Chapter 12: Applying for an Advertised Position

The bright moonlight was reflected within the room, but Su Ke2Su KeMain Character didn’t feel sleepy at all. It was destined for three individuals to suffer from insomnia on this night. One was Su Ke; another was Li Feifei who had her buttocks groped twice and hence had a depressed mood; the last one was Wei Lan who had been saved by her peerless hero.

While thinking of finding a part-time job yesterday, Su Ke suddenly remembered something and this part-time job suited him, relieving his mind.

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Early morning while riding to the school on his bicycle, he stopped halfway and entered a curb. This curb had a recently opened beauty salon called “Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club.”

This cosmetic club had four floors; the entrance had gorgeous decorations, and had a recruitment advertisement posted on the entry guidelines: We’re recruiting a pianist, the pay will be generous.

“Pianist!” Su Ke mumbled. He had remembered about this yesterday. “This recruitment advertisement had been posted here for half-a-month already; it seems they still haven’t found anyone suitable, will I be able to get it?

Suddenly, a beep sound appeared within his mind. Feeling a change appear in the [Flower Pickup System], Su Ke entered the space to look at the new mission on the LCD screen:

“Reward: Pass the beautiful female boss’s evaluation; Reward: 500 RMB!”

“It’s 500 RMB?” It was the highest monetary reward he had seen till now. “Wouldn’t this mean that the mission would have some trouble?

Thinking about how he needed a surface part-time job which can explain the money he acquired as some kind of salary to make his parents feel relieved, Su Ke silently made a decision in his heart, turning around to leave.

The moment Su Ke entered the class, he felt a burning gaze directed at him. He turned to look, and it was Wei Lan who had propped her chin with her hands, looking at him with her head titled as a smile across her mouth formed two cute dimples at her cheeks.

He smiled towards Wei Lan as a greeting when he felt another intense gaze from the sports committee member Wang Xiaogang. The gaze from this tall and sturdy figured, a classic local faced, thick-eyebrowed and huge-eyed Wang Xiaogang seemed more intense than Wei Lan’s.

Su Ke immediately trembled. “This fellow isn’t having any homosexual thoughts, right?” The gaze from Wang Xiaogang seemed to be very gentle, similar to how one affectionately looks at their lover; the more he looked, the more awkward Su Ke felt.

He quickly returned to his seat and took out this textbook. He then saw Wang Xiaogang stealthily come over, with his gaze twinkling as he stooped down on Su Ke’s school desk, turning his head forward, almost sticking his face to Su Ke’s. It immediately made Su Ke lean backward. “What are you doing?”

In the entire 3rd High (8th) class, Su Ke had no friends among these classmates. He was just like “air, so no one noticed his arrival. Therefore, Wang Xiaogang’s intimate act immediately startled him.

“Su Ke, you were very cool yesterday!” Wang Xiaogang said in a tiny voice, looking around to check if there were any classmates nearby as if he was afraid someone would hear their conversation. “I never expected you to have hidden so deeply, your Military Fitness Boxing is ferocious! Please forgive me for my previous actions; I sincerely wish to be your friend!”

Wang Xiaogang extended his hand as he spoke. Indeed, Wang Xiaogang had received a huge shock yesterday at the school entrance. The Su Ke he used to look down upon had saved Wei Lan, and looking at him had his blood racing as if he had fended off those hooligans personally.

Su Ke stared with a blank expression as he looked at Wang Xiaogang stretch his hand over. Leaning his body back, he furrowed his brows. “What did you say?”

“I’m saying I want you to be my boss!” Wang Xiaogang didn’t control his voice this time; it was louder than before. All the students within the class laid down the matters in their hands to take a look.

Even Wei Lan turned to look, puckering her brows. She believed Wang Xiaogang and Su Ke had a conflict again. Only she stayed at her place when she saw Su Ke extend his hand to shake Wang Xiaogang’s hand.

“We are students; I can’t!”

Wang Xiaogang felt Su Ke wasn’t giving him face when he heard his reply, his face became flushed. Only, Su Ke’s next words made him immediately relax his mood.

“But we can be friends!” A smile appeared on  Su Ke’s face; he reached out to shake Wang Xiaogang’s hand.

Wang Xiaogang hadn’t noticed the change in Su Ke’s speech; the habitual yes-man now seemed full of confidence.

“En, we are friends. Only, Su Ke, You’ll have to be careful of those three hooligans you dealt with yesterday. They’ll certainly come to take revenge. You beat them until their faces became covered in dirt in front of many people. If they don’t try to retrieve face, they wouldn’t deserve to be called gangsters at all!”

Wang Xiaogang’s expression became solemn all of a sudden.

“Thank you for the warning!” Su Ke nodded. Wei Lan had already mentioned this yesterday. Since Wang Xiaogang had reminded him too, he held this matter with importance. Although his Military Fitness Boxing was at a proficient stage, a gun was after all easy to hide, and it was also hard to guard against a backstab. Those scum hooligans might use any means possible.

The morning passed by peacefully. Su Ke wasn’t a conspicuous student, therefore, if he didn’t do any extreme acts, the teachers also wouldn’t cause any inconvenience for him.

He kept the matter about going to apply for the part-time pianist job within his mind. Carelessly eating lunch, he strode towards the Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club. As he left the school’s entrance, he especially took note of the surroundings, to see if those three hooligans were here.

Su Ke entered the Her Humble Fragrance Cosmetic Club, feeling somewhat baffled at the cheerless mood here. Only, the decoration was quite aesthetic and luxurious. The ground floor lounge had various kinds of skin care cosmetic goods used to model the appearance. A desk stood facing the store entrance, which had a girl wearing professional clothes, doing something with her head bowed down.

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“Hello!” Su Ke adjusted his breathing. His heartbeat had reached an extreme state when he reached the desk, to the point that even his voice shuddered a bit. Only after saying this word did he finally relax.

“Hello!” A girl with light makeup, wearing silver livery, which had the three words “Her Humble Fragrance” embroidered onto the left side, gazed at Su Ke with her huge eyes. Perhaps, she felt somewhat strange that a man had come to this beauty salon.

“May I ask what help you need?” The girl’s professional smile had no hints of pretense; Su Ke felt it was genuine. He made a great effort to organize his words, finally squeezing out a smile.

“I want to apply for your pianist’s position!” He looked at the girl nervously once he finished speaking.

“May I ask you to provide your resume, as well as your piano level qualifications certificate. Our boss isn’t present here now; I can only help you pass them on. Your certification is for an amateur or of a professional?” The girl blurted out; she seemed to be quite practiced in handling a job applicant.

But Su Ke stood blankly at his original location; he could only nervously open his mouth, not knowing what to say.

“Erm, what if I don’t have a certificate?” Su Ke anxiously looked at her once he finished speaking, waiting for a reply.

At this moment, a changed had occurred on the LCD screen of the Flower Pickup System.

“Mission: Pass the beautiful female boss’s evaluation; Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

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