Chapter 6 – Aiyo, My Butt!

The sun was at its peak. After playing for a while, sweat stains began to appear on Huan Qing Yan’s clothes, while the serving girls were beginning to become lively.

“Young lady, do you know? There’s a rumor going around the capital. Some homicidal maniac has appeared… the murderer digs the victim’s heart out after killing them. How terrifying!”

“Digging out the heart after killing its victim?” Huan Qing Yan had seen this in the memories of the reincarnated girl and knew some inside information.

It was some mysterious Greater Demon that was hiding within the capital that had caused these murders.

“Yeah, what’s more, the victims were all Spirit Masters. But young lady, you do not need to be afraid. We are all ordinary people…”

Huan Qing Yan felt strange. From her memories, Spirit Masters were all extremely awesome individuals who could cultivate, the type that could fly in the sky and travel under the ground. How could they be killed?

However, she could make use of this murder case to create an excuse and reject the marriage proposal!

It was time to act. Just as she thought to stop playing the swing and proceed to the Happiness Joy Courtyard where Madam Huan was staying…

A bright light suddenly shone down from the sky, and some immortal-like thing nimbly floated down.

A treasure descending from the heavens?

As Huan Qing Yan tried to take a closer look, it disappeared.

Huan Qing Yan had always been very inquisitive by nature. She instructed the serving girls to swing her higher so that her vision can reach outside the court…

Although she managed to see the situation outside the walls, yet who knew that the heavy swinging would cause the beef jerky kept within her blouse to fly out? As she stretched out her hand to catch it, her center of gravity became unstable and that caused her to fly along with the beef jerky!

The group of serving girls screamed as they watched their young mistress fly past the tree branches, and fly beyond the height of the walls enclosing the garden and out of their range of sight.

Their faces turned ashen.


Never did Huan Qing Yan expect that she would fly beyond the walls. All she wanted was to grab that piece of beef jerky.

Outside the walls was actually a large forest. Within the forest was a large slope and Huan Qing Yan landed on the slope of the forest with her flying speed.

She intended to stabilize herself, yet that 150 kilos of weight of hers exists, how could she stabilize herself properly when her body looks like a ball?!

She tried hugging two small trees but ended up uprooting them instead. In the end, she began to roll faster and faster…

Without any other choice, she decided to give up resisting and tried to look at the area below the slope. At the end of the slope, there seemed to be a deep pit among the trees…

Having a pit was good. As long as there weren’t any hard rocks in it, she would be able to bear with it!

Huan Qing Yan rolled into it with her unstoppable speed…

During that instant, she caught a glimpse of someone half squatting within the pit, seemingly lowering their head to study something?

That person nimbly evaded after sensing someone falling from above, however, the person also raised a leg at the same time and kicked at the butt of Huan Qing Yan, causing her to land at the corner of the pit.

Countless dirt and leaves fell from entrance when Huan Qing Yan landed.

“Who are you?” Huan Qing Yan howled. “Do you have any shred of humanity? Sister Lin fell from the heavens*, yet you still kick at her? Aiyo, my butt!”

(Cuppa: This is a title of a Chinese love comedy drama, basically the female lead was a beauty.)

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Fine, her figure was a tiny bit larger than Sister Lin.

She looked up to have a clearer view of that man. He had a lean figure and was wearing a black-colored, large brim hat. The aura he exuded was distinct while the embroidered robe he was wearing was luxurious and unordinary. Furthermore, his face was hidden due to the brim hat, only his suspending pair of hands that was coming out of his sleeves along with its slender fingers could be seen…

Between his slender fingers, there’s even a large black ant being clipped!

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Is this person catching ants to play?

“Hey, what are you looking at? Why aren’t you coming over to assist this lady after you have kicked her? Did you calculate that this lady will be appearing here? That is why you hid here to peep at this lady’s beautiful face…”

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