Chapter 38: Didn’t think there would be such an anime-like development.

Didn’t think there would be such an anime-like development.

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In the morning, I drowsily made my way to school.

Because of the peeping Tom, I couldn’t go back to sleep even after I closed my eyes. I was now lacking sleep because of that.

The next time we met, I would definitely catch the person.

As I drowsily fell into thought on my way, I noticed Lina walking next to me while reading a book.

She was really odd. I wondered if she had any emotions.

She noticed that I was staring at her, but Lina didn’t move her head and instead glared at me sideways.

After receiving that glare, I immediately turned away.

Did I gaze at her for too long to earn such a scary look?

I averted my eyes while shrugging and Lina returned to her book.

Well, she was odd indeed, but at least she wasn’t harming.

As long as she didn’t cause me trouble, I wouldn’t care about her lack of emotions.

With that conclusion in mind, I stopped glancing at Lina.

At that time, I didn’t realize that I was being overly optimistic about her personality, which I regretted later on.




Class started and I went to sleep as usual.

As I was sound asleep, making use of the teacher’s voice as a BGM, when I felt something shaking me from the side and I raised my face

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“Hey! Wake up!”


The person who was shaking me while frowning and looking displeased was Lina.


“We don’t sleep while in class. Wake up already!”


With a sleepy tone, I answered Lina who was rebuking me for sleeping.


“A- just don’t mind me. I’m fine.”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t. How dare you ignore our teacher’s lesson?”


Well, I already learned the entire curriculum of the year so I was fine…

I casually yawned in response to Lina’s scolding.

What was wrong with this girl? Just how anxious was she to wake me up from my sleep?

The worst was that the more I refused to awaken, the more troublesome she would get.

As I was responding to Lina’s remarks with a bothered expression, the teacher—who heard our conversation—approached.

You see? The teacher noticed your fuss.

He slowly approached us, seeming happy for some reason and said, “White… tell him more, please.”


Wo- wait! Why are you so happy? Shouldn’t you scold her for being noisy instead?


“Yes. I shall give him an summary of your valuable lessons, teacher.”

“Oh, White… I’m leaving Kamiya to you.”

“Please leave it to me!”


The teacher almost teared up after hearing Lina’s speech. You don’t need to overreact to things, now. I couldn’t understand the reason the teacher was moved, but I could clearly see that Lina was glaring at me with a stern expression.


“I will wake you up whenever you fall asleep from now on.”


I almost fell from my seat when I heard her words brimming with determination.

Ah, looks like she wasn’t kidding.

I was convinced that Lina was serious by looking at her eyes.

Only allowed on

Give me a break…

I muttered those words to myself, which didn’t reach anybody in the end.




During lunch break, I went to the roof with Kamaishi to eat lunch, and she talked to me with a worried expression.


“Are you okay, Kamiya-kun?”

“I’m okay… probably.” I answered the concerned Kamaishi with a worn out voice.

Lina kept on waking me up every time I was about to sleep, and the teachers were deeply moved and appreciated her conduct. That didn’t really matter now.

What was important was that I may not be able to sleep in class until the next time we changed seats, which would be after a few months.

I was already tired. I wondered how I could continue with the next half of the day.

Just thinking about it gave me a terrible chill.

That Lina was worse than any atrocious monster I’ve met.


“But Lina-san is amazing.” Kamaishi said while looking at me, recalling Lina’s conduct.


“She has excellent grades, she’s good at sports and she’s very kind.”

“Very kind?”

“Yes, we did stretch together in the the sports session.”


Isn’t that just because both of you didn’t have anyone else to work out with…

I was about to reply with that question before I decided to stop, seeing her happy like that.


“Well, she only seems like a demon to me though.”

“I think you’re the only one who thinks about her that way.” Kamaishi said with a bitter smile.

Well, she’s not wrong. Despite her indifferent looks, she answered everyone who talked to her and kindly taught others about lessons they didn’t understand. Her only problem was that she was extremely serious.

Wait, looking at it this way, it seemed like she was only acting rough with me.

I tried to recall if I had ever done something to offend her, but my head ached from the lack of sleep.

It’s all because of that peeping Tom of yesterday!

If that person hadn’t disturbed my sleep that night, things wouldn’t have turned out like this…

Who would have thought that something that happened yesterday would affect me this much now.


“Come to think of it, Lina-san had a bruise on her ankle.”


Kamaishi had stated something intriguing.


“A bruise in her ankle?”

“Yes, I noticed it when we were together in the sport session. When I asked her if she was alright, she told me there was no problem.”


A bruise on her ankle, huh… wasn’t the person yesterday bitten by Rouga?



“What is it~ chief?”

“Do you remember where you bit that spy from yesterday?”

“Hmm~ I think it was on the ankle”


(TL note: I think you already know that, but he’s using telepathy to talk with Rouga)


So Rouga bit the spy on his ankle. I wondered if this was just a coincidence. I pondered about it for some time, but I couldn’t convince myself that it was a coincidence.

I met that spy the same day she transferred to this school, and the next day she was injured on her ankle.

Everything made sense.

Immediately after realizing the flow of my thoughts, I tried shaking them off.

There no way something like an anime development would be actually happening.

I was reading too much into the case.

I instantly halted my thoughts, thinking that it was impossible, however, I couldn’t completely cast aside my doubts.




That night, I suddenly woke up again from my sound sleep. The 【presence sensation】skill reacted to that spy. This time the spy was staying a long distance from my house.

The location was at the closest mountain to here. Looked like I had made the right decision by widening the skill range.



“What is it, chief~”

“The spy is back again.”


“Yeah, let’s catch the person this time.”



Because of yesterday’s failure, Rouga replied in an eager voice.

Well then, I’m not letting you get away this time.

Preparing myself, I teleported behind the spy.


“Yo! So you came again, you peeping Tom.”



Hearing my voice from behind, the spy swiftly turned in my direction and released that light. I had expected that much.


“It won’t work against me for the second time.”


The moment the light was released, I teleported behind the spy again and went to hit the back of the spy’s neck.

However, the spy dodged my attack right before it hit and we ended up facing each other again.

Fortunately, the moonlight illuminated the spy’s face, revealing her true identity.

As I thought… it really was like anime development.

Slightly surprised by the person in front of me, I remained calmly gazing at her.


“What do you need from me in the middle of night, Lina?”


Asking the spy in front of my eyes, Lina stood still for a few moments then opened her mouth.


“… How did you realize?”

“I’m pretty good at reasoning, you see. That bruise you had in your ankle was because of Rouga’s bite.”

Turning to look at her ankle while keeping vigilance, I asked Lina once again, “I will ask you a second time, what do you need from me?”

“… I’m only carrying out my mission.”


That was Lina’s answer to my question. A mission, huh.

She didn’t seem to have any intention to speak about it in detail.


“Alright, I will change my question. Who are you?”


A moment of silence stretched after my question, then Lina closed her eyes and said. “I guess it would be fine if I tell you…”


“I am not Lina White. My name is just Lina. Kamiya Yato, under Metron-sama’s order, I am here to bring you into our world!”





Neighbors for life


After school


“White, I heard that you didn’t let that Yato sleep in class.”

“Yes, I couldn’t let him sleep through teacher’s valuable lesson.”

“Ka! You made me happy with what you just said. Alright, I’ve decided! White!”


“From now on, you will always sit next to Yato! I’m entrusting him to you, White!”

“Please leave it to me!”



“What is it, Kamiya-kun?”

“I just felt an abrupt cold chill.”


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