Volume 1: Character Introduction 1

Volume 1 Spoilers

  • Maomao (猫猫)

A seventeen-year-old girl who is a pharmacist of the pleasure district.

Became an Inner Palace maidservant after being kidnapped and sold.
Too skinny and short, has a neat face that has no outstanding features, normally has freckles drawn on with makeup.
Brimming with curiosity and displays an abnormal attachment to drugs and poisons, but doesn’t have much interest in humans.
Marks of self-mutilation on her left arm from experiment, and tattoo marks on her face.

  • Jinshi (壬氏)

A young man who supervises the Inner Palace.
A young man with an otherworldly beautiful face, a sweet honey-like voice and a celestial maiden’s smile.
Looks around twenty, but actually 17-18 years old.
Considers things that he could use as tools, his own looks included.

  • Consort Gyokuyou (玉葉妃)

The emperor’s favoured consort. Rank is Noble Consort. 19 years old.
Barbarian princess with red hair and jade eyes.
Has a daughter called Imperial Princess Rinrii.
Lives in the Jade Palace of the Inner Palace.
Laughing drunk.

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  • Gaoshun (高順)

Jishin’s attendant.
A man in his prime with a fearless face that gives the impression of a military officer.
Worldly-wise person and devoted.

  • Honnyan (紅娘)

Consort Gyokuyou’s head maid. Thirties.
Mirror of the maids, at the same time a worldly-wise person.

  • Infa (桜花)

One of the three maids of the Jade Palace.

  • Guien (貴園)
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One of the three maids of the Jade Palace.

  • Airan (愛藍)

One of the three maids of the Inner Palace.

  • Imperial Princess Rinrii (鈴麗公主)

The daughter of the emperor and Consort Gyokuyou. Baby.

  • Emperor (皇帝)

A great man with a beautiful beard.

A lusty old man as Maomao says.

  • Shaoran (小蘭)

Low rank court lady.
Likes sweet rumours.

  • Consort Rifa (梨花妃)

Emperor’s consort, rank is Able Consort.
Lost her son the crown prince and fell to sickness.
The owner of splendid breasts.
Lives in the Crystal Palace.

  • Consort Riishu (里樹妃)

Emperor’s consort, rank is Virtuous Consort. 14 years old.
Used the consort of the previous emperor, returned to the Inner Palace after she retired to religion.
Seems to be bullied because of her unique history.
Has an allergy to seafood.

  • Quack Doctor (やぶ医者)

Eunuch with a loach moustache.
Old man with a good personality but can’t do his job.
Maomao’s tea drinking companion.

  • Rihaku (李白)

Young military officer. Promotion stock.
Made spineless by Pairin.
Soft-hearted by nature.

  • Pairin (白鈴)

One of the three princesses of the Rokushoukan. Maomao’s older sister counterpart.
A top-class courtesan with a forte in dancing.
Muscle fetish.

  • Madam (やり手婆)

Manager of the Rokushoukan who is greedy for money.
Apparently she was a popular courtesan a long time ago.

  • Dad (おやじどの)

A man who is like an old woman.
Maomao’s medicine teacher.
Worldly-wise person.
Real name is Ruomen (羅門, ルォメン), once a eunuch who was an inner palace medical officer. Because he was banished and received physical punishment, he doesn’t have a kneecap.

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