Chapter 11: Regarding the Matter of Finding a Wife

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character came out of the Fengze Residential Area and returned straight to his family’s store. For some reason, his mood was quite good as a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back!” Su Ke pushed the door to walk in. Looking at them preoccupied at the checkout counter, he gave them a greeting and made for the recreation room.

He could finally withdraw the reward now. On his way back, Su Ke had taken a look at the LCD screen of the [Flower Pickup System]. The mission to help Wei Lan was denoted as completed, and another mission also indicated the same.

“Mission: Help Wei Lan break free from her plight (COMPLETE); Reward: Piano Proficiency (Basic Level)”

“Mission: Escort Wei Lan home safely (COMPLETE); Reward: 200 RMB.”


Although he didn’t know when the 2nd mission had appeared, it didn’t matter. Su Ke selected to withdraw them. A bright light flashed by in the space. He immediately felt a chunk of information flow into his mind: music theory knowledge, playing techniques and so on directly took root deep within his consciousness; he even felt a warm feeling in his hands.

His 10 fingers felt cozy as if they had been immersed in cow’s milk. He subconsciously moved his fingers and realized they felt very flexible. Bowing his head to take a look, even Su Ke had the misconception that they had become slender.

I never thought my fingers were so good-looking!” Su Ke looked at his hands again and again. After a moment, two 100 RMB bills suddenly appeared between the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand. He checked their authenticity with the counterfeit bill checker in their store; they didn’t seem to have any problems. He felt relieved that there would be no problem in spending them.

Su Ke only had a single worry now. He had no means to explain the source of the reward money from the [Flower Pickup System] to his parents. He wanted them to know he can earn money, and thus lighten their pressure; he only needed a good reason!

Though I can make do with my current skills if I chose to tutor someone, as those Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level) and Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level) are two massive killing tools, the consequences of leading the student astray would be too grave.

But what part-time job can I do? I can help in promoting sales in the shop, but the shop’s peak business time doesn’t match with my work time.” After being unable to conclude on anything, Su Ke came out of the recreation room while shaking his head.

Although our store is small, it has all kinds of goods. I think I saw a children’s electronic toy keyboard over that shelf just a moment ago. It’s been there for very long but hasn’t been sold yet.

Usually, Su Ke simply wouldn’t have noticed it, but for some reason, he instinctively walked towards it today. Though it was only an electronic toy keyboard, when Su Ke powered it on, it produced a sound as his fingers pressed the keys.

His fingers naturally swayed as a melody flowed out through Su Ke’s hands; though he didn’t know the name of this tune, the rhythm was splendid.

“Oh! When did you learn to play?” Zhang Xue raised her head to look at Su Ke move his fingers on the electronic keyboard with his closed eyes, the music flowing out concurrently.

“The teacher taught me!” Su Ke stopped playing. After all, he couldn’t use an excuse of a fortuitous meeting. At this time, a woman walked inside, saying alongside, “I was wondering who was playing and it turns out it was originally Su Ke, it was pleasant to hear!”

Liu Mengmeng wore her usual uniform of the mobile company. Su Ke looked at her, his face blushed immediately as that black lace appeared in his mind.

“Hi, Big Sis Liu!” he greeted with a tiny voice as he quickly put the electronic keyboard on the shelf, just like a startled hare.

Liu Mengmeng found it to be normal, after all, she knew nothing about how she had exposed herself, and Su Ke blushed often. How could she even think that a shy boy might do such a thing?

“This kid always blushes while speaking, I don’t know how he will be able to find a wife later on!” Su Youfu said while laughing. Though Su Ke always seemed shy and reserved, which family doesn’t love their child; this bit didn’t influence their parental love.

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“Hehe, your family’s Su Ke looks very handsome, there’s no need to be anxious about him finding a wife. Several girls in his school must be pursuing him! Am I right, Su Ke?” Liu Mengmeng said with a smile as she chose vegetables from the shelf.

How could Su Ke deal with this kind of situation? His face became immediately flushed, yet he could only use his evasion technique, picking up his school bag and disappearing.

After returning home, he first started the computer, directly opening the forum of Seventeen Senior High. Some loathsome moderator had pinned the campus pervert post at the top, its replies had crossed over 300 in a day.

Going through each of the responses, Su Ke’s back became sweaty. A few persons were using him as a scapegoat. They spoke about how someone had run into a butt attacking molester last year, or they had personally seen a schoolboy grope a schoolgirl’s buttocks. Some cursed the molester’s hand to be crippled and that his little brother might not stand up ever again; to conclude, they were extremely malicious.

Luckily, the OP hadn’t posted anything again, and the matter would be left unsettled. Su Ke could only console himself in this way. After looking through the entire post, he lost the mood to go online became.

Su Ke mumbled while sitting on his chair, “I have the Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Basic Level), Senior High School Physics Proficiency (Basic Level), Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency, Piano Proficiency (Basic Level) and the reward money of 500 RMB right now!”

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It’d be nice if I can promote my English and Literature grades a bit, so the college entrance exam will be less dreadful! What should I do about this money?” A vague recollection flashed by in Su Ke’s mind; it seemed that the issue of finding work was settled.

Su Ke shut the computer down and prepared to revise Literature and English. After all, there were no patterns for the system’s rewards. He didn’t know when the reward about Literature and English would show up; he had to rely on himself for anything!

Su Youfu and Zhang Xue, the couple, dragged their tired bodies to the home’s entrance, yet just before entering inside, their expressions had transformed as a smile replaced their tired complexions. They didn’t want to let their child look at their exhausted figures since it would bring mental pressure to Su Ke.

“Su Ke, tell me, are there any girls pursuing you in your school?” Su Youfu still remembered Liu Mengmeng’s words, he smiled and asked him when he saw Su Ke looking at the English textbook distressed.

“Dad!” Su Ke laid the textbook down. Looking at his father’s gossipy expression, he could only helplessly sigh. Even Zhang Xue teased him, “Yes, my family’s Su Ke looks so much handsome, there certainly must be girls who like him!”

For some reason, two figures flashed by in Su Ke’s mind, one was the wild Li Feifei, the other was the mild and cute Wei Lan.

Immediately after that, Su Ke shivered, thinking about how he had groped Li Feifei’s buttocks. “This girl must surely hate me now, a hatred which wouldn’t end even if she peels my skin and pulls out my tendons!

Wei Lan is better!

Su Ke thought so.

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