Volume 1, Chapter 10: Rare Peace


The faces of the elders are layered with sadness, especially the Seventh Elder.  He was called the Godly Doctor and yet he couldn’t even save the Madam.


“Seventh Elder, you need not blame yourself.  Even father who was the best expert in medicine was helpless against that poison.”  Yun Qian Yu simply says without turning around.  The Seventh Elder’s heart warms up.


The seven people did not leave, they follows Yun Qian Yu into Yun Valley’s cemetery.  The cemetery is divided into two parts: the front part and the back part.  The one at the back is for the people who dies in Yun Valley while the one in front is exclusively for Yun Family.


There are currently only two tombs that represents two generations.  Her grandfather and grandmother; and her father and mother; the two pairs are buried together as husbands and wives.


The Yun Clan originally didn’t live in Yun Valley.  But something happened, so her grandfather moved the family here.


Her grandfather and father died for the same reason; their wives left the world so they lost the will to live.  The men of Yun Clan are cold in nature, but once they fall in love, it will not be your regular kind of love.


The elders are all worried of Yun Qian Yu’s cold personality.  This can be a genetic problem ah!  They are scared she will follows the footsteps of her father and grandfather.  The seven elders set their offerings.  After kowtowing, they retreat from the cemetery.


Yun Qian Yu first kowtows in front of her grandparent’s tomb.  After that, she does the same to her parent’s before sitting there in deep silence.


She has no idea what to say.  Even though she is not their real daughter, but she did not put this daughter’s body to waste.  At least she manages Yun Valley a couple of times better than the past.  She develops the medicinal art of Yun Valley and is now still continuously working to improve Yun Valley.


The one thing she has never experienced in her past life was love, the only love she has was for her family members.  She loved her little brother so much; even after her death, she had wished for her brother to continue living well.


Looking at the two separate tombstones that each accommodates a coffin for a pair of husband and wife, she really cannot bring herself to understand their affection.  Just how deep were their love that they were willing to follow their other half to death.


She sits there for half a day.  She kowtows in front of them once again before she leaves.


She has no idea when she will be able to return after this; perhaps after Murong Yu Jian is finally capable enough to be independent.  Murong Yu Jian is only ten this year, so unless there are special circumstances, she probably will not be able to return here for a couple of years.


Her skirt sweeps across flowers on the roadside while her long hair dances according to the rhythm of the winds.  That watery blue silhouette looks lonely from afar.


Yun Qian Yu feels as though there is an empty part in her heart but she has no idea why.


In the past life, she spent her time with either studying or taking care of her brother.  Because of that, her body gradually gets tired and her health started to get worse.  In the end, she found out she has cancer.  She has no regret, because by then, her brother had became her pride and joy.


Today, for the first time in her life, she feels a strange feeling in her chest.  She is curious, why is this so?  Perhaps, once she gets to the capital and gets all busy, this feeling will disappear.  Thinking of Yu Jian depending on her, she remembers her younger brother.  Her heart suddenly feels full.


Her second day there will be the thirteenth day of the eighth month, Yun Qian Yu’s birthday.  The entire Yun Valley is full of merry air.


That night, she takes out the Ye Ming Pearl that Gong Sang Mo gave her and place it together with the two other pearls.  The entire room immediately brightens up like she is in the middle of the day.  These are the only birthday gifts she has received in this life, one for each birthdays.  She stares at the pearls in a daze, her lips curving up a rare smile.  After that, she places the pearls in their box and goes to sleep.


Right after her birthday is the Mid-Autumn Festival.  After celebrating the festival with the rest of the people in Yun Valley, she hands over the twenty children the elders have selected to Feng Ran.  After that, she practices her martial arts every day in Yu Pavillion.  She knows, this one month in Yun Valley gives her the peace that no other place can give.  She has no idea when she will be able to lead this kind of idle life again, after this.


Zi Yu Xin Jing, a martial art method that is exclusively practiced by Yun Valley.  It is divided into nine levels.  In the past three years, Qian Yu has already reaches the eighth level.  As for the ninth level, Qian Yu can already feels it’s threshold, but she hasn’t completely enter it yet.


Her father, Yun Tian also reached the eighth level; and he was considered a master amongst the rest.  Now that she has reached the eighth level, she is very clear of what Zi Yu Xin Jing is capable of doing.  Because of that she is really curious as to what will happen once she reaches the ninth level.


