Chapter 13: Beautiful Female Boss

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was immediately startled when he saw a change occur in the mission of the Flower Pickup System. The previous 500 RMB money reward had turned into Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level). “Has the difficulty of the mission risen?

A similar thing had happened to the mission of touching Li Feifei’s buttocks. Of course, the reason was that he had picked up her brassiere and even met her personally to return it, so there was no doubt that the difficulty had to increase.

The girl’s voice from the reception desk pulled Su Ke back to reality: “I’m sorry, Mister, our boss has instructed us to only accept the applications of pianists with the required qualification certificate. Otherwise, they cannot participate in the interview!”

The girl explained to Su Ke while apologizing. After all, all those who come to apply were filtered by her, and then she had to give a report to her boss.

“Eh!” If it was the previous Su Ke, he would have surely covered up his face and walked away. After all, he indeed didn’t have aptitude in it, yet he had no choice but to speak again because this mission’s reward was crucial to him.

After obtaining the Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level) reward, Su Ke’s grades would no doubt improve. The Mathematics score of the college entrance exam had a total of 150 points, if the basic level was capable of bringing him about 110 points, the intermediate level would bring 130 points, and the advanced level would make it possible to score full marks.

“Big Sis, can’t you do anything? I need this job. My home’s condition isn’t good, and my parents are often exhausted to gather the tuition fee for the university. I want to lighten the burden of my home even by a little bit!” Su Ke sincerely looked at the girl, the longing in his expression made him seem pitiful.

The girl’s cheeks blushed at the address of “Bis Sis”. She looked at Su Ke; although his face seemed to have a little childish aura, he had bright eyes and a celestial nose, overall, he seemed very handsome. Hearing this boy speak he wanted to lighten the burden of his home, she formed a good opinion of him.

“Sigh! I can’t make any decisions. I can only tell the boss about your circumstances once she returns!” The girl wanted to help Su Ke, but she was merely a part-timer at this place. It was remarkable that she offered to speak for Su Ke, “Only, how’s your piano skills?”

Langfang City couldn’t be considered to be a metropolitan area. Therefore, it didn’t have all the needed talents like in Beijing. Otherwise, it would have been impossible not to find any suitable pianist though the advertisement had been put up for half-a-month. It was because the people with those level of talents wouldn’t want to put their skills to use at this place, so it would be better for them to give lessons at home.

Moreover, those with subpar level, who just wanted to bluff their way in, would all be failed by the boss without any exception though they had the piano qualification certificate. That’s why they had to know what was the level of Su Ke’s piano’s skills before she could recommend him to the boss, or else it would be negligence on her work.

“I believe it will work out!” Su Ke felt as if his face was burning; he had no clue which level his skills were at. “I can’t say I don’t know which level my skills are at, as that would be shooting oneself in the foot! I have to obtain the Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level) reward at any cost.

The girl lifted her arm to check for the time on her pretty watch. “Let’s do this, the boss still hasn’t returned. You can accompany me upstairs to try playing once; this will allow me to provide proof to the boss when I report to her!”

Su Ke smiled and nodded when he saw the girl help him with much enthusiasm, “Big Sis, thank you very much!” He knew it was hard to even obtain the opportunity to try playing.

The girl left the desk and guided Su Ke upstairs. He noticed that the girl’s height didn’t seem to be short; it should be about 160 cm. Other than that, the silver livery wrapped around her body revealed her curves.


The sound of a car’s braking echoed out from outside, the girl and Su Ke both looked out simultaneously.

It was a black Volkswagen car, but Su Ke didn’t know its particular model. The car door opened, and a slender and beautiful leg hidden under black stockings explored outwards, making a graceful arc, with high heel shoes which had silver crystals embedded at its base, giving it an elegant style. Though hidden under a layer of black stockings, the tender skin of those legs couldn’t be concealed, seemingly sleek and flexible.

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As the legs exploded out, a beautiful figure got off the car. She wore a light yellow sleeveless one-piece, exposing her delicate arms outside, which was made with Fretwork linen as the material and had a net design made using muslin. It vaguely revealed her skin and her towering twin peaks hidden under the decoration of tree leaves-shaped frills, looking very attractive.

Her waving hair lay scattered at her shoulders, dyed as red as lustrous wine, giving a fiery, passionate feel to any person. She held a leopard patterned handbag in her hands. Her cheeks had a blush and an alluring smile on her face; she seemed to be tipsy from being drunk.

“Bureau Chief Li, thank you for delivering me back!” Her voice appeared to be a bit hoarse. The woman stooped down towards the person in the car to bid farewell as her buttocks pointed right towards Su Ke’s direction. This kind of sleeveless one-piece only came up to the knees, so the wrapped skirt stretched tautly, almost on the verge of exposing her. However, the borders weren’t visible, so it seemed as if she had worn an appropriately sized thong.

If only the woman bent forwards slightly more, the skirt would pull up to the border of her buttocks. Su Ke frowned as a feeling of rejection formed in his heart against this woman’s clothing style. Just a glance would require him to look at the several gaps.

“Our boss has returned!” The reception desk girl sprinted as soon as she finished speaking, going to the entrance to meet the boss.

Su Ke didn’t expect that this woman was the boss of Her Humble Fragrance, possessing myriad kinds of mien and an overflowing charm. After that black car slowly left, she walked over towards his side. She seemed to have drunk a lot of wine as her gait seemed unsteady, luckily, the reception girl supported her at the side.

The girl appeared to speak something to the boss as she walked inside while helping the boss. If Su Ke had guessed it correctly, she ought to be talking about the matter of him applying for the position; his mood suddenly became nervous.

“You’ve come to apply for the pianist position?” That woman slowly walked over and stood in front of Su Ke. Her height seemed to be the same as Su Ke’s due to the high-heeled shoes she had worn. Her breath had the flavor of wine mixed in as she spoke, making a fragrance puff over towards him, only, the flavor seemed quite good.

“Hello, I’ve come to apply for the position!” Su Ke’s sight clashed against hers, causing him to blush immediately, making him lower his head like a shy girl.

The woman shook her head, feeling Su Ke’s nature wasn’t fit to work here. Although he had said that he wanted to help lighten the burden on his home, she hadn’t opened up a charity hall and had no choice but to deny. “I’m sorry, you don’t have a piano qualifications certificate and are also a student so, you’re not fit to work here!”

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“Aah?” Su Ke couldn’t remain calm at this moment; he raised his head to gaze at the woman’s eyes,.”Please give me a chance to play, I’ll leave if I don’t qualify!”

“Oh?” Regarding Su Ke’s sudden transformation, beginning from being shy like a young married woman to having a sharp and confident look, the woman seemed quite interested. The rush from the wine had caused her cheeks to blush even more.

“Follow me upstairs! If you can please me, I’ll naturally keep you!” She walked towards the stairs once she finished saying this; Su Ke promptly caught up with her.

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