Chapter 28: So they’re your friends after all

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I wonder how long I was unconscious.

The first thing that entered my field of vision when I woke up was Karen’s face.

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As soon as she realized I had woken up, Karen greeted me. I replied with the same word while feeling slightly confused. I mean, what kind of posture am I taking?

I tried to gather myself and the current situation when I sensed a soft feeling on the back of my head.

What’s that? I kept laying down and stretched my hand to the place that felt soft to finally realize that it was her thigh.

My head was on top of Karen’s lap.

Is this the so called lap-pillow? Having noticed my situation, I nonetheless remained touching Karen’s thigh and felt impressed. Who would have thought that the time when I would get to have a lap-pillow from my own sister would come? I kept on enjoying my head on her thigh while being moved.


“How long are planning on touching my legs? Rather, if you woke up then get off already, my legs are feeling numb.”


Karen looked down at me with her chilly eyes.

I wanted to enjoy the feeling a bit longer, but since things wouldn’t turn out well if I made her angry, I decided to deplorably draw back.


“How long was I sleeping?”

“Only a few minutes.”


Few minutes, huh? Last time I was out for a few hours. I guess it’s all thanks to the new 【mental resistance】skill. I got my hands on something handy.


“Well then, tell me now.”


Karen broke the ice suddenly.


“About what?”

“About that strange ability.”


I finally understood what she was asking about. My skills.


“Ah, that… that was a magic trick.”

“Stop joking around. There’s no way you could defeat a dragon with a magic trick.”

I know, right? That’s what I thought too.

Being pressed for an answer, I pondered about a good excuse. Honestly, I didn’t think I could hide it anymore. Not after showing her the earlier fight.


“… well, I guess I’ll have to speak honestly.”


I judged that it was meaningless to keep bringing up excuses and decided to tell her the truth.


“Karen, What I’m about to tell you is all true. Listen to me well.”



Karen nodded at my words and I began explaining the truth behind my ability.

The fact that my class was summoned to another word, the fact that I was the only one left, what I had done before today; I talked about everything. Karen was startled after I showed her Rouga and some magic skills, though she still heard me out until the end.

Karen remained silent with her eyes closed after I finished my explanation.


“This is kinda, unfair.”


That was what she said in a gentle tone.



“It’s unfair for you alone to hold such a powerful ability.”


Um, even if you say so…


“I want it too.”

“You mean, the skills?”

“Yes, you can do it right?”


Um, you’re making it seem so simple.

My skills are something I acquired after a long time with effort and from experience. If she didn’t have the 【super growth】skill like me, it would take her forever to make it to this point.


“…I will think about a way later.”



Following my unclear reply, this time it was my turn to ask Karen.


“Come to think of it, what were you doing in such a deserted place?”


Karen made an unpleasant expression and avoided to look at me.

Was it something that she didn’t want me to know?

I started holding doubts and pointed to the three girls unconscious on the ground near us.


“Are those your friends?”

“Not at all.”


Karen denied immediately.

Judging from her reaction, something must’ve happened.


“Karen, don’t tell me you’re gonna hide what happened here after making me talk about my secret.”


I told Karen with a leering grin.

Although, no matter what I did, I didn’t think she would talk as long as she didn’t want to.


“… I get it.”


Or maybe she would.

After that, I knew about the whole story of her getting teased. I knew about everything she went through, from the malicious harassment she kept receiving up to the fact that she was about to get her hair cut today.

I kept quiet until she was done, then opened my mouth.


“I need to speak with those three for a while.”


They’ve got some nerve to make a move on my little sister.

Let’s make them regret what they’ve done until now.

I walked towards the three unconscious girls.




Karen seized my hand.


“This is my problem. This time I will be the one to put an end to it. So don’t do anything.”


I fell into thought while standing in place and gazing at Karen, who had just refused my help.


“I get it. I won’t do anything for now.”


If she insisted this much then there’s was no need to move on my own. Well, if something was to happen to her then I wouldn’t go easy.

As I was making my determination, the three girls who were asleep started moving.


“U… uunn.”

“Where am… I?”

“What were we doing here again?”


They got up while trying to recall why they were sleeping here.

I called to the three of them to make sure that their memories were erased.


“How are feeling? Do you have any idea of why you fainted here?”

“Eh, what do you mean by fainted?”


One of them started to talk, but halted her words once she saw my face. A few moments later, the three of them were fixing their gazes on me without saying anything. What the heck is going on?


“Um, excuse me!”


As the three girls were looking at me like they’d seen something odd, one of them stepped forth and called to me.


“W-What is your name?”

“… huh?”


I unintentionally let out a weird sound after hearing her unexpected question.


“Not fair! Me too!”

“Um! What is your hobby?”


Following the first girl, the other two approached and asked me similar questions.

Their faces were dyed in light red and they looked at me as if they were seeing a famous actor.

I was perplexed by their heavy questions attack.


“Don’t get too close to someone else’s elder brother.”


Karen pulled my cuff and drew me near.


“Eh? He’s you brother?”

“C’mon, you could’ve told us about it sooner.”

“Why didn’t you introduce him to us?”


Knowing that I was her elder brother, the three girls turned their attack towards Karen this time. She tried to ignore them for a while, but they gradually got annoyed, causing her to let out sigh and beckon them to where she was standing.


“Come over here.”

They obeyed her order and then the four of them began whispering to each other.


“You’re brother… no…”

“… listen… please!… that’s not… ah…”

“Yes… yes…”

“Plea… I will do whatev… I get it…”

“In that c-… knees… The entire school… -eel down…! Why no… tell…”

“Ok… don’t tell me…”

“Easy… I can…”

“Yes… do…”


That’s was roughly what I was able to hear. I heard some weird words in their conversation though.

What’s that about kneeling? What’s that girl trying to do?

After waiting for a short while, it looked like they came to a compromise and the three girls pulled away from Karen.


“Later, Kamiya-san.”

“Next time tell me about your brother!”

“It’s a promise.”

“I get it, I get it.”


Karen saw them off with a worn out face. Were those words I heard in their conversation just my imagination? I asked Karen while gazing at the three girls who left in an elated spirit.

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“So they’re your friends after all?”

“No… maybe…”


She was about to deny instantly, but this time she finished her words ambiguously after remembering their earlier reaction.

I let out a giggle as I saw Karen’s dazed expression.


“So you made up with them. Good for you.”

“Not sure if I’d call that making up.”


She’s so honest. That was what I thought when I saw her face.


“We should go too, Karen.”

“… right.”


Karen and I walked back home together.

She held my cuff the entire way, but I didn’t mind and kept walking. Whenever I stole some glances at her face she looked kinda embarrassed. However, she didn’t let go of me all the way.





Heroine frame



“What’s up with that gloomy face, Kamaishi?”

“Recently, I’m not getting a chance to show up. I am the heroine, right?”

“I feel like I was once told the same thing by someone. Well, you’re not wrong about being the heroine, but Karen is close to a heroine as well.”

“Am I going to get a turn next time?”

“Next time will introduce a new character so I don’t think so.”

“Really?! No way~ doesn’t that mean I will have less time to show up~”

“Well, even Karen won’t be getting a turn at that time so you’re both the same.”

“Wait a second!” ← Karen

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