People said that an ancestor of hers managed to reach the ninth level long ago, he did not manage to complete the entire ninth level and yet with just a wave of a hand, he could turn a person into ashes.


Twenty days later, Yun Qian Yu walks out of Yu Pavillion.  She shields her face from the sun using her hand, it is currently noon.  She squints her eyes.  Her mood is really good, she finally managed to break through the ninth level.


Just as she pokes into the ninth level, she can already sense a great change in her power.  As she breathes in, the entire Yun Valley seems to be right in front of her eyes.  Every breath that people takes can be felt by her.


Hong Su makes a table full of food again, and Yun Qian Yu happily digs in.  “Master, why don’t you take Hong Su with you this time?” Hong Su seizes this chance to plead her.


“Wait until we sees the situation in the capital first.” Yun Qian Yu wants to bring Hong Su as well.  Her ability in the kitchen is perhaps even better than imperial chefs.


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Hong Su does not feel disappointed upon hearing that; she knows her mistress wants to bring her, just maybe a little later.


A flash of white robes can be seen in the entrance before Feng Ran enters with an easy going smile.  “Master, the children the elders sent are really not bad.  Just one month in and they are already capable.”


Yun Qian Yu looks up at Feng Ran, “After going through your hands, the fact that their number didn’t lessen by even one proves just how extraordinary they are.”


Feng Ran is an orphan.  Years ago, the entire Feng Clan were massacred.  His father hid the six year old Feng Ran inside a lotus pond.  When Feng Ran came out, he was saved by her parents.


Feng Ran has always been smart, he can learn things in just one go.  He has rapid progress in martial arts too.


Five years later, the eleven year old him avenged his parent’s death by massacring the entire family of the man who killed his family members.  From then onwards, Feng Ran remains in Yun Valley, repaying her parent’s grace.


Three years back, the head of Yun Valley’s guards, Uncle Chai had to take care of the valley’s matters, so the position of the head guard had to go someone else.  By then, Feng Ran was already the most outstanding guard out of the lot, so, with Yun Qian Yu’s consent, Feng Ran became the head of guards.


After Feng Ran took over, the guards had to underwent rigorous training.  The training methods were all personally developed by Feng Ran.


Those guards still managing to stay alive after Feng Ran’s training is a really miraculous thing.  But because of this, this current batch of guards are also the strongest one in the history of Yun Valley.


So, hearing Feng Ran praising about their progress means that the progress isn’t just your regular progress.


Feng Ran picks an elegant eyebrow.  His lips curves upwards as he stand in front of Yun Qian Yu, “Can I consider this a praise from the Master of the Valley?”


Yun Qian Yu replies without even needing to think, “You can consider this a big and complete praise.”


Feng Ran pauses for a while, before nodding his head, “Actually, this subject is very impressed with himself as well.”


Chen Xiang enters while carrying a tray of freshly-cleaned grapes.  She places the tray on a table and proceeds to peel the skin, “Head Guard Feng, modesty doesn’t exist in your dictionary.” She laughs.


Feng Ran rolls his eyes at him, “What does this has anything to do with modesty?  You must be honest in front of the master, not perfunctory.”


At this moment, Man Er enters the hall like a gust of wind.  She picks up a tea pot from a table and drinks them loudly.


Feng Ran glances at Man Er in disdain, it is clear that she hasn’t change her clothes for a long time.


“When will you be able to act in virtue like Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo and Ying Yu?”


Man Er’s big pair of eyes blinks twice as she size up Chen Xiang and the other two girls.  After that, she earnestly speaks, “I have pondered very seriously about this.  It is impossible for this lifetime, but on the next lifetime, I will definitely consider Head Guard Feng’s suggestion.”

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Laughters burst out inside the hall.


Feng Ran ignores Man Er who ignores her own bearing, he is too lazy to verbally fight her.


“Is it done?” Yun Qian Yu asks Man Er.


“Mistress need not worry, we have checked the matrix method of Yun Valley.  We have followed Mistress’ order and improves them.  The entire Yun Valley is fool-proof now.”  Man Er pats her own chest proudly.


At that moment, a guard from outside reports something.  “Master, there is a peculiar person outside.  He is trying to force himself into Yun Valley.  The person is already within the outer valley.”


All eyes falls on Man Yi whose hands are still on her chest.  This is what you called foolproof?


Man Er freezes and quickly explodes in expletives, “****, who is so tired of living and wants to challenge this lady!”



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