Chapter 8: Wait for Me, I’m Coming to Save You!

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s face became ashen when he saw Wei Lan surrounded by those three hooligans. He told himself, “I have to help her, I can’t let them insult her; she’s my friend.

However, there were three of them, and they seemed to be rowdy. Not to mention his lack of fighting skills, it would be hard for him to win over them alone.

Maybe I can scare them off if someone accompanied me!” Su Ke thought and hence looked around at the crowd. If he could find any of his classmates, they would be able to save Wei Lan together.

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He discovered Wei Xiaogang looking at the scene from nearby to his right side; he pulled the bicycle and ran towards him.

“Wang Xiaogang, let’s save Wei Lan!” Su Ke seldom took the initiative to speak to someone, let alone ask someone for help, but his voice wasn’t as tiny as a mosquito’s this time; he also didn’t blush as he looked directly at Wang Xiaogang.

“Aaahh? What do you want to do?” Wang Xiaogang was frightened by Su Ke’s display, but then soon reacted by waving his hands. “What did you say? You can go if you want, they are hooligans and even have knives!” Saying so, he ran away without even turning his head back.

The first person he tried to recruit had escaped. Though he didn’t succeed, Su Ke’s heart couldn’t calm down. “Even such a sturdy sports committee member like Wang Xiaogang who usually wasn’t a coward has become timid, do they truly have knives?

If I tackle them like this, I will fail in saving Wei Lan and also be injured. If they stab me, how will I explain it to Dad and Mom?

Su Ke looked back, Wei Lan was already on the verge of crying. Her bicycle was being blocked, and her arm was being grabbed. The hooligan’s words became ever more vulgar. “Beauty, don’t cry! Come, let brother wipe your tears!”

Wei Lan looked at the surrounding students with teary eyes, but they all had cold and detached expressions while some were even enjoying the show. Su Ke couldn’t control himself anymore, he threw the bicycle to the side and ran inside the school.

“Military Fitness Boxing! The mission I have now has the reward of Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency, if I obtain it, I’ll be able to save Wei Lan!” Su Ke mumbled while running.

Though the instructor had only taught the basic movements of the Military Fitness Boxing during the military training, Su Ke believed the reward given by the [Flower Pickup System] wouldn’t just be a showy skill without substance; the crucial part was the word “Proficiency”’

To complete the mission, he first had to find Li Feifei. Luckily, the “Top 10 Beauties on Campus” post had a detailed introduction about all of them.

Classes had just ended, and Li Feifei had to be in the 3rd High (2nd) class, reviewing her notes so as to avoid the peak rush hour at the mess. Su Ke ran fast, praying in heart for Li Feifei to be in the classroom.

Five minutes, Su Ke had exhausted all his energy in these short five minutes. He ran while panting towards the 3rd High (2nd) classroom’s doorway, looking inside as he supported himself by placing his hand on the doorframe.

As expected, Li Feifei was still in the classroom; she seemed to be doing something with her head lowered, her long hair arranged behind her ears, with an earnest and solemn expression.

“Li Feifei!” Su Ke yelled from the doorway.

As for Li Feifei, she had been gloomy for the past two days. Someone had groped her butt on her way to class. Though the boy didn’t seem to have that intention, what made her furious was that he didn’t apologize and even denied his actions, not taking the least bit of responsibility.

In a fit of fury, she posted this matter on the forum to vent out her anger. Who could have imagined that the youngster would appear today afternoon again. Moreover, he had come to return her brassiere which had fallen. As she recalled him grabbing her brassiere in his hands, as well as him looking at her startled, her mood became gloomy again.

She wasn’t able to focus on any of the afternoon classes due to this matter, and could only check her notes after class, reviewing them once. She had just begun entering this mood when she was interrupted by someone; wrinkling her brows, Li Feifei turned her head.

A schoolboy stood at the doorway. Li Feifei could only see his figure vaguely due to the backlighting, but the more she looked, the more familiar it seemed; she got up subconsciously.

She scrutinized him as she approached the doorway. The schoolboy looked to be roughly 176 cm tall, he had pretty cheeks and seemed to have rushed here, his chest heaving up and down rapidly. Li Feifei suddenly had a flash of realization. “Isn’t this person that butt attacking brassiere pickup molester?

“It’s you?” Li Feifei came out of the class, saying with her brows puckered, “You dare to appear here?”

Su Ke calmed his beating heart with great difficulty, taking a deep breath. Seeing someone else pass through the doorway of the 3rd High (2nd) class, he gritted his teeth, “I need your help.”

“What?” Li Feifei didn’t expect such an answer, feeling suspicious.

“Were you the one who posted on the forum?” Su Ke could only ask this random question as the passerby dilly-dallied while walking, even glancing at Su Ke and Li Feifei.

“Yes!” Li Feifei nodded, a smile bloomed on her face, thinking that her move had made him impatient.

“But I remember I didn’t grope that place of yours!” Su Ke wanted to touch this girl’s butt and quickly save Wei Lan, but that slow-moving passerby was indeed annoying, moving like a snail.

“How can that be? I felt you grope that place of mine!” Though Li Feifei had a calm nature, she still felt shy when speaking of this matter; she bowed her head to look at her shoes as she spoke.

“That’s why I have to—!” Su Ke spoke in a low and slow voice.

“That’s why?” Li Feifei’s intuition told her that this schoolboy was going to apologize to her. If so, she would accept his apology since he had returned her brassiere and let him keep face, she tilted her head to look at him.

“That’s why!” Su Ke saw that damned passerby finally leave, leaving only Su Ke and Li Feifei in the corridor; he continued, “That’s why I have to grope it!”

As Su Ke finished speaking, a ‘Pa!‘ sound followed soon after. His right hand slapped Li Feifei’s soft buttocks like a thunderbolt, retreating instantly after the attack, withdrawing with lightning speed. He took advantage of the moment when Li Feifei had been shocked and ran away.

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“Arrgghhh! Stop for me!” Li Feifei’s snarled from behind him, but Su Ke couldn’t satisfy her wish; his shadow had disappeared in a second.

He accessed the [Flower Pickup System] as he ran towards the school gate; the words on the LCD screen had changed.

“Mission: Touch Li Feifei’s butt (COMPLETE); Reward: Military Fitness Boxing Proficiency.”


Su Ke immediately selected the withdrawal option; another mission had appeared on screen before he realized it.

“Mission: Help Wei Lan break free from her plight; Reward: Piano Proficiency (Basic Level)

Su Ke didn’t have time to consider what piano or not right now; he only had a single thought, “Wei Lan, wait for me, I’m coming to save you!

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