”


I replied to Rouga’s apology with a head pat.

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Apparently happy that I stroked her head, Rouga took back her lively ambiance and let out a happy whine.

I wonder who that had been?

Not having the least idea about who it could be, my doubts slowly vanished in the night’s dark.



Author’s note: A rapid development waiting in the next chapter






“Rouga, you’re a wolf, right?”

“That’s right~”

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“Then why do you bark like a dog?”

“I dunno~”

“Maybe you’re a dog after all.”

“I’m a wolf-!”

“Here, Rouga, a bone. Go fetch it!”


“… she went to pick it directly.”

“I can’t win against my instincts~”


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