Chapter 9: Amazing Might of Military Fitness Boxing

The gallery at the school’s entrance remained as it were, and Wei Len was still surrounded by those three hooligans. None tried to help her, instead, the majority of them looked at the scene with excitement.

Those hooligans seemed to enjoy the sensation of surrounding a person, giving them a sense of superiority. Looking at Wei Lan’s beautiful tear-stained face, as well as the crowd which didn’t dare to stop them, they felt even more excited.

“Beauty, how about it? Come play with our Brother Huang Mao! His skill is top-notch and he’s also a high endurance expert player. He’ll surely make you feel good!” The bare-chested youngster blocking Wei Lan’s right side seemed young, around 20 years old, but he had an abnormally noticeable tattoo on his chest.

“Let go of me!” Wei Lan could guess their intentions; tears slowly flowed out of her eyes, but she didn’t wail. Perhaps due to the extreme dread, her voice had become sharp.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character ran towards the school’s door relentlessly. On the way, a warm feeling scattered throughout his body, flowing through his limbs as well as bones. The sequence of movements of Military Fitness Boxing, the angle of attack, the method to attack, he slowly comprehended it, and little by little, even his body muscles suddenly became flexible and energized.

Thankfully, those three hooligans stood in their original locations and hadn’t been too excessive with Wei Lan. When Su Ke returned to the crowd, he had already gained a complete mastery of Military Fitness Boxing, but he didn’t rush out.

Su Ke had never fought with others since his childhood; the weak-natured him could do nothing but tolerate or retreat—this was mostly due to his family’s situation.

Why did those children of officials and entrepreneurs like to be arrogant and despotic? It wasn’t because they possessed strength, rather they depend on their backing before setting about. They had the confidence that only a little money would be lost at worst.

As for the children of poor families, they could only be anxious about the trouble they would bring to their homes and hence be very careful. Though compromising would be a little equivalent to abandoning the self to despair, it was still better than being labeled as a criminal, which would cause the parents to grieve. Such way of handling things was irresponsible.

Su Ke took a deep breath. The following battle made him both nervous and excited; his hands shuddered as he tried to calm his breathing.

“Let go of that girl!” Su Ke wasn’t foolish to shout before fighting; he believed that such a sentence resembled the experts in a novel who yelled before attacking, “Look at my XXXX!”, which proved to be ineffective except for warning the enemy.

Yes, though Su Ke was weak-natured, he wasn’t foolish. However, his weak self finally had obtained the strength to protect the ones he ought to protect; this was a man’s responsibility.

The space of 10m radius around the location where the hooligans stood was empty, all the students stood 10m away from them. As Su Ke left the crowd, it became extremely conspicuous.

Though Su Ke’s height of 176 cm wasn’t short, his figure wasn’t robust, contrarily, it seemed thin and weak. The hooligan merely turned to fiercely glare at him, cursing, “Get lost!” And then shifted his gaze onto Wei Lan again.

Within the hooligan’s eyes, Su Ke was nothing more than a powerless cannon fodder!

Wei Lan immediately sent an imploring gaze when she saw someone appear from within the crowd. When she discovered it to be her classmate, Su Ke, her expectation filled expression turned bleak.

She knew Su Ke had a weak and delicate nature, otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the target of teasing in the class. “Is this timid and cowardly classmate, who blushes while speaking, my only hope to be saved?

Su Ke’s mind was strained; he could suppress his anger no more as his complexion turned ashen. He suddenly sprinted forwards.

“Brother Huang Mao!”

Huang Mao turned back when he heard his pal warn him, turning his body back only to see Su Ke come dashing towards him. He welcomed him with a sneer, hurling his right fist towards Su Ke’s head.

Su Ke slightly moved sideways as he approached Huang Mao, evading his fist. At the same time, he drew his right fist to his waist, twisting it out forwards, right at the opponent’s heart’s position. A turning bow stance punch directly hit Huang Mao’s chest.

A “BANG!” sound echoed out.

Huang Mao retreated a step back. The hit on his chest immediately made him breathless. Before he could even catch his breath, he saw Su Ke place his left foot down and then raise his right foot up simultaneously. Su Ke’s thigh sprung upwards, his foot aiming for Huang Mao’s groin region.

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By the time his scream sounded out, he was already lying on the ground, covering up his little brother. Su Ke’s one move, the straight kick elbow smash, had taken down Huang Mao. He regained his right foot, taking a look at the rest of the two bare-chested hooligans come over towards him.

Su Ke didn’t hesitate. He didn’t know how long he could last for, so he took the advantage by attacking first. He used a foot sweep throw to sweep the feet of the man approaching towards him, knocking him to the ground. By reflex, he sent another kick towards the same target.

Suddenly, the other man grappled Su Ke’s chest from behind, trying to throw him to the ground. Su Ke’s body swayed a bit, but he stabilized himself and sent a backward kick towards that man’s ankle. The elbows of both his hands shot back together, making that man fall down as well.

Su Ke turned back and sent his right foot kicking towards that man’s throat. Only, his mind suddenly had a bad premonition. He promptly changed the angle to kick that man’s head or else the throat piercing flip kick would have inevitably caused a grave injury.

“Su Ke, be careful!” Wei Lan suddenly cried out in fear.

Su Ke’s eyes had turned red right now, and all of his movements became instinctive. When he heard Wei Lan yell, he realized that it was surely the man he had swept to the ground.

He turned back instantly and sent his right foot kicking towards that person’s knee joint. A ‘kacha’ sound echoed out as if the bone had broken. The man fell to the left, the dagger in his hand hurled to the side as he rolled on the ground while holding his knee.

Su Ke’s chest heaved up and down, his bloodshot eyes ran over the three hooligans.  He clenched his fists to get ready to attack at any time.

“Oh, did you notice? He seems to have used Military Fitness Boxing!” A student shouted as if he had discovered a new world.

“Nonsense, didn’t you learn about them in the military training class? He used the ‘turn bow stance punch,’ ‘straight kick elbow smash,’ ‘foot sweep throw,’ ‘counter hook kick,’ ‘throat piercing flip kick,’ ‘side cross-kick,’ these six movements!”

“Aaah, I didn’t know the Military Fitness Boxing was so awesome. I should also try to learn it properly!”

Once Su Ke had confirmed that the three men on the ground didn’t have any intentions of standing up again, he pushed out of the crowd with his moderately used bicycle.

“Come! I’ll drop you home!” Su Ke went towards Wei Lan and spoke in a small voice. Only, his cheeks blushed as he spoke.

